If you can believe it Amherst College
had the first physical education program in the entire country. We've had a lot of
traditional, a lot of history, not only in varsity sports but physical activity and
physical fitness since this school was established. We have 27 varsity sports,
fourteen women, 13 men, but we also have a full array of programming for students
of all levels. We have club sports that we oversee. We have wellness classes
that we oversee and we have intramural offerings that we oversee. 30 percent
of our students are varsity athletes but over 50% of the college is involved in
some sort of activity. Athletic activity is a great way for people to
stay fit both mentally and physically. We love to have students come down and
take it take advantage of all the things that we do, regardless of their interest
their expertise or their skill level. The mission of our entire athletic program
is to really be student driven. We're very open to hearing from students and
have not come down and give us their ideas so we can really really meet the
needs of all students. The best part about our jobs and our role as coaches or teachers is that we get to make an impact on students lives. We love
working with students and building those relationships with them that can be
useful weather here on campus but also
hopefully after they leave Amherst. 5years, 10 years, 15 years down the road
when they come back for reunions and they've had such a positive experience. They
tell us all the life lessons they learned weather on the playing field
on the courts, whatever. Why playing sports are being involved in activity has been
important for them.

Amherst College Athletics
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