hi my name's Steve Nick poor I'm a professional mountain guide with Bretton Woods ski resort and I'm going to show you our snow skis or snowshoes faster in deep snow the answer to this question really is it depends but generally skis will be faster skis are made to glide through the snow so if your skis are gliding it probably means you're moving faster than someone on snowshoes who has to pick up their snowshoes for every step if you're traveling uphill back country skis use climbing skins for traction cross-country skis use either wax or a kick pattern that grips the snow generally these methods allow you to move as fast or faster than a snowshoe err on a steep uphill a snowshoe er may be able to travel faster as a skier may have to hearing bone or sidestep a wider ski with more rocker or upward curve at the tip will float better than a thinner flatter ski if your skis can glide through or on top of the snow it will usually be faster to travel on skis however if the snow is so deep in your skis so narrow that you need to pick them up out of the snow for each step then snowshoes will likely be as fast or faster than skis on a downhill skis have the clear advantage provided that the skier has the skill to ski down without falling frequently Oh

Are Snow Skis or Snowshoes Faster in Deep Snow?
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