hey there YouTube today we’ve got a very
special unboxing it’s not directly from Nike sure we’re gonna have a look hey
we’re back we really are back we’ve got another unboxing it’s a special Nike SB
dunk if you’ve read the title you already know what it is but before we
get to that just to do the usual stuff if you new around here and you don’t
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of put also sneaker stuff on there anyway let’s get to the unboxing SJ we
haven’t done this for a while I’m gonna speed up about now okay everyone so it’s
a special release the suggested retail price was 110 dollars so if somebody did
buy these in-store and they are a Nike Dunk low premium SB quick strike and
they’re a u.s. 11 1/2 that makes them UK 10 and a half and if you want to know
the colors the colorway its wolf gray wolf gray black and the code the code is
five zero four seven five zero zero two zero right okay SJ so the first thing is
I just want to say this is an old pair of shoes so yes I did buy them from
stock X but they are old and I didn’t pay that much over retail the clue is in
the label now you know Nike Dunk SB low they are the Atlas 35MM grey we’ll
talk more about that later allegedly these are genuine 100% authentic okay so
first of all we’ve got the genuine docx thing just gonna check the soles yep
there’s a hint there that these might real it might be real why we’re going
back in to get both of them out stock extinct
second set of laces I just want to check actually I want to check the numbers map
inside we’re gonna get that out these definitely feel like dead stock
definitely and okay so five zero four seven five zero zero 200 at least the
number on the on the label matches nice fat tongue we have got some work to do
let’s get rid of the box alternate laces slightly darker gray gonna put that down
there someone’s been holding on to these bad
boys and wouldn’t surprise me if it was if it was Atlas in San Mateo because
these are in good condition someone definitely kept these mint and on ice
would say about these first of all if you don’t know this I get the other one
because it’s just the stock X thing is flapping about if you don’t know this
this was a collaboration with a store in ask a store in San Mateo California they
produce two shoes in the cut in what they’re called what they called the 35
mil collection based on the 35 mil photography we have got this shoot this
was the general release shoot not general release but like this was the
shoe that wasn’t sold install install was dark black I am looking to pick that
up at some point that one came in a special box but let’s get the paper out
first things first the main features on these oh wow someone has written on the
sole zero-five-zero okay hmm not sure what that is first thing is there’s
photography underneath here okay and this is photography for all and let’s
get rid of the paper from the other one as well because I think the photography
is different on each one it is and I actually have this image here s J on
sneaker camp I’ve actually got this image on on a t-shirt if you recognize
this this is photography of Mark Brooks and Jo white Lee or Jo white Liam art
all right one second just gonna check the research it features the photography
of Marc Whitely and Joe Brooke let’s have another look yes Joe
somebody has written on the sole which slightly peeves me but it says like a an
icy soul so that you can see through there what we’ll do as well is the inner
sole it’s a zoom in assault slightly more pad
there interestingly we’ve got the photography there we got that I’m gonna
put that back in there go on get in there I’m gonna get the
other one out there we go it’s coming out in a song coming out there there the
photography is continued there and so if we go back to the other one oh my word
everyone like these old dumb like this is only from these words from 2015
already already that feels like a long time ago right so there we’ve got we’ve
got the photography showing on on there as we can see you know it’s actually I
didn’t think about that though everyone so actually if we go like that boom it’s
the same photography under there just like that just like that so I’m gonna
put this back into the opposite shoe now what’s interesting is this Wolfe gray is
actually under these lights a little bit more lavender in color than pure graphic
that stop kicks tag just fluffing it out there let’s take a closer look at the
rest of the shoot so we have got a very smooth suede across the across the toe
box here across here and this is like this is super smooth I don’t know
whether it’s great quality but it’s super smooth feels nice then with the
mid panels and the full toe board are in a black leather and feeling it it does
definitely feels a good few years old needs some care and attention and
actually reminds me of some other dunks I’ve got some other black dunks probably
a year earlier where they were definitely using a different type of
leather to the leather a different type of leather to the leather that they’re
using now and say that quickly and so we spin this round
it’s a classic dunk and this is actually a time before they went to thin tongues
so this was what the tail end of that so if we have a look at this tongue SJ this
is like a classic tongue I look how padded that is you see that yeah and so
we you know actually you’ve just you’ve just reminded me of something so these
shoes were 2015 so they’re three four years old now we got a pair of dunks was
it four weeks ago three weeks ago it was the Tiffany’s black Tiffany’s the e now
is the e up to your standard SJ they’re on sneaker cab is the e straight the
Easter but there’s a I would say there’s a
slightly bigger gap between the K in the year you know she’s right she’s right
need to look at other done right yeah I think she’s right so again stitching on
the back there’s not I’ve never noticed this like the the number of dunks that
we’ve actually got I never really noticed how how they’d actually stitch
that in other thing I’ve noticed which I haven’t noticed on other shoes for a
while is actually on the heel so you’ve got round it around the ankle piece here
there’s actually an extra section in there you see this if I hold that like
that you see that there and now that I think about it so Atlas is a skate shop
so they’ve obviously put these to get this this color combo this with this
colorway together themselves I need to go and check some of my older dunks to
see if that fits there because I think that will actually hold your foot in I
think about how your foot sits in it so just hear just how your foot sits in
there I think that would just hold your heel just enough give you a bit more
support so let’s just give you a full on spin there camera to like just take a
peek it’s a nice colorway it’s clean it’s fresh there’s not a lot to talk
about with it but a lovely red tab there let’s have a look at the other shoe just
in case I missed out any other detail on this shoe this is a classic dunk it
smells funny I think that’s because it’s been sat for a long time oh my word
you’re just gonna spin spin the dunk you know what I need to put metal in these I
need a massive magnet thing and then I can just get them to hover because like
that it’s a really clean nice colorway now makes me wanna hunt out the full
black one and the full black one same materials but they only produced 1,100
of those shoes and it came in a special orange box to mimic old-school film it
came with a book and a lace box and actually we’ve got that haven’t we so
when we do an on foot of these we’re gonna do a slightly different on foot
we’re gonna do the on foot and then I’m gonna get you the the materials that
came with the special edition if I can find them if I can’t find them they
won’t be in the video but Alice in San Mateo
actually gifted them to us the special materials was it last year SJ yeah like
we’ve popped into the store we bought shoes as we always doing so we’ve got
this stuff just lying around the back dude you want it and we’re like yeah
yeah I do want it yesterday’s been very cheeky on the camera today so she
reminds me to let you know why these are so special to me and so you’ve heard us
talk about Atlas and San Mateo many many many times and that’s where we used to
live but we left but we also when we moved to San Mateo we discovered out
this just a little bit too late and I’ve been hunting for these our sensible
price for a long time and in fact I think it was June last year we went into
store maybe it was no it was December the previous year sorry I’m run rattling
on here but was it was December the previous year and we went in there he
said oh I’ve just I just um I was just talking and we just thought about shoes
and stuff like yeah I tend to buy dunks oh yeah we’ve just let go the last pair
that we had of the black special edition it was just like really really so that’s
why these shoes are so special for me that’s why I’ve hunted these out that’s
why I took the risk on stock X I actually put in a really low ball well I
consider lowball offers just about hundred and ten pounds which considering
you can’t get these anywhere I’ll take that price and wasn’t expecting anybody
to actually put the shoe up but they did so so that’s that so SJ well that comes
to me to say to you I know these are just a dunk they’re
just a plain colorway a nice clean colorway do you like the colorway
apart from the green flappy thing I need why is that that’s a very good point they are kind
of like a reverse shadow what do you think people is this this is like a
reverse shadow they are like this grey is quite lavender esque under these
lights like this is a Rick we have here we have a really like like it’s a
concern we had a white light but it’s really bluey and so it’s really hard to
get a sense sometimes for the color of things I’m just going to put that there
I like it it’s a nice grey the thing I liked most is the sole and the inner
sole and the story behind them every good shoe should have some kind of story
behind it whether it’s for everybody or just for you personally so everybody I
suppose the time doesn’t we say if you’ve managed to watch the video this
far thank you and you’re not subscribed and you watch this
far that’s amazing if you’d like to subscribe it’s somewhere down there I
think and we want to hit the notification bell it really does work
it’s also down there somewhere don’t forget to like the video don’t
forget to look us up on Instagram it’s a pint of stuff and of course all that’s
left for me to say is I’m out of here I’ll see you later people these are like
old school dunks old old old school dunks materials feel like that they’ve
been sad I can’t like this bits really interesting I’ve never noticed that on
any of my other dunks I’m kind of curious now I’ve got to go back and look
at some older ones just to see that feels like a real sort of proper skating
feature I’ve never noticed I’m definitely not been worn
still got the stars on the bit here

Atlas x Nike SB Dunk ‘Grey/Black’ Sneaker Unboxing

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