oh Anna Oh, no, I think it’s time to wake up the go Were here also you can a school sign. Yeah And we have to wake him at the early so they can pack so Jessica’s house tonight. Well, that’s right So I wonder what they’re going to think of that. Yeah, and we have to get ready for that big meeting tonight. We do Let’s go wake up. Let’s go come on Darling to get ready for school it is We go we go up come on up the chapters on ready? Yeah, we ready Narni Quick hey um before we go to school today I need you guys to go upstairs and pack a nice overnight bag. You need to pack pajames and toothbrush Where are we going oh um? Ultimate an important meeting tonight, and you guys going to be st. At the Carson. Oh Yes, very nice family No, Mommy. Jessica is like you mean by anyone’s going to say his teeny Pinky by feeling something and he felt anything and he can baby Well darling, this is no one else. I need you to call me Okay, can you point me happy yeah? But if you can’t go from thank me, you will be really sad, I’m sure everything will be okay I’m going to sell a good fun sister family now. Go on don’t get your pack ready. I’ll meet you down at the Karna minute Okay, I:m all ready, are you ready Elsia yeah? Yeah? I can’t believe we have to go to Jessica House so it I hope she doesn’t try to do anything horri to us… yeah What if she makes us sleep in front of the fire with old salt? I know that come on. Oh yeah? To me yeah, we just bring our bags right now Good morning, miss rapunzel. Oh good morning our new announcer What are all those bags for today? And we’ve got our school bag and we’re going over to Jessica’s house Kodama has to go to a meeting Oh really a sleepover the Carson’s wow okay that will pop your packs at the back and we’ll get the class started Okay, children get your pens and paper ready. It’s time to take the test Hold it test it so hard. I don’t know what to plus 9 is oh Oh, what are we going to do um? Packing one two three four oh, oh Okay, oh one for Shannon oh No, haha. That’s into the tailspin sound bring your work up here children, and you can go home Mrs. Linzer see you later has nice time Hamish returns oh haha. Oh. Thank you, Elvia now. You have a lovely evening at the conference. I love Alright if anyone else thinks putting up to work. Oh Thanks Christopher Tina Manar have a lovely night. Oh. Thanks this report on staying at Dylan’s tonight also We’re going to be playing well off. We’re gonna have the popcorn to be awesome. Yeah Come on. Dylan. Let’s get out of here. I want to try my new skateboard on the way home. Oh cool dude Let’s get out of here. See what a girl I Can’t believe that you have to state chess again. She’s like so mean She ripped my favorite Drawing and I mind Mr.. Pomeroy Tyndale. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but it has too much I’m chopped onion slices Oh, let me get home at this rate. I’ve got too much where to do unlike leadership alton ah ah Lemme go, okay. My name is Hamid This is going to be so horrible, huh, we just I can’t be funny. Oh Hello there girls. Are you ready for a fun sleepover at the Carson? Wow Hello, darling. Were you good at school today? Of course daddy, oh yes Oh, that’s my princess. All right girls. Come on. Let’s get in the car and go home Wow, this place is amazing after All Mrs.. Carson I have to see ready. Oh Thank you very much. Jo friends at your face. Bye, Miss Carson Hi, Mommy, hi anyway Have you had a nice day just at all? Huh? I sure did I always have a button say hang on that I can only I’m gonna take off you and Arnie up to my main man Ha ha chilling down this side, and you’ll see the most awesome. You need everything But this my girls, I’m gonna give you two grand – wow. That’s a beautiful ball. I Oh yeah, I know it’s like Handcrafted and like imported all the way from a lake color I’m gonna put it back as I hear I want you can put your bags for You can check them into the head I call Hooks one piece of music how can we be Permanent I would just try to like you know see my knees You can’t tell on me going to turn and it’s been one with anyone else You can tell everyone that you feel safe with eternity Don’t ask. I want. I want I want All right, will you have to do whatever I say for the best off to sleep over okay? What’s going to all right follow me Okay, and Gonna get with this amazing aromatherapy massage once and then you chose have to keep me a message Just take it easy remember turn Oh, yeah, pity. Chance. It’s a big rock and earning us any of fun right at it ha ha ha ha 3 nice and long oh Seriously, you gotta wait for it last week come on hurry up and let mama sake Don’t service today Of course but that what is what you are here for. I’m having hard as I can what better girl I? can Jessica artistic connecting that Sophistication anyone headed see okay. We’re trying to get it out Hey come on over here we have to play like we are getting one really bow tie pack Makes me sick makes my heart beat three forty six (singing and clapping song) hey comes a lady here the banker animal I bet ya I got ya this your eyes and can tainted One okay, hey mom to the bath time Come on, bring your friend. I Really want to get back to texting? Alexa Come on Yeah, yeah, please comment emily coming down shame It’s a chain now hurry all the hot water is going to turn to freezin cold, and I’m not running you a new bath Okay, Emily Wow, Jessica. I thought you’re working on the sound started pressing makes k me complaining I need The life of this person, I just get like so spoiled shes got like everything, yes she has more things then us and we are like royal princesses Come on. You slice toy chest that’s bad looks like art welcome to the Bachchan could turn Wow can we go in the bath, no the bathtub is for me you can go in the shower only Okay, they didn’t know me how to shower opening. Oh Hello, Connie this place. I can Luxurious things in here. I try oh, it’s fun And I think aunt Mary came in here. I think is rezoning that blackness to one person Will you girls like,… stop complaining, you’re like spoiling my luxury bath time not an asteroid on the Katana Style garage you two are so laaaammmeee I’m so much better than in you like your fashion sense in the shower like so bad cause like She likes fishing like that limit of one white person, and you’re like how uglee and I’m really anything yeah And like Jessica is like getting Clean in the beautiful bicycle Hub beautiful place yeah for the beautiful candle Yeah Trial on yeah, Jessica such a box-spring. It doesn’t need to sound what you singing. I know I just go back the would put another thief hour and a half Is the Captain says he don’t want any task for I’ll be like I’m a magic card Show you in their tiny town WOW Elsia these towels are so pretty and stuff? Yeah? I know they are as soft as silk Wow, how does a parent to for all day? I don’t know if anyone’s if it got the most money in crashes down. Yeah. We should ask my money and Aaron down. Yeah I’m going to talk to my mom and son that wily site Yeah about going in her town time I take them off if you like help pay the to me class facing get shorter for This is just like buy my own closet picked up like a daytime credit and we can kindly plate icon it What’s really where let’s explain my speeches man. What’s is like? Jessica is the best girl ever sleep. I octopus Can and apply the concepts I? Like the Burner. What do you think if I stop in to show me? Wow? What do you think about oh? Yeah back, then all right, but Mike wiskus Isaac. Did you get them from and we going from our peace? Oh, oh yeah, the she is pretty good. I suppose Come on. Let’s go up Smiley Mindy’s and stuff But I thought this was your own all right. This is just like one of my rooms. I don’t like Henry music station Like my father my Auntie was a pattern then. I turn my sis a mini celebrity party Colette Dj ponies 3. Yeah, she’s like When I hear my place really cool bikes good sauce on that I went on Nikita Crusaders What guitar I had a guitar? Oh, Gosh? everything in the world of I mean anything that we’re getting a lot of sleep over huh? Yeah, it’s like so she’s just like plain that not that bad after all Looks a bit like a stage, a girl like let’s go anymore Link into your audience You’re also can be only have an audience Uh-oh, well my mom and dad are always at work and once my big sis is like always on her phone normally i really don’t have anyone to play with – but what about the servants? Amy, it’s like my music a little something oh seven just like noon the girl is becoming more yourself ah I’m glad to see you’re having fun on that didn’t say ready shopping. Maybe getting gymnastic. Oh laughing for this model Successful yes, it is a very good at a guitar. Oh yeah. She’s they wanted to do a spinner – huh It makes it so fun. I came into plinks put one of my play ranches fortunately. He shall ask your face it mom. Yeah But affects the money excuse me kip wow she said pretty is she from italy yeah, I Said oh, it’s going to get away Hey, Jessica. Do you want me to teach Ballet… Yeah that would be so cool ! And I need to dance like a ballerina I’m sorry stop by for and Start wearing with one fall I’m Jessica you have to put down your doll huh? this is Basically need upon up to this one you won one run and then jump off one point to the air And then read an important space Let’s call the spinning leap Well, Jessica that was really good to say Auntie Jane told me that She’s from South America. Oh, wow that sounds like really cool oh Dinner I might have to go deep in an afternoon. Oh, why couldn’t it be ten minute I know He’s a fresh bird. I want to check on the children So just a carpet of the city Huh, oh, yeah, this is like Stephan normal mine at the Carson. Oh Hey, can you like play my favorite song? Yes, Jessica Carson. Hey, you know I don’t like being taller man last night all right Come on like I can you get the teats on Top of my face wow this is the best spaghetti Bolognaise Anna hmmm mmm Mmm mmM mmm mmm munch munch munch munch munch munch my Like an eye-catching way to girlfriend. I don’t like text Alexa I Can’t uh no, sir. Oh Good all is well starting to get late. It’s time to pack up and head up to your room if you’re quick I’ll come up and rich with soul And she kissed frog and my own live happily ever after Thank you, Mrs.. Carson. You mean yes a story oh Yeah, Mrs.. Carson hard to fix can I tell ya All right, Jessica. Can I don’t know I can I? can I ah Sorry to disturb you during your amazing action movie, but are it’s time to go to the spa. You would like to come? Okay, let’s get down to the car toys in action Holy Kitty baby Spa area where’s the big girls go? I’m all right. This is my like it I like so Sorry amy, I’d like so I have to go to the spa, but if you like ten minutes yeah I know. Oh don’t worry inside time to put away that phone with the phone remember Vienna Girl over here. Oh Dear its we’re here. Oh hello, Miss Carson, and what would you like today? Oh darling? And when I have two kids with me um or something. Maybe a nice rock better We’ll just call the girl over girl. Would you like to come over and pick out your treatment um Mom I? firstly have a Lovely rock bar, and then I would like no no I wanna go on the steam room, and then have a massage Okay, darling all right. You start father look Susan, she’ll get you stood up I’ll just a car on your house channels too much to go. I like when he can 20p what like that? I can’t I’ve got a spa personified me. I know which way too guys Caronia let’s go over to that looks like yeah, I’ll check it this is a special spot when you can sit and get a special food fun and it’s Nothing. I’m Girls, I’m ready to put the rocks on your back, or would you like a little bit longer in the bar? I’m like you should just sign it like a latif committee in here. Just a little bit longer or more stalling. I’m I’ll go back on Emily now Emily have you got your bathrobe on yet? Right when you can finish you have to decide you want to like go and check out a me me or something Yeah, oh, you want to go like beauty and the beast I love that, baby Oh, what about boss baby. I hear that sounds like fun funny thing. Hey. What did I like? Oh, ash, your mum’s we can see bows And it’s money 96% eager to try some Honey, it’s like the best on the Manchester had oh Whoa you do have a lot of hair rapunzel have you taste this stuff? Hey Pat started making cat I Love going to the Spa Hey, Ella. Parrot is going to respond. I want you to take a selfie of me in a spa hydrolytic to amy oh Girl, it’s going to be the next person’s turn soon. So you should get your rocks on now – cat Wow, Jessica. Thank you for bringing us to the Spa Oh, yeah, I’m like this time huh, if I go to this bar And no me I have no one to chat Because when we sit there with my question pegs everyone another my shout an edit a peg, babe. Oh Oh, yes, Mr.. Carson, and I’ll be back to the castle in a jiffy. Oh, thank you so much attitude I’ll see you on my next day off. I loved, but I feel sorry to you later Huh, finally I’ve got that phone off emily. I can’t believe it. Oh Yeah, certainly need this mess. I’m getting Mrs.. Carson. Oh. Yeah. Thank you I’m go, it’s time to get those rocks off You don’t want them to burn your skin gaining? Looks like at the Sermon like saying he wants to cut these and efficient and like Tameka Any other massage for idea right? I’m a good I’ll appear useful ready for massages Oh like Rapunzel are you finished? Because it’s like me and Annya and Elsya’s turn for a massage if you get the back pages. Oh Excuse me the phone so um we have a next customer. It’s time to move on to the rock bar of course Amer Hernia hi Kelsey, are you using it today? I’m Jessica Just picked up Sonia remember we have to have sweet pie water and now our parents are on a week-long Business trip and we have to stay with us the whole week where I make into pieces upon repeated You can come to and how to spell free how with a hot rock they like beautiful. I better go check to turn I’ll catch up if you don’t I go glide women I uh mother for the night. I’m a special for today I’m still her lunch. If it’s chelsea special. It is Chelsea’s come on Chelsea. Simonize ah awesome alright I’m gonna go back and get my heart by achievement hot ass niggas Payback, huh? honey Like watch out girls. I’m getting the best spot.. perfect Let me play that duck down. Hey. Thank you best part if you can give me a mac Chain is a piece This is so delicious. Yeah another one Hey Tough to catch it all goin tonight is supposed to be around Sssss idlewild in the night, huh? I’m gonna get the whole Over-allocated we need more than basic you Hey Rapunzel do you want some orbeeies with my hair Not like whatever Rapuznel and all I’m gonna ruin your hair now. You just watch it Ha ha I’m going to push it in and ruin your hand Hi, let me. Keep my seat in my 10 like check back real soon for more fun videos of the Sparkle Chick I wanna hurry up and get to Chelsea Cries. No. No come on. We really do oh Hi, I’m felix. I’ll see ya hey. Look Chelsea. Just a car arnie. I’m gonna see her here. Oh Hi, Barbie Thanks so much for inviting us more about the gossip inside started all day, ahh? In such big week I know I know it, Elsa Harnesses so much to do wasn’t you an Anna take a seat over on the swing put your feet up and organize to drink Sounds like a great idea going on. Yeah, you guys can play with your hands. We can have 50 and relax Huh, so would anyone like some fresh lemonade. I have just made it this morning. Oh, thanks bodies. It’ll be awesome Can’t a fan Oh body’s, delicious. Thanks a lot Annya Elsya hurry up the pool is beautiful. Isn’t it Jessica. Yeah? It’s fine. Very nice come on in Watch this by coming on yeah. I want is sinai Come watch me in ten down on my tummy. Oh Yeah, this is the lot I wouldn’t mind if it was summer all year long I Don’t also tell me what happy goes up to you lately Oh, he nine school holidays I’ve been pretty busy with the girls It’s great to have something fun for them to 3 to 15 driving is crazy So nice, and you have lunch and you know start coming back in a bun. Yeah. Yeah, can you clean it up? Yeah, except swiping on up and Kathleen Chelsea, and I’m just working on my team now Obtained and I need to take don’t tell Sam. Let’s get these cabs in the filter Hey Stop Splashing me, Annya. That’s it time for a water figh Chelsea come on out here. Let’s get out Hey, go, honey Okay, oh, and I certainly do love that filled okay? Okay, nick He wasn’t going to my plating finessing my knee Gonna Mummy just got me just sent me a couple of the new little baby shoppies dolls And we have two slices so excited famine psyche. I have a piece set up and Jessica very much fun He just has a fish climbing at the Chelsea, and the way these cool new doll videos in here You want to say that? I’m a guy? I just get him out of my toy box now We can show me look at this oh My my because you see oh it went to cuspid a DC50 she – she likes to be cooking His side he can I please hold her chelsea? Haha, she’s my person look at her pretty face time ahh and I love to Garden Hill High stick anything then you can come over heat and repeat them cooking together, okay? I? Kind now is everybody one two ha ha Timmy cooks event spaghetti see who’s how about tonight? hot fries and ready and and banana milkshake and And it paint some nice let’s get to it oh Um well I think he might like the next one her name is Peter my cousin the type of food Why has he frank haven and she’s got like tap on a buck 20? Hey, you should come with any accessory. I Have plus. She’s got a little stand Just like the big shoppie dolls, and she comes to the key little cupcake in eternity to be cheeky little Petkins, but she stuck it on is going to be be careful Hey, oh my goodness chocolates titania cooking and everything All right, oh, yeah I’m gonna make some cookies to go with our cups of teas. Oh Jessica those dolls are so awesome Have you got any more any for me to play with? Course I take calcium. I wouldn’t let any of my friends Mascara. I searched the best fun for us tonight It’s melodine. Huh, and I know you like to play the piano. I said I think you really want to place it, huh? Oh where Chelsea. She looks awesome Huh shift up-Tempo hair, just like my knees cream interesting ha ha picky a little purple shoppie doll. come on Let’s go play a song where the girls are making the food I Can’t keep a little extension sigh she’s got a little piano a cake and a little piece of sheet music Anna all right I’m gonna fly Solo song Come on maritime. Let’s buy some music for Icebergs Okay, I’d like excuse me my just go and check in on the kids and see what they want to restaurant twice a moment What happened this looks like a lot of fun up here I? Felt excited to see you What’s this one? I’m lucky my lesson a salon Testimony about making a semi lunch today, Barbie We can spaghetti people posting key half everything can’t be seen here mommy You don’t have to be anything so today we can I can I can provide entertainment? Really really well that don’t sound wonderful, but I might go and sit down and relax about it, and I’ll see you guys soon Don’t be too much my stomach is rumbling Well everyone would you like another glass of lemonade? Oh, it seems like the builder taking care of lunch today? I don’t need to do anything, okay I think I’ll set my pmos Película Okay, I’m gonna bet have to go carry a spot the food Okay, everybody nice is that All my goodness girls this looks absolutely delicious. I don’t know what to have first I Tell you what girls this is an amazing lunch. Good work. I finally agree This is a whole Lotta surprise girl excellent work That’s okay. Mommy. You are doing nothing has really want to do something nice for you Am I right? Okay, touch my book Huh, very thick you want to get back in the peel party started it’s empty time when a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon See you next time oh Girls looks like a lemonade stand is a high success you can have the money to buy that trampoline in no time I saw a great honor. Hey this reminds me of the time that we had our lemonade de vive star pacific you could ever forget that you could forget the time that You bumped all the lemonade on the ground Hello, Jenny cream sauce hello my hair I could quickly stop you to get something Oh, what is this women don’t see only ripa control Lemon only a minimal leg with your cool delicious lemonade this one your good buddy yoys an action potential hi, honey, okay middle-sized draw a cupcake with a cherry on top of That one is a chef here, and I’d also like the medium lemonade next to it, okay I’ll get my art in agreement over to the trifle for you actually Artist it. Thank you and get it from the cameo. Don’t get yourself a spoon. Hey, anya I’m just getting a lost best batch of lemonade, okay? This place is really busy Jelly you can see oh no, we’re out of lemons. I’ll quickly go get tough element rain, okay? I can see us going bowling bowling Two kinds of being so far. Thanks down here Okay, oh This probably overnight in Cilicia. She should have some Barbie Where’s the chef, Ssssss beautiful couch Pop I? Oh Emily. I think it’s about time you got off that iphone I’m trying to have a family out here But mom, I am having a family day out You see what an adorable yeah, so like at a house, so that’s all that matters Oh, oh, what is it darling? You know I’ve seen your kind of cat house. Oh really darling well We are supposed to be spending the weekend together at the bar before I go away to visit Dad oh Emily come on now darling well how long you have some more sponge also spawned a little tang on I just have to do like fifty hundred million more time And money just kept em and I get to have a friend this nice that can’t have a side Well darling actually Emily is not going to have a fine emily. It’s time to hand that phone over This is a family time out, and I don’t want you texting all we can you serious Yes, darling. I’m very serious now hand it over yeah Tick tock tick tock boring when are we going to take up some fun? Oh? Hey loan, you might have a quick read. I like to the tablet shop sign has always come back here mum I’ll just be a minute out to tablet shop. You might have had your purse quickly it better It will only be for a minute and all on this stomach 500 million dollars on a tablet and what I need you sit down and talk fine Jessica, what do you want to talk now? Sure can we talk about like tweet out Facebook instagram, or you know that stuff, okay? Anyway, I don’t care about that question – yeah I like to clean in the park and suck at my friend is that spicy oh too bad? No, I like and it’s my article And I finished my lemonade I’ll go in before you had like five tops up in force enough It’s not enough. We better win the nice paint. I have to help out here. I mean fred occasionally. I will never be pointy What he’s doing Stop this nonsense now and get off your model with the courses we can’t be seen to be actually like this in public. Oh I’m gonna block if something happens that really well nothing happening over here. Oh, hi hans uh-oh how’s The wife hunting business going huh, Mr.. Carson as you can tell I have a life here This is my son Kristopherevil. What’s happening over there? You’ve got some problems with the Carson’s family no no no no no I’m just going to get some more lemonade. I would would you like to Lemonade, Christie Ville Yes, anyone else wants to eliminate. It’s my shelf fell So why’d anybody lemonade lemonade anybody wants this free lemonade off? Oh yeah, get all the lemonade I’m buying for everybody and excuse me, Mr.. Carson, and that’s nice You want to help with the lemonade? What’s happening eyes appear? To did a comment no no no no no no no no no no don’t be silly audio There’s nothing coming over there are emily’s just are watching something funny on her side. They’re always or let me help you without them oh Backbone in public to get little and married Hanyu and can I have a lemonade plate a few caps eliminate and I’ll have that vanilla cupcake to depend on is the Don’t be so ridiculous I don’t pay for anything with cash I’m just a person you can like see my mom or my dad for like that stuff now hand over Sorry Jessica but this is too raise money.
so even you do have to pay. Hello, everybody over here is everybody ok of a life central awfully good lovely dress a little spin D Ha ha ha ha hello, Mr.. Carson are typically ok. Oh wow your tissues. Is that everything’s ok ok – I uh? oh Oh Annia …. you’re just being ridiculous Oh! just give me the lemonade right now you Can see my mum? Got a toy hey Mommy Mommy Mommy We should attract them to come and creative Jessica knocked over all the Lemonade and the cupcake and Existed Emily all the money what? What’s going on quick goodness? I’m coming on in. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Is that Jessica’s hat Mr.. Carey? Oh? Yes Princess Anna is everything ok actually Mr. Carson everything is no sigh okay your daughter, Jessica has ruined that. I’m a nightstand and your offices family has worked up and pretty I Think it’s just part of the thing They’re practicing for the school play stop. I don’t know anything about a school I can see that being me Well, why don’t I just get out my checkbook? What would you what would you like on your like the world’s best trampoline and how about a pony? in a new sports car jet skis Whatever you want, you just let Mr.. Coss know and I’ll take care of it with the bug bo co-princes all right Thanks, I can mr.. Carson. That’s not the way I work I think what would be better is if you pay for today, and if I were the best Not children everyone branded. Oh, I knows my kids that have been grounded oh, I had to talk to Mrs. Carson about that and allah. I’ll send our jasmine over with the checkbook later I Think it’s Tommy way laughing guess what I think your daughter’s should be reported to the police of Arendelle Or don’t exist sir. Yeah, but that is you ruined my daughter’s life Or just worked on this today. I’m very very sorry queen Elsa under sir. I will make sure that the girls are Helped clean up, and they’ll pay for it. I see you in the judge’s office with your daughters next week or colder Thank you, and I’m also paying you a fine. Oh 3,000 million hundred gazillion dollars, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh Let’s just get a squiggle is any more problems. Come here, Jessica. Oh goodness. Just so embarrassing to me today And you emily give me that phone a new grounded? Maybe I can spread that easter weekend into your room. No screen time Whatever don’t you whatever move me and deaf ecologist if the age from staff oh I don’t think there’s going to be any easter ever and I take this very steady It doesn’t matter what can see the easter bunny is going to pop hop hop into the house And you’ll get these big and Wilson owenton in a thank you eating a tuna Burger screaming Mimi. Oh is that what you two will I start a surprise for you? I’m going to be sending a letter to the Easter bunny easter at the classes is canceled Oh, and just so you know for your husband tells you you and your kids and your husband will be in Next week and you’ve got a big sign Jessica Emily, oh, but ma’am. I just stole all their money Rosaria get high now if it’s definitely canceled no x2 you the easter bunny will not be seeing the cartoons this year If you get in a car, but it’s the end of that family weekend Barbie stuff you’re not going anywhere. You miss are grounded, but I still got my phone Hand it over no Android oh, no Taking that now get over to the car now quick March Ready ha oh yeah, LCI. Let’s take that hat as a bit of f east approaches from Jessica good movie that’s look at You mean that was you’re happier in the car I keep thinking like Jessica in the car Sure, man, ha ha my goodness. This is like the most embarrassing day of my life. Oh Tell me about it dad and no doubt that coffee from oh, I just tell it from hans Oh, it’s probably just a double expresso. I loved up with That well guess I’ll just leave him here Daddy, thank you ted into saying it Anna that was a very much worse than the time you knocked over lemonade So I stand with sting so I’m not I’m not going to be excited to see them in court next week Uh-huh, all right come on. Let’s get this place cleaned up I’ve never been in an incident like this smell Romania car rob what in the world? I just can’t believe it please neither ah I only got the customs for such it as another world two failures But we will all somehow I guess we should have believed that kids Jessica here all right, let’s get this place cleaned up Come on, honey. It’s okay, Elsa. Why don’t you? Start working on some fresh lemonade Uh-Huh? Come on. Cyril. I have to get on with the job. Let’s get back to making okay. Go is so horrible I know I can’t believe they both gasp I know, it’s very terrible But the red Captain said we can have a champion jet ski and a spotter and even a pony yeah So it’s kind of cool Oh, hello there everybody at home or Mr. Kos and here are sorry about that crazy incident are let me know in the comments are What punishment should I give to? Emily and Jessica. Do you think it’s a bit mean to cancel Easter or not? All right, I’ve got to go I’ve got to write a big fat check oh I pierce don’t tell anybody about this okay, no texting No, sharing don’t tell anyone about this I? Have a reputation to keep up of course oh Jeez Cinderella, let me help you up there. Oh, thank you mm. You’re honest very lovely. Oh, yes. That’s us the Carson’s lovely lovely lovely Come on. Let’s go see if our mommy’s ready push back harder to Dynamic happy day today. Lee Wiki owner is beck funny, but I wanted to Gonna make another special boot Huh, I said we get nice too big questioning. Come on. Let’s go. It’s already our location Hi, Mommy Well you two certainly sing in a good mood. Oh, and you got yourself already no arguing this morning Yes, Mommy me very excited about you can try to that It’s not every day that your mummy gets so I can miss turner. Haha we did over here in our quest all by yourself like this girl ah Well, that’s wonderful girl. Come on. Let’s get tell me I’m sure there’s going to be a big run our fee Okay, can I ask your alice down to the car I? Can’t go up on top it is so exciting I Know we are looking to keep their parents gonna be so jealous of us oh Quite powerful on your hair. Thank goodness Hi, Bobby Wow looks busy in here what a turnout looks like half of errand. I’ll see ya. Oh. Yes, make happy place salmon Yes, I did it… ha ha ha ‘since the kids hear that there’s going to be celebrities here We have hundreds and hundreds of customers Okay, well there’s a lot of kids waiting to see you cook so uh how bout I set you up over here, okay? Elsa I’m gonna set you up at the chicken if you could just take order. I’ll show you how to use the computer, huh? No worries Bobby. I really do a little bit of computer work at home. So I definitely won’t be too difficult A trade wonderful oh no, sam. I mean, we might get you over here cooking sighs No worries Barbie. I’ve cooked a few things in my time. It shouldn’t be too difficult okay Can we pass here and tell me I can get a KB for there’s nothing much Thank you like such a good spot. Hi girl Hi, Elsa already know you were coming here today. You look so pretty. I love your new dress Oh, thank you – so nice to meet you sighs Dylan with me and honest mom 20 kids today So that’s why would come down and I can have my monkey they fixed it because kane oh oh, oh yeah That’d be really awesome, Elsa Do you reckon she could get get me and ben Jr.. A big ice cream – I’m sure she can my mommy after all Okay, so aren’t even are gonna guys order cuz we haven’t got anything yet um I’ll see you say when we get dessert Oh, okay, then oh cor so nice to talk to you. Hi Gran Ben. Just walk this wall. Oh Guido’s is here. She’s gonna get extra ice cream – hi Rapunzel may I take your order? 2005 and after now a big shake queen honey play darling coming right up her honor Did you get that uh put on some sighs? No problems coming right up Okay, help down Ok here you go Rapunzel special delivery cooked by a very fine princess fall off Thanks, Bobby. I miss its Iq and comanche papayaprincess tough Time excuse me can I sir I’d like to place an order please? Of course Angela what can I get for you? Can I please get the humungous negative five and um? Can I get some McDonald’s cookies tea please hahaha certainly cinderella coming right? Okay? Okay? And bought us a six giant lemonade Here you go boy Good to throw this company top iskut you can hear today. I know honor I don’t think I’ll ever take my personal chef for granted ever again Hey, can I please have a big Mac and small fries what in that house? I chose not to beat yourself up There will be and I would like to help out I’ll finish by Justine and there’s some fresh bottle for bb D 1958 oh Hi, Dylan. Oh, good morning Darling I would like to have something from the mid-calf entices You have a special knowledge So in our case our one of those beautiful, please be my successor Thank you so much Come on Chelsea let’s go and sit over here. But it’s mommy I’m coming over, Oh hi Elsia, yeah, I Burning a nice to see you trying to con plan your different – oh yeah, she’ll charge a lot of the awesome We’re just gonna be sitting outside see you soon.. – oh so chill – so cute so anya LC up and you girls ready to order ah it’s mommy and You can it come up now and see happy alpha okay? No worries. I’m just going to go and check on the apple pie I think they’re about ready to come out of the oven Hi, Mommy, hi LcR. How can I help you today? Uh? Well, I’m here with my wife before I Just take a happy meal. We’re the girls talking no worries I thought that might be the case while shopkins are the toys My pic. You know on all three McAfee meals, please oh I think that unary weaponized oh me, too. Oh My Tommy’s Gonna fall oh My goodness Ben and Dylan are you telling down on the floor? To you many luminoled for you Lcm you silly boys this happens every year Everyone wants to help us raise money for charity so they just keep eating and eating it easy Okay, little ones. You just stay there and relax. Maybe I’ll get you a nice cold glass of water Hi, Joe. We can you go outside and play on the equipment you want to come out? Oh Sure Cinderella, we just have to have dessert first Huh, we’re going to get a extra texture Yeah on Top Excuse me. It did. I hear you say that you was getting an extra extra extra large size p How’s it going to be senator? Ceremony is the place and my mom is a princess, and they’re working for them Oh, really your mother is the queen Elsa ice queen and then you get in you’re my princess on a Particular anything I said oh boy It shouldn’t be so made then one really is queen Elsa and Princess Anna is not she it’s ours Bob Stein nice may think about my friends. I can’t be but this what I want is nothing He can do to stop me. Huh? Oh. Yes, if you I’m going to tell on you. Oh really now and who are you going to tell my mummy is richest, which is down in the land so soft car then while my Mummy is the ice cream pie shop ice parents? Day just gets funnier Sonia did not have five talents. Oh, yes He’s done, and you’d better be careful. Otherwise my Captain will meet you Beats me. That’s most ridiculous thing that I have ever saw go on baby Hey, she doesn’t need to freeze you hey. Ben. You got any more of that giant Sundae left. Yeah, I sure do Dylan Hey, Jessica. I got a surprise to you. Oh really dylan a surprise for me. Oh how lovely of you Hello, there you go in your very own extra size ice cream Sundae. Ha ha ha ha To me giving us – oh, well yes, we all do know who you are The ice cream Queen but now. I think it’s time for you to get home. It’s getting away Huh, I don’t like keeping McDonald anyway, I Got this especially for you. I think scaling for the best Huh, what a lovely my girls are quite. Look a table. Let’s get set up over here ah ah I’m a perfect ball 700k girls wanted you and I from play while we get to pick the compact I look ariel and rapunzel here I don’t say hip open Okay, Mommy Elsia I will race you over, you will see my back. Oh fine I come from Elmira Pony show I carry you. What are you guys going tonight? Oh, we just stand here having a plant season mosquitos effective. They need testing today Oh, my mom is just right expand and to have a little picnic and to try out any place to go I love fun conniving, but what color me that I can’t really see a Mummy with a single case we get the bus to come out of the car now, okay? I want to have a ride with Rapunzel and Ariel Just excuse me for a moment, Elsa I’ll just go and get the bike out of the car Hey girls check it out Clap for me girls Which way to go I’m going to check out the Ride I? Ok Girls, here you go, and here’s your helmet and make sure you be careful Thank you. Tell me mommy with always careful account. Oh Yeah, always careful on Auntie Anna You can kind of hear it if you’re like on it. I’m just going to help keep it clean oh Hey, go check out this trick. Oh My good. Oh brother quick called the top top hope this been hard oh Is that the body? Or good as she put it But how are you going to get down to the part there’s been a terrible bite excellent health care until nothing hurt Come here, son. Let me help you up I can tell let me check you over while waiting for the tug temple, or thanks princess honor. I think I’m okay I had my helmet on bit Healthier she said she was ble eding telling let me have a closer look. I’ll make witnesses so much blud Or Anna this doesn’t we’ll put it. All when is that ambulance Gonna get here oh My goodness. Oh my goodness days, but everywhere else. Yeah, it’s like hi the doctor will be here soon Dont worry queen, Elsa don’t worry. I can help don’t say I remember I have Magic hair Just help As well it really had okay. I’m doing Okay, oh my goodness. What title that is amazing. I’ll say. I hope you’re like perfectly for my Mommy Oh Rapunzel is the best friend ever Thank you so much. Else. Yeah, it’s just like a bit of magic oh Don’t do it. Okay. I’m so sorry. Oh, I’m glad you’re okay Ha ha oh my honey feelin, I fell and it is just accident. Oh, then I’m feel terrible Is there anything I could do to make it up to you? Well? She sent me like cupcakes oh Well that’s something I can help with come on over kids the picnic Daddy I’m here. I’m here on Empty stomach or food doctor. Oh Hi, Barbie. Oh. Thank you so much for coming. But um everything seems, okay now Yeah, everything keeps Hmm. Oh But oh, well, that’s what so kind. I better be getting back to the surgery Not too fast Bobby. We still have one more problem. Oh dear. Oh, what’s the problem hoping to help in Tucson? Where we have too many cupcakes and not enough friends to eat them Well, I can sure help you out with that oh Lovely strawberry vanilla my favorite oh So uh maybe next week I can teach you how to ask go forward But it’d be awesome doin you

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