the big building on M Street comes alive and today the Arizona coyotes make their lone visit to the district where the caps have this home date before shipping out on the road oh she swings one towards the cage it’s knocked down in front white sweater Arizona falling and evening ago by a for nothing count in the Steel City on the twister past but sprawling Kemper with a marvelous stuff there on ovechkin that was out of this world by camper because that was the beautiful play behind the net has plenty of room to operate the two-man game in Astros ax looks topside for Oh sterling he’ll walk the line and pick up strong for a drive tough down in front he’s attacked quickly by eller stuff attempt here sweeping one to the paint that’s blocked lucid from hope he still he made a bad save and the rebounds gunned off the boards but not out there’s a lot of good looks down low great slide by Camp knee it’s all about timing because they were trying to create that two-on-one down low to find Strohm on the far side they just couldn’t get it to him Demers pinches at Point position covering up for him with Richardson in Astros o dashing into the corner he can fly through Joe steps out feet for grabbing her pet save won’t be a good one talk about speed this line has a ton of speed then Astros is a good pickup chance for Connaughton to lead the breakout only as far as that center strike Kemp knee bumps it along for Backstrom then takes the drop pass fires juggled by Kimber and this will be turned all the way back dropped past Carlson fires blocked down by Kemper uh-oh at the other end it could be a three on one Dennis Rosa with Fisher knifing to the net then tonic to the goal drop it forced Rome beautiful pop movement they score in Astros ax and Joey you could see that developing all the way at the other end a beautiful pass across that was stroke I mean that doesn’t get any better than that look at how high the goaltender hope he was because he had to be aggressive against Rome who he thought was gonna shoot it and off to the side of the net and Astro sa’ buries it his fourth of the season drawing two defenders Stepan with a takeaway and this is play back to Center usually does take two defenders take care at number 92 Kuznetsov much better start here piranhas in tight made the pass kick-out stopped by Kemper on Stevenson and he’ll melt the rebound campers look solid so he’s been very good he’s a big goal Tanner takes away a lot of the net it’s most do but that down low save a real good one on Chandler men and women in our technical crew thank them for their efforts day and night first of two meetings between these two teams they’ll see each other again in the Valley of the Sun in the first week of December Grabner back to point position Demers pumps this one right to hope we are we out there buy it for a week by chance maybe two if you ask nicely look to get it home for mom and sis absolutely we’re a cough ski on the go working down the flank for the doubt past the relay for boy he went crashing into the crease just failed to connect doubt throws it to the net man there you see the Ricochet out menaced Rosa but right in the grill of the goaltender nice job by Boyd very close to being goalie interference a referee actually had his whistle ready to be blown there but did not as Connaughton will deliver it down low oshi providing support defensively there in a way comes Carlson with Ovechkin through sent Alex Ovechkin dodging to the middle working here for oshi on the deke in a sprawling kemper made the same Carlson has some room fires and Kemper recovers in time all starts with Alex Ovechkin one on three they converge on him so worried about the gradate camper on that say but watch how he scrambles back and sets himself that’s a miracle save there for Kemper because John Carlson got a lot of Chuck on this one a lot of stick hits him right in the crest down for a cough ski Boyd one more it was behind kept knee and it sends tonic the other way two on one with in Astros Oh Hana closes he scores Richard ponic the caps really proud in the goaltender camper at one and he had a talk to the referee as they were going the other way in transition and that was a top-shelf shot against Braden Holtby on the rush up the ice caps on a stretch pass that works out fine for phonic and his teammates here this is a game five of a five-game homestand caps to one and one in the first for Ovechkin knifing out wide Alex Ovechkin waits nice feedback from Scott Niklas Backstrom gets one back it’s that supposed to be the other way Backstrom – Ovechkin well not this time that was a Backstrom esque pass from Alex Ovechkin and Oviedo Backstrom says 44 seconds apart but that do nothing you need that Arizona hat and it’s two to one Locker tells you those two goals are separated by 44 seconds it gets back from cutting the Arizona lead in half this is onside walking in pads save by Kemper on Kuznetsov marching to the front he ran right into Devante Smith Pelle Perley knee for the Coyotes Beckman Larsen fidgets loose through that seam again front toe rebound a score Galchenyuk has made it 3-1 yeah they shot themselves in the foot Joe you know they make one little mistake on the penalty kill the errant clear does not get out by Dowd and all of a sudden now you’re Hamed in again and Galchenyuk cope at one home his third goal of the season Todd Reardon and the Capitals coaching braintrust putting a Backstrom with Ovechkin and oshi today centering pass that came on through biscuiting cranks went from the angle stopped there by Kemper Keller revs it up at the attacking line loops it into the corner campy on for Lars Eller eller has a odd man rush developing with Devante Smith Pella McCully fires trucked away by Kemper that one got him high Smith Kelly out there for Washington Devon taking a streak through Center Backstrom joining and so to kept me jumping up kept me fires it deflected off the defender step and why and causing real problems for the Capitals to get second and third chances here in the third period against Kemper Stevenson drops it for a long drive from Orloff angled away by Kemper rebound on the doorstep capper to the splits he made a fine stop there Brett Connolly oh so close to turning the light on for Washington and the left Toa Kemper just held that one out once again as Lars Eller will scoop it ahead almost connecting the dots there with Chandler Stevenson that tells you the story of today’s action usually that’s picked up and it’s a breakaway juice fires deflection a rebound camper gets over on eller Arizona has a date with the Red Wings coming up on Tuesday it’s the same date that Washington will be in st. Paul to face the Minnesota Wild Backstrom ahead of the traffic jam Carlson fires Kemper made that look routine there’s no holes in his game today that’s amazing another good stop on long-range drive from Carlson and a lot of traffic the guys in red are doing a decent job getting in front but they haven’t taken his eyes away in today’s hockey game Arizona getting to a loose puck blue would have been whistled had Washington touched it due to the high stick piranha accelerates into the offensive end Jacobs Rana slams on the brakes finds the open man juice bring it back for a niskin and drive and it’s smothered by Kemper Darcy Kemper has been a tough nut to crack today 1:40 left in regulation Galchenyuk gets it back leaves it on for Stepan empty net waiting Stepan around the sliding defender and he scores they just couldn’t connect the dots in today’s game not a great game overall by the caps and they will lose to Arizona here on this Sunday afternoon hope P I’m sure we’ll go back in we’ll see what the coach decides Stephan gets his fourth goal of this season pointposition Demers long wrists are deflected over hopi as the final horn sounds and the Coyotes will get out there to congratulate a deserving Darci Kemper who was rock solid today and not even close who that star was for this hockey game Darci Kemper was fabulous from cover to cover and he propels his team to a hard-fought win here in Washington today

Arizona Coyotes vs Washington Capitals | NHL | NOV-11-2018 | 18:00 EST
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