Hey peeps Karl Brian here for another
edition of ask Karl Brian you’re probably wondering why I’m standing here
in hockey gear I’m leaving for the World Championships today playing for Team
Canada the master World Cups by the way you gotta be 37 years or older to play
this is a jersey that I got from a buddy and from a team France last year but
anyways guys look got a great question here for you well I’m doing some
last-minute training Dave written in and he’s ask
Karl how much do you charge for high-end coaching ok fantastic question get this
all the time so now look the token answer you ask like a guy who you know
coaches coaches for a living what they’re going to say is ok Dave how hard
do you want to work how many hours you want to work how many clients do you
want to take on reverse engineer those numbers and now you got your amount ok
I disagree veminantly with that statement really the question is Dave
how much value are you bringing your clients and the reality is this if you
have a client that has lower revenues you’re going to have to charge a bit
less that if you get a client it’s got significantly higher revenues you’re
gonna be able to get your fees up ok so as a general rule you’re going to
find 500 to 5,000 will be the base range you get above that and you’re talking
about a significantly larger company so really 500 to 5,000 do not charge an
hourly rate whatever you do guys otherwise frankly you’re going to go
broke or starve to death and the story you’ve got to have an
hourly rate $500 is you know too cheap frankly because again the numbers don’t
work that well and 5,000 is getting up there
the token range is between one and three thousand dollars and really simply guys
if you do the numbers you’ve reverse engineer you take on ten clients at
$1,000 a month that’s 120 grand a year if you got ten clients at $2,000 a month
that’s 240 you should net out of about one hundred and seventy thousand dollars
a year you’re looking great you know you’re you’re living well you got a
great lifestyle you live into the dream lifestyle of the business coach so
that’s basically the range but here’s what I found and this it works really
well normally as we know most of your good sales person you can’t coach have
your good coach you can sell right sweeping generalization I know but it’s
not too far off the mark so if you’re really good coach and you’re not too
great sales process and getting that that deal
done up front here’s a trick of the trade to significantly increase the
lifetime value of your clients basically what you do is you go like let’s say you
want to be two thousand dollars a month you’ve been charging a thousand forever
nine ninety seven and you’re not comfortable hitting two thousand well
what you could do is you could go into your client and you could sell and this
is these are just numbers I’m pulling out of fresh air but you could start at
five hundred month one one thousand month to fifteen hundred month three and
then go to two thousand like scale it up to two thousand and if you think about
it now all you got to do is get a five hundred dollar deal done as opposed to
two thousand but now you got your twenty four thousand dollar clients locked in
and of course you’re doing a great job you’re you know looking after these guys
they’re going to be sticking around for a long time this remember lifetime value
of a client when you if you’re charging too much and your clients revenues are
out of proportion with your coaching fees you’re going to have to go get a
new client it cost you ten times as much to get a new client is it does they
getting an existing one okay to sell to an existing one and by the way that’s
the textbook answer I would say that it’s closer to about a hundred to one
okay nowadays with all the advertising that we’ve got on Facebook Linkedin
Google snapchat Instagram I mean you name it it’s just absolutely out of
control so again make sure you’re looking after your clients and you’re
playing the long game okay so that’s a little bit of a trick of the trade guys
I hope that helps and Dave I hope that helps guys I’m here training so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to set you guys up sorry about that so that you can see
Team Canada in training before we meet bye guys

Ask Karl Bryan: How much to charge for high-end​ coaching?
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