what's up this is Rasta tactics and right now you're checking out the adidas superstar adv team tested an all-terrain approved the superstar ATV takes cues from the adidas skateboarding line with a classic shell toe design that provides added durability and style points complete with the responsive power strap a silver level liner and a lightweight outsole these boots are a great option for riders of all ability levels my first impression when I put these boots on is that they're really comfortable easy to get in and out of they're medium flexing boot but I'd say they're a little bit more on the soft side which makes them a little bit more comfortable little bit more responsive edge to edge in tight areas which makes them a good boot for park riders or even a beginner as well however we did have some really rough conditions and I didn't feel like these were too soft for the conditions a little choppy but they definitely had the response I typically prefer a slightly softer boot just because it is more comfortable for me even though I do like to ride really fast I like a lot of side hits like to ride powder I like to hit jumps so definitely plenty response for me I've been riding for a really long time so I would recommend them to anywhere from a beginner to an advanced rider who wants a comfortable easier flexing boot they can still provide response for any sort of hollow mountain conditions does have this little power strap on the top more for style I would say but it does help to cinch down the top if you do want a little bit of a stiffer response out of the top of your boot and then obviously you got the big shell toe which is just extra durability if you're hanging your board on your boot when you're going up the lift I would say that these are a little bit more roomier than a Samba so if you have a wider fit or you like a little extra room in the toes so they're not squishing there this would be a great option for you but if you have a narrower foot I'd say the Samba would be a better fit because these are really similar sort of feel once you ride them but it's just a little bit different fit on the actual shape of the boot if you want to know more about these go ahead and check them out at

Adidas Superstar ADV 2020 Snowboard Boot Rider Review – Tactics

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