So I wouldn’t picked up the kids from school, and it was very slippery and I was sliding all over the place [in] the snow and I was a little worried that I might hit another car, So I told dad that we need to go get snow tires because I didn’t want to Accidentally slide into someone! And he said, that it is not that bad out. But he hasn’t really driven in the snow well, let’s see if he slides. He’s [taking] the car out now. There he goes It’s a little bit slippery All right, so mom wants me to go get some snow tires because she said that I can either Go get snow tires or I can pay for an accident that she’s getting get into And when you put it that way, I don’t want her paying for it I don’t want to pay for an accident because they could get hurt so I don’t [when] [I’m] get hurt I’m going to be snow tires. I called the company and they said come on down We’ll get it in right now, so I’m going to give you right now The problem is is it’s snowing pretty heavy outside. The road is pretty dang slick and I got to drive it So wish me luck hopefully I get there. Here’s the problem. Oh, I’m [sliding] I Can’t stop Okay, that was embarrassing I slid into the intersection where there’s a snow plow coming Yeah, good times Okay, so I made it to the Tire center. Yeah, it was pretty crazy it It was slippery. I saw people sliding all over the place They were trying to come onto the freeway or the highway here And so I’m glad we’re doing this just because the fact that it’s pretty bad out here, so I’m here getting the tires, And I actually give you a free popcorn as I wait Pretty pretty cool touch so which tire do you think I should get I get these big tires? They’re not these tires, but [their] [clothes] so about another 30 minutes, and I’ll have your tires and we’ll be on our way Okay, so I made it back The roads are really really slick, but I will say snow tires do make a big difference. I Wasn’t sliding into the intersection. So these are the ones that we’ve got on the car Pretty cool pretty deep treads here. I don’t know what the colors mean, but they They work all right you guys well. It’s been been a fun ride. I’m gonna go in the house and Probably do homework with the kids So you have a good one talk to you later, so [while] Jordan was down here editing a video we decided to have a little fun and mix up Christmas songs so we’re going to be taking Christmas lyrics and Random songs that are free off of YouTube in their audio library and we’re going trying to be singing the Christmas lyrics to these different songs Let’s begin! So we’re going to be seeing Christmas Lyrics to Random songs that we have not really heard of [before] in the audio library So we’re gonna be kind of surprised already dance to them do you know dasher? And Dancer? And Prancer? And Vixon? Comet and Cupid and Donnor and Blitzen. Let’s open up a pin calendar day 17 times already getting started oh Got another shop This uh-huh why don’t I see it? I just see blocks mm-hmm. Hey, I was gonna be a robot guy Cool. I have a suit [someday] fire for me It’s called High-beam. I’m pretty sure this is a highlighter like that ended Cool. We have to learn how to use highlighter now See what I get. That’s a good thing frost and berries Body butter the smooth Dough repaired on motion it smells good. I like it. [where’s] Sparky? [Frankie’s] getting blended Okay, so this is my guy he is that little robot guy. I don’t I don’t know his name Yeah, that’s a robot guy yep, huh, okay. What did where’s your little shop in? This is [tied]. [we’ll] shop Have you got today open up our calendars Day 18? If he’s a baker you got a baker guy half in the shop cold It’s the moisture Thing it goes into the bedroom click some moisture which gives it water Finishing up breakfast this man’s eating through This [duct] [post] hashtag snow day. Oh job Snow mint. That’s not it. I love the packaging on all these is so Cute [this] one’s really good okay, vince [wha-what] a benefit, is it another? Any [order] tinted lip and cheek stain? [oh], I did yeah, they do have more flavors or colors Don’t do it tint everywhere. Oh purple I built my guys hmM. This is Tony pepperoni state You parted the shop, whoa? [that’s] really cool Give your son, jake yeah looks like I’m wrong. It looks way different than this let’s see it [wow] awesome Okay, Todd [you] Wanna show where Sparky is yes, what is going on? He did not our Chocolates on Anaconda he is staggered oh He took a bite out of our chocolate. Oh man Sparky He’s a sneaky little off always stealing our chocolates Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up subscribe and share

Audrey and Jordan’s Christmas Song Challenge
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