(childlike music) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. Crystal ball, crystal
ball filled with magic and power, show me who
visits within the next hour. (mystical music) Ah, two young girls will be headed my way! What is that in their hands? Zoom in crystal ball. (mystical music) It appears to be XOXO Hugs, interesting, very interesting! (upbeat music) Okay Luna, what pair of wings
do you wanna wear today? I know, you can swap with Pearly! (upbeat music) There, that looks much better. Hey Maya we got a package! Who’s it from? Lucy from the XOXO toy company. Cool, let’s see what’s inside! It’s three XOXO Hugs, do
you think they’re for us? I don’t know, but there’s a letter here, let’s see what it says. Ohh, good idea! Addy and Maya, Please deliver these XOXO Hugs today! I’ve attached a list so
you know who gets each one. Thank you, Lucy XOXO Toy Company. So, where’s the list? I don’t know, I don’t see one anywhere. Well, I’ll call Lucy then, maybe she can tell us on the phone. Great idea. (upbeat music) (phone beeping) (phone ringing) (phone ringing) Anyone answering? Nope, what should we do? Lucy wants them delivered today. Hmm, I have a crazy idea
that just might work. Well, what is it? Come on, follow me! Okay! (upbeat music) (spring bouncing) Hang on, I don’t remember
if we go left or right. Well, where exactly are we going? Do you remember Madame Saphira? The fortune teller from
the super cool carnival? Yeah, exactly, I figured she could read the fortune for these XOXO Hugs. I’m so not following you Maya. Well, at the super cool carnival she looked into her crystal ball and she could see my future. Uh-huh, still not following. She can look into the future and see where these XOXO Hugs
are supposed to end up. Well, it’s worth a shot. I think we go left here. (upbeat music) So, let me see if I follow? You want me to read the fortunes for toys? Well, not just any toys, our XOXO Hugs. Yeah, they are adorable,
plush baby animals. With swappable wings. I see, this is most
definitely the strangest request I have ever seen
and it will not work! You must leave! But couldn’t you just try? Pretty please with sugar on top? And a cherry? Oh, I suppose but I am
telling you it will not work. Thank you! Now which one should I begin with? How about this one? Okay, okay, does it have
a name that I can use? Well, you see how it has
pink fur on the front? Yes. That means it’s going to
be either Luna or Izzy. But, we don’t know which one. And why not? It’s a surprise when you unbox
it, it makes it more fun. Oh bother, well, let’s give this a try. Thank you! Crystal ball, crystal ball
tell me the future of this toy. To whom will this XOXO
Hug bring endless joy? Wow! It’s working! (mystical music) Yes, but the picture is not
coming in clear I’m afraid. That’s all I’ve got. We can figure this out Maya. Yes, we saw an eye chart. And there was a stethoscope, And don’t forget the doctor’s bag. It must belong to the toy doctor! Wow, my powers are even
stronger than I knew. I can tell the future of toys! Thanks Madame Saphira, we’ll be back. Okay, farewell, farewell. (spring bouncing) Hmm, I can’t believe I don’t
have a single patient today! No patients makes for
a long and boring day. Hello Toy Doctor! Hi Addy and Maya! Boy I’m glad to see you two! What are you two in for today? Bad case of toy pox, nasty
case of the giggles, toy strep? No, actually we are here to deliver this brand new XOXO Hug to you. No kidding, that is just what I need. Hang on let me check my toy
medicine guide real quickly. I know it’s in here somewhere. What’s going on Toy Doc? Yes, I was right. Right about what? I’ve had a terrible debilitating
case of boredom today. That sounds awful. Oh, it has been, but,
according to my handy, dandy toy medicine guide XOXO Hugs
are just the prescription needed to heal a case of boredom. Wow, we got here just in time. Oh, you sure did, I can’t
wait to get this opened. Can we stay and see which Hugs you got? Why of course, let’s
start with box number one. It’s Luna! Oh, she’s one of my favorites. Mine too, now let’s see what
pair of wings I have for her. Surprise number two. You got the blue shimmery ones. And they look fabulous on her! Now let’s see what accessory pack you get. Here’s surprise pack three and four. Will I get the princess,
chef or pop star accessories? I hope it’s the princess. I’m hoping for pop star. Oh, it’s the princess. There you go Luna, and here’s your accessory for your collar. It says XO but with a flower. And it looks darling on her. And you still have two
more accessories to open. You’re right, it’s accessory five and six. An adorable hair brush. And the next one should
be a hand accessory. Aw, it sure is, let’s put it on your paw. So adorbs. Oh, I couldn’t agree more. I absolutely love you Luna. So did it work Toy Doc? Are you cured of your boredom? I absolutely am. Wonderful, we better go, we have two more packages to deliver. Okay, well thanks girls. Aww, all right Luna, I’m
gonna give you a tour of my toy doctors office now. (spring bouncing) (humming) Excuse me, Madame Saphira. We’re ready to move on to the next Hug. Do not interrupt me as I
am summoning my powers. (humming) Okay then. I am ready now. Great, can we see the future
of this XOXO Hugs now? Hand it to me, hmm. See that purple piece of fur means that it’s either
gonna be KOKO or Emma. Hmm, I see, I see. Go ahead, use your crystal ball. I will not be rushed. Crystal ball, crystal ball
tell me the future of this toy. To whom will this XOXO
Hug bring endless joy? Ohh. (mystical music) Ohh. And that is all. Okay, let’s think Addy, we saw a spatula. And a funny looking hat. And there was a mixing bowl too. Interesting. (Both) It must be Chef Pierre. We’ll be right back. Good luck girls, good luck. (French music) And now for the Maya and
the last one will be Addy. Ah, manifique. Wow Chef Pierre that cake looks amazing! Ah, merci, it’s my
signature XOXO friends cake. And what brings you two in? Well Chef, we have a
special delivery for you. Wonderful, wonderful it
arrived just in time. In time for what? Well, I’m catering a Tic Tac
Toy themed birthday party. I just finished the XOXO friends cake and I’m hoping to use an XOXO Hugs for the table centerpiece. Wow, sounds like a cool party. Mind if we stay to see
if you got Koko or Emma? Ah, not at all. Then let’s bust that baby open. Very well. Take out box number one first. But of course. I hope it’s Koko. I hope it’s Emma. Let’s see. I got Emma. She is the cutest poodle. Now open box number two to see the wings. Ah-ha. (upbeat music) No way, you got the silver glittery ones? Those would look great on Emma. And now on to the accessories. Did you know you can get a princess, chef or pop star accessory pack? I hope he gets the chef. – [Pierre] On to accessory three and four. What’s inside, what’s inside? – [Pierre] Ah, the pop star tiara. I’ll put it on her. And here’s an accessory for her collar. I’ll put that on too. She’s a beauty. Now get your last two surprises. Can’t wait. Two more surprise packs. That should be the brush
and the hand accessory. You’re right, it’s a microphone
and a guitar hairbrush. You could use a elastic
to attach the microphone to its paws. Yep, just like this. Here you go Chef and it’s all yours. And I love her but I better get back to the party decorations now. And we better get back to work, we still have one more delivery. You’re right, see you later Chef. Bonsoir. (upbeat music) Oh, the chef is quite
pleased to have Emma. You could say that again. And now it’s time to make
one more person’s day. Who will be getting our last
XOXO Hug Madame Saphira? Let’s ask the crystal ball. Crystal ball, crystal ball
tell me the future of this toy. To whom will this XOXO
Hug bring endless joy? (upbeat mystical music) Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing? I think so, what are you seeing? That’s you. The last XOXO Hug must be yours. You are right, it is for me. My fortune is bright today. Let’s see who you got. Yeah and since it has white
fur it must be Blair or Bella. Ah ha, I see, I see. Let’s get this baby open. (upbeat music) I hope it’s Blair. I hope it’s Bella. Ohh, it’s Bella! Yes, now get the wings. Ohh, they are green. And so shimmery. Ah, yes they are so shimmery. Don’t forget your accessory packs. What is it, what is it? The unicorn princess. And the collar accessory. And there’s one more box to open. Yes, yes. That should be the brush. And the hand accessory. You are right and she
looks absolutely darling. I’m so excited you got
Bella Madame Saphira. Yes, yes, thank you
for bringing such great fortune to my day Addy and Maya. No problem. Hey, before we go, do you think you could read our fortune? Why of course, it is the
least that I could do. Cool. Crystal ball, crystal
ball ribbons and pearls tell me the future of these little girls. I don’t see anything. Me neither. Oh, but I do and it is a good fortune. Very good, indeed. Hurry home so you can see it yourselves. Okay thanks! Goodbye girls, and now
Bella, it is just you and me. (upbeat music) Look Maya, there’s
another box on our porch. Let’s see what’s inside. Wow! It’s filled with XOXO Surprise Packs. And look, here’s a note. I wonder if Lucy needs
us to deliver these too. Well, read the note and let’s find out. Okay, Addy and Maya, thanks
for all of your help today! As a token of my appreciation, please enjoy these XOXO Surprise Packs! Thank you, Lucy XOXO Toy Company. Wow, these are for us then. Madam Spheria was right, our
fortune is very good indeed. Let’s go inside and play with them. (upbeat music) (door banging) (ticking) (chiming)

Addy and Maya Help Deliver Their NEW Toys
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