Italy the picturesque Abell gardener Gorton was the setting for the Alpine Ski World Championships the first events world mints labeled each competitor had do girls have a difficult past zigzag court not all of them we're successful bill okayed of the United States will scheme very well on this outing and heating up for the leader kids total time for both runs was 99.5 three seconds he was placed to the print friend Patrick Russell had to make a special effort on his second run to beat the Americans fire Russell raced into second place with a total time of 99.5 one seconds fellow print from the jean-noel alga was on the pre coming this run could make or break each other the breathtaking burst of control speed ripped off by collections of a second descent I'll get over the line winner of the event with a combined time of ninety nine point four seven seconds it was a big mccrane for the prank

Alpine Skiing (1970)
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