THEY )RE ROUGH AND TOUGH CHICKS — BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE IMMUNE TO THEFT. A LOCAL ROLLER DERBY TEAM IS RECOVERING FROM A LOW BLOW… THAT IS AFFECTING THEIR CHANCES OF RECRUTING (NEW SKATERS. NEWS 13 )S STEPHANIE CHAVEZ EXPLAINS WHAT HAPPENED — AND HOW THEY )RE TRYING TO RECOVER. DANIELLE WITSELL — IS JUST ONE OF MORE THAN A DOZEN WOMEN 50;04 there )s our lead jammer, destruction.50;07 WHO PUTS ON HER SKATES — AND GETS ROUGH ON THE RINK. 6;33 they were super welcoming and happy to have me so I stuck with it. 6;37 IT )S A PASSION. AND EVERY WEDNESDAY — THE ALBUQUERQUE ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE LOANS OUT GEAR TO THE PUBLIC SO THEY CAN GET A TASTE OF THE WILD SPORT. 5;30 deirdre we teach them everything we teach them blocking hitting jamming 5;33 BUT ALL THE LOANER GEAR WAS RECENTLY STOLEN FROM A TEAMMATE )S CAR. 4;40 danielle its devistating, it really puts a hit on our league 4;43 THE TEAM ESTIMATES AT LEAST 12-HUNDRED DOLLARS IN GEAR WAS TAKEN… 9;24 we probably had at least ten or fifteen pairs in various sizes 9;29 NOW THEY )RE WORRIED RECRUITMENT 52;49 .that is what a lot of skaters like to call a hit and quit. 52;51 MAY TAKE A MAJOR (HIT 10;36 we know that this sport is expensive to start out. 10;39 5;48 deirdre they )re not going to buy the gear ahead of time, they )re going to want to give it a try. 5;51 THE TEAM HAS WORKED OUT A TEMPORARY SOLUTION — AT LEAST UNTIL THEY )RE ABLE TO REPLACE EVERYTHING. 10;30 a lot of our skaters have been willing to give up their gear, in order to let somebody else give it a try. 10;36 BUT WITH THEIR SEASON APPROACHING QUICKLY — IT )LL BE TOUGH — BECAUSE THEY ALSO NEED THEIR OWN STUFF TO PRACTICE. 7;21 our first bout of the season is just three months away so we )re going to have the team cohesively practicing together which means we cant keep lending out our personal gear to the newbies. 7;33 . STEPHANIE CHAVEZ KRQE NEWS 13 THE ALBUQUERQUE ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE IS ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF USED QUAD SKATES, HELMETS, AND PADS. THEY )VE ALSO SET UP A GO FUND ME PAGE — YOU CAN FIND A LINK TO THAT ON OUR WEBSITE… ALWAYS ON KRQE DOT COM. THE CITY HAS ANNOUNCED

Albuquerque roller derby league falls victim to theft
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