That night, I slept at a backpacker’s hostel thankfully, they provided breakfast as well. Which is very cool, they provide simple food like bread And after I had my breakfast I straight away went to skate. The original idea was that morning, it was supposed to be held at Somerset again until 12, like the day before but it was raining that day which is kind of a bummer so we went to I don’t know where this place is, but this place has a lot of ‘No Skateboarding’ signs sticked all over the place. So this is a skateboard class. The organizer is the guy in red, over there. Now I want to show So he’s basically teaching the kids to f–k the rules, man :p The guy in red that you always see here is his name is Hansen basically he’s the main guy of Skatesports He’s the organizer, the main guy behind this event. He’s a pretty cool dude. Also, again at this time we had the time for a skate session we skated for quite a long time but I don’t want to burden Ms. Takayo or anyone too much to record our skateboarding So I only have a bit of recording we played a few rounds of games of s.k.a.t.e. of course, I lost the games :p But it was fun here because the floor is smooth And fortunately nobody kicked us out which is very good. So after the session at this place ended actually we had another one later in the evening at East Coast park but at that time, I decided to ditch the camera and just skate which was very fun, but obviously I don’t have any recording Anyway, my two days in Singapore has been great I’ve skated with these guys, meet bunch of friendly folks on and off camera Firdaus has been a really great host I got to eat a lot for free, hehe Thanks, man! I’m really looking forward to another trip like this and hopefully I can create vlogs like this again! Thanks for watching! ūüėÄ And uh, see you again

Azzam’s Skate Trip to Singapore August 2016 (2/2)
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