laser kids studios presents an Angry Birds special Angry Birds go the outdoor racing tornament hello everyone this is our no I am the director of this video and I post video on my dad Burt Porter's Channel so I'd like to say thank you for subscribing to the channel and watching my videos thanks to you guys I bet it all the way to two years worth of videos two years so that means this video is my two year anniversary yay so please enjoy the video hello everyone and welcome to the Angry Birds go outdoor racing tournament with your host mechanic big house as usual the prize will be a giant kick racers from all over PE Island have come to compete for the giant cake and these are all very tough races let's give a round of applause to all our racers contestant number one is Chuck the hasty champion of this stunt Cup yes thank you all now let's give a hearty welcome to read of rookie and contestant number three is notorious kingpin second place champion of the rocky road Cup and contestant number four is grandpa pig aka moustache pig aka Foreman Pig and the final contestant is what a bad day I got fired from King peg and my dough cart that stole it he was like the coolest thing ever I was planning to apply for the Angry Birds outdoor racing tournament but my vehicle got stolen oh no this is such a bad day hey it's my stolen go-cart I've got get back okay Jesse I'm taking my go-kart back I can totally beat you up Oh what the what are you doing in the rice postman tag this guy stole my go-kart so I'm taking it back and entering the race okay I think that's legal yay I get to compete in the race okay now let's take a look at the racing course the race will start out as usual vs. will go over here and to the top of the hill mega peg is waiting at the top of the hill because he is an obstacle he will roll downhill with his skateboard and try to crash into someone races will fall all along here to this narrow path through this road and through that gate once the gate is open races will go through this path and over here to this big road then razors will go through this forest path over here through here past all these and the bun trees they'll get to a secret path which they will go down through and through the mysterious gate a different one once races are through the gate they will go down these really really early rocky roads and they will make it to this vegetable maze and you'll have to jump eat a long route all the way through here through here a very long route and then they'll go up here into the play structure but watch out for those two birds those two birds Laser blows are also obstacles they won't try to shoot down anyone that gets in their sight but if the racers past them racers will go through and go down the slide the racer that goes down the slide the first is the winner might I point out that this racecourse is actually a slight variation of my race course in a rocky road so I am going to win this oh no you aren't everyone knows that you are cruel and also you're one of the three racers that isn't a champion of the race there's you read and post me in pigs but least read has a decent power and postman pigs nice yeah I agree with him King pig everyone knows that your power is lame alright stop that this is exactly why you got fired anyway I'm ready three two one hey you're stealing my idea my power [Applause] [Applause] yeah the way mega Pig it's turbo time how do you move so fast anyway long range turbo [Applause] excuse me grandpa peg oh darn it my flame wore off [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the strain is to my advantage balloon term your time to fly your am flying oh no not the balloon carrier again yeah I got go up the stairs no I can't let him win three gem turbo that hurt that's it screw the go-karts to fly and the winner is postman Pig what it first [Applause] [Applause]

Angry Birds Go Plush Outdoor Race!!!

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