Alexandra Trusova. We do this interview after test skates. Today you made 3 quads. How do you rate your skates and physical state in the new season? In general, I think I’m ready for the season. I fell on Lutz-Loop and I hope that this season I will not fall from this jump I will try to skate clean program with 3 quads What else will you surprise us with? or do you want to keep it a secret? I won’t talk about it in advance, but I will in anyway complicate my program and learn new elements. What do you think about programs? I really like both short and free program. They are very suitable for me. I hope the audience liked it What can you say about costumes? You will see them in Bratislava in two weeks In the short program you have Grieg’s music, is it convenient for you to make difficult elements for it? I like this music as well as the whole program.
All movements, jumps… I like to skate it And of course Game of Thrones. You already told me about the plot of this program. This program is not on the series, and you’re creating your own character. I’m Daenerys so… I’m Daenerys But I don’t get killed in the end Usually in the summer you travel a lot with your family. Where have you been this year? Yes, first we rested on the sea in Egypt, then we went to Italy and Spain. There we went to the amusement parks and Tina went with us. What was she doing? Lying on the beach Is she wearing a kimono? Yes, it’s a gift from Japan. It’s a summer kimono and there’s a winter kimono at home You wanted Tina to have a dress and now She has a lot of them Yes, Tina constantly give clothes, I am very pleased.
We have a wardrobe now, but I keep buying her dresses myself. Now you have a cat, he was homeless? Yes, in Novogorsk, but this is my brother’s cat and she don walks into my room because Tina lives there. How did you find them? It was the last day in Novogorsk and Yegor found a box with four kittens. He began to ask mother to take a kitten. At first my dad wouldn’t let us take her, but after we brought cat to home, he let us keep her. How did you call her?” Chloe (from the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets”) What are your goals for the season? skate clean programs show all that I can How do you feel about first senior season? I’ve been looking forward to this season, from the first Junior. I enjoyed playing at the Russian Championship, I’m excited Are you going to Bratislava? Yes, soon to Bratislava, then Japan Open and grand prix Good luck Spasibo

Alexandra Trusova / Test skates 2019 interview after FS

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  • September 9, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Oh i got a GOT spoiler from Trusova. Can't believe it.

  • September 9, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    нашёл. уже через 10 дней
    Братислава, Словакия, 19-21 сентября
    Сайтама, Япония, 5 октября
    Удачных тренировок и прокатов !


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