join their wolf is correct pretty soon this young lady representatives us might make history right now Neal ELISA yoga Laura kopetsky is the coach sixty nine point three zero she is going to attempt the triple axel triple toe loop jump combination she can do that not that triple axel as an individual element we’ll see what happens stand by maybe for history don’t tell me scandalous sons of the ball of butter don’t bring around don’t tell me not to fly I submit not to me if someone takes us I guess I didn’t make it [Music] [Music] you see juice in you [Music] [Music] [Music] hey mister ah [Music] [Applause] [Music] he sought you from us a well how interesting was that for a whole number of reasons I thought she was a little cautious you know obviously she’s gonna stretch abouts triple toe so that probably made her a little bit tighter great combination and then the double loop at the end and so from a performance perspective little in-and-out that’s okay but my gosh she’s just something very very special let’s take a look here it is the triple lock let’s history made there it is all the way reloads up all the way triple axel triple toe that’s history in the juniors never been done before jump combination look at the split jump right into the spread-eagle steps right up glides off the end of the edge beautiful extension and some turns on that beautiful quality here’s the timing whoa just the leg did not pull in tight the free Lake to spin to start the rotation on the way up that’s okay this young lady doesn’t make too many mistakes and the great thing about her she was going for the triple axel triple toe she’s not holding back she’s learning she’s pushing herself performance level not of her highest probably cuz a focus on the elements that’s picky she’s great natural [Music] it’s a long career and your performances will be up and down you’ll feel emotionally up and down moves we give this young lady and all of them a lot of support to time say they need it not easy life isn’t this he’s six sixty four point one once as third in the truck program place that’s okay [Music] and there’s a look at your top five you leaderboard

Alysa LIU КП 19.9.2019 JGP Rnd5 Baltic Cup (Gdansk, Poland)
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