I’ve been skating for ten years and
I’m trying a double backflip and I’ve been wanting to do
this since I was a little boy Time to chuck it! I’m Tony Hoggan,
18 years old from Kirkcaldy,
Scotland I get really nostalgic
watching back clips from when I was
12 and 13, 14 And just seeing the improvement, it
gets me psyched to keep skating and I’m never stopping I don’t think there’s anything that would
scare me enough to not try, but I think this right now, like speaking on
camera is the scariest thing that I’m doing
at the moment anyway I feel like when I’m on
my skates that, I feel like I can express
myself a lot better Just let my skates
do the talking I got into rollerblading
when I was eight years old watching the LG
Action Sports 2009 in my living room Just there’s no better feeling,
like being upside down and looking down at it
yeah, looking down at where you’re gonna
land on and stuff and just knowing that you could
be seconds from getting a sore injury or
seconds from victory No pain, no gain Yeah if you’re gonna be
stupid you better be tough Yeah I basically skate
everyday and when I’m not skating
I’m at work Yeah I like my job but
to be a professional rollerblader would
definitely be my dream job When I’m at work I’m usually
daydreaming about rollerblading At the moment, the double
backflip is on my mind constantly and all
I do is go to land it This is at the chip
shop, ye boy I started working when
I was 14, part time shifts at school…
basically, but yeah but I was born
to fly not to fry It’s a total skate park
tradition to throw the shoes in the tree And I’ve been coming
to this skate park for ten years and I
haven’t done it yet so gotta get it
done today I’m trying a
double backflip I’ve been wanting to do
this since I was a little boy Time to chuck it! Yeah I’m hyped but I’m knackered.
Yeah…I’m having it! *cheering* What’s been scarier,
landing a double backflip or speaking
on camera? It would definitely be
the speaking on camera Definitely People stop and ask:
“Do you actually still rollerblade?” The answer is always
gonna be yeah, of course I’m never gonna
stop rollerblading

Attempting The Double Backflip After A DECADE OF ROLLERBLADING

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