it’s interesting or Evercore way and here’s another young skater that’s very much in the thick of things 18 year old amber Corwin Hermosa Beach California she finished sixth a year ago at the senior nationals trying to move up from fourth the music Samson and Delilah she has seven triples plan in her program she’s been very consistent in practice all week she has five of these triples in the first minute and a half the first one a triple flip our triple toe triple toe combination she is most proud of that combination she worked very hard on it all year she completed that successfully in that short program also another combination triple flip double toe she look very tentative going into that you got to go in these jumps with a real attack and real positive thoughts triple lutz double for those two omissions really or lesser jumps in the rarefied atmosphere that we’re seeing here will not stand her in the best of possible positions she has wonderful proportions for skating she’s 5-3 and nice triple ooh that’s a very harmful to go from a camel position into a jump effects it’s been that takes a lot of energy out of you in the middle of the program that’s why we don’t see so much emphasis on skin they’re much harder to do than jumps well they look easy to an audience but when you’re doing them you have to keep your body tense but you see these jumps are not as spectacular as they could be they’re not quite as athletic they don’t quite leap into the air and have great turns but she does a skater very much heading in the right direction a year ago at the national she finished sixth and if that doesn’t sound all that impressive coming off a 16th place finish in 1995 so that’s a jump of 10 spots and here she is in 97 pressing the leaders I think you’ve got to remember that he’s only 18 and it takes a long time to be able to get the jumping system into your body so that as time goes on I think she will find that these jumps will become easier and higher it’s very nice he’s triple salchow gee pulled up at the end of this 4-minute number so both illusions and they always make a great statement at the end of the program 18 years old from Hermosa Beach California amber Corwin forth in trying to move up to the spot perhaps in the world seemed maybe win this thing who knows there’s Nicole Bobek leading in terms of those that have already skated here in the free skate nervously watching backstage she has to wait to find out how Michelle Kwan skates and Tara Lipinski the two leaders after the short program will have Michelle skate right after this from our ABC stations the state form US Figure Skating Championships continue on ABC’s Wide World of Sports welcome back everyone inside the Nashville arena 1997 State Farm US Figure Skating Championships continuing Michelle Kwan those nervous moments on the ice before her free skate marks for and they collect her thoughts there is Amber Corwin along with her coach got one who is Olympic skater in his own right the technical merit marks for amber as she tries to overtake Nicole Bobek who leads those are pretty high marks is a couple of five sixes in there those are quite quite high on technique technical merit and she had quite a few mistakes Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski the final two skaters here the ladies free skate and Tara right behind Michelle after the short program oh look at that look at that five point one up to five point six the presentation marks that’s the range and that places her in third place right behind Angela nicotine off Nicole Bobek still in first place but interestingly it knocked Tania Kwiatkowski down to fourth place and Nicole Bobek was in six tap Detroit program she’s trying to hold on to that first

Amber Corwin – 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies’ Free Skate
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