*athletic trainer* We just need to try getting this muscle to relax. *Speaker* Athletic Training Clinical Coordinator, Vic Miller has two different offices he works with
college of human sciences students in the classroom and in the gym. *Vic Miller* So they can work with me and and learn with me in the classroom, and in the afternoon come in and ask me any questions they might have. The best part about this is being able
to connect all those pieces and being able to put what you do in the
classroom in a practice on a daily basis. Junior athletic training major Sami Polson works with the ISU women’s basketball team helping the athletes prevent injury and heal old wounds. It’s the required hands-on experience that’s her favorite part of the athletic
training program at ISU. *Sami Polson* Helping someone through a rehab is one the most rewarding things to see them come back and start playing it’s just amazing. As Polson wraps ankles, ices knees, and stretches muscles, she’s also lacing together a resume that will land her an internship and
soon a job. It’s hard to get into the pros and
stuff but that’s not all we do. We help the military, we do Performing Arts. In fact, Polson has her sights set on international travel with Cirque du Soleil. She’s ready to troubleshoot injuries for
the famous high-flying, flexible acrobats. It’s definitely different than treating a basketball player, treating one of those people who have to do a handstand on someone’s head like there’s not really a lot of rehab
that’s specific to them right now, you have to think on your feet. With all she’s learning at ISU, Polson will be in great shape to leave the training room, and find success. Our students do quite well, and are well prepared for the field when they graduate. They’re well prepared for the certification examination, and they’re well prepared for state licensure. I think it’s rewarding field. I think
it’s something a very fun, very interesting, very exciting to get into. I knew from the first day that I was in the training room, I was like ‘this is what I want to do’.

Athletic Training Program at Iowa State University
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