hey everyone CJ here right now I'm in the middle of helping the kids pack up because we're going skiing yeah yeah just a few days ago actually in the Virgin Islands you'll probably see that video if you haven't already I see that vlog but which is actually why I'm a little darker than normal today sit down the Sun so I'm going from 80 degrees of sitting on the beach a few days ago to taking these guys up for skiing at birdie I think it's about 30 degrees out I was a little snow yesterday so I thinking of fresh snow but it's end of the season so it's gonna be fun writing up to crystal mountain that's my favorite place around here let me give you a little bit of information on what we're doing and how we're making this happen today first of all I you know skiing is incredibly expensive luckily what we've been doing over the years is handing down clothes and gloves and everything else we did have to get too much stuff this season and then in addition to that we got a pretty good deal at the end of the year they allow the ski areas do you do pretty good deals so if you're trying to save money on skiing try to go towards the end of the season what I got was a three pack ski ticket ski lift tickets and they were just $99 and then of course where I go Kristen there's two major ski areas here in Seattle air that's close to Seattle one of them is the summit is don't call me that one right now if I was to take the kids would run me about 230 dollars for the day for lift tickets Crystal Mountain which is actually at least might be a much better ski area it's there just apparently defenseless also where you live crystal mountain is only an hour to have from us here yeah we're five to ten minutes from the from the Puget Sound from the water and then really an hour 30 minutes from Crystal Mountain ski resort and that one at $99 is head video for three tickets so that's me and the boys and then the other benefit over at Crystal Mountain is kids ten and under are free so Brooke doesn't cost a thing that's how we do it the other thing we do we did is we always rent our skis before we go I've got my own set of skis so I have to worry about that but the kids because they keep growing I can't buy them skis so we go to a place local place and we rent them before we get to the resorts we rented them yesterday they're already in the truck ready to go total rental I think for the three of them was about $35 again save some money there which is pretty good for three that's that's a really reasonable rate and of course we don't have to go stand in line and get measured in all that crap today when we get there we'll drive up this morning get out of the truck boom we're skiing nothing we always try to do is we pack our own lunch we don't eat there so we'll stop the starve Oh something on the way and then we're like go back to the truck oh you thought we were gonna not eat breakfast again are you breakfast where you go up in the mountain but what we do is we always get my giant truck so we always pack a lunch we don't eat there at the resort we ski for a few hours so about lunchtime then we go back then shuttle back to the truck sit in the truck have our big lunch and then we go back and finish skiing for the day it saves a ton of money I think we paid probably 15 20 bucks on food Brooke you and I yesterday shopping so we get just snack packs you know sandwiches drinks granola bars stuff like that so I think we're good if you need any more information what I'll do is all I'll put links at the bottom and where you can get information on the different series and maybe some listos some of the equipment is stuff we take with us and with that said I'll catch you on the other side intro you we made it to Crystal Mountain we're at the ski resort we've got a great parking spot we're actually right next to the shuttle we're gonna get out here and get our skiing on we got here pretty good time [Applause] all right we're back in the truck we're doing our lunch break it's been great so far we've had a we found I think the run that we really like it's a ski run that's a mile and a half long it's a green run it's a little challenging here and there we were trying to pick a speed Brooke and I did about 20 miles per hour downhill Shirelles had to be doing 25 30 I'll have to check the a player may hand him the phone and let him go down and see what his speed is a lot of fun weather is questionable I would say it's pretty good but the snow is just known the whole time sometimes is snow sometimes it feels a little bit more like hail as you're as you're flying out of the hill smacking in the face none of us brought the face cards today we didn't think about that so anyways that happens I'm fun today Brooke yeah yeah making our sandwiches eating our lunches so far so good Garrett cool g'day olace yeah this is really fun awesome all right so we're gonna finish our lunch and then we'll head back well no still another probably two and a half hours before the place shuts down and again I mean I it's only been we've been here over little over half the day and I'm the one I've seen something I'd like to get more of you out here alright see it we were literally 15 minutes from the parking lot and they're already out that's what happens skiing where's that was fun oh so you thought that I'd actually make dinner when I got on my feet after skiing yeah all right so we had a great day of skiing it was a lot of fun we had pizza afterwards I always do something out for us like I said I don't cook dinner after after going all day skin is just too much work we even though we live an hour and halfway still too much work kids had had a fun time the weather was pretty good and we had a lot of snow a lot of fog but that's fine so again the way we do it I try to make it so it's actually affordable because you know how expensive skiing can go I bought a three pack of tickets there 99 bucks instead of spending two fifty forty to fifty at the other ski resort you know my youngest skied free we rented the skis outside outside of the resort here in the local town real simple do with the day before come just loaf in the morning at breakfast and off we go and other than that and then we ate lunch in the truck save a ton of money because not expensive is even get a burger at the ski resort it's just too much kids were perfectly fine eating in the truck having a good lunch going back out on the slopes and then afterwards when we on the way home stop it and getting a nice pizza that's what we do it you know and I I don't count I don't look for people that look like me but you know when I was up in the new ski resort I saw two people that look like me you know there are thousand people up there's only a few of us I hope you subscribe to my channel what I'm just trying to do is to inspire and and have you inspired me to try things that you don't see a lot of fathers of color doing their kids I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you do subscribe hit the like button any suggestions you have another place you'd like to see me try or other things like to see me do weave meet my kids please comment below alright well thanks and I gotta get these skis back to the skier own place actually I take my skis out first and then get all the stuff for the ski Brazil back to the ski rental place alright see ya

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