hi I'm Tara Gaucher your Banff adventurous today I'm in Lake Louise Alberta and I'm going to try snowshoeing first time out I thought it might be a good idea to do it with a mountain adventure guide someone who knows what they're talking about so excited I'm one of the mountain adventure guides here for the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and I essentially just take the people outside to have fun so snowshoeing 101 ready yeah let's go just be mindful try not to step on your own snowshoe and then if you're social with other people I guess give them some space you don't step on their snowshoe as hilarity will ensue okay we're gonna disappear into the forest here so we'll get single-file and get off a trail if you can walk you can snowshoe now obviously there's gonna be different types of terrain as you're gonna choose based on length the time you have in fitness levels but if you can walk each instruction oh there's a bit of an old trail here so we'll stay on top but it still looks fresh there's one thing people don't realize about this landscape is it is dynamic it is constantly changing we can make you feel a little bit more connected to the landscape whether you want to learn a little bit about the symbiotic relationship between the blade of grass state up to a grizzly bear Wolverine or you want to have a sense of place and where we fit into this landscape as a species see this stuff it's called horse here it's a type of lichen that only grows as far down the tree is the top of the annual snowpack so we still have quite a bit more average snow to fall we can also make you feel a little bit safer hopefully teach you how to do it on your own and I'm gonna take you someplace where you're not going to go or find on your own as well okay to fall oh yeah sorry can you put your weight on your right foot and kick yeah kick kick you're there we like to have about 50 centimetres on the ground to protect the vegetation because this is a sensitive environment and the other big thing that I want to stress is that we want to be careful of avalanche terrain this place is wild you walk out the front doors of this hotel and I have seen a grizzly bear swim across Lake Louise avalanches happen within eyesight of it frequently so then you as soon as you start those snowshoes on you have a responsibility to know the terrain that you're going to be walking into because there are some inherent dangers based on that piece of terrain you choose thank you so much so what an amazing day snowshoeing here at the Chateau Lake Louise I highly recommend doing it with the guide they'll keep you safe they'll have some laughs and it's always helpful to have something to pull you for this note as well so I'm gonna thank you take care

Banff Adventurist – Snowshoeing

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