– This video is sponsored by Moose. (cheerful music) Our family has been out of
town so much this summer, and we just got in town last night and we were so surprised and so excited to find a giant box that
Moose had sent out to us filled with their newest happy places, which are called Royal Trends, so they’re all royal themed, so I figured let’s have a play date, let’s
invite a friend over today, and we’re gonna bust open all these toys and have a full on
princess themed play date. Happy Places is all
about super cute little Petkins furniture and
accessories that live with their Lil’ Shoppies friends. It allows kids to fuse
together style, fashion, and adorable furniture to create
really expansive play sets. And the girls are super excited
that this seventh season is all royal themed. – Yay! – Come on down, girlies!
(footsteps down the stairs) Are you girls excited? – Yeah. – All right,
I think we should open Royal Trends Castle and
the Royal Convertible for our three things. – Ooh, yay! – Let’s do it. _ [Child] All right. – Whoa, look at the dress. – Ooh. – It looks so pretty. – [Lucy] This comes with a royal castle, three Petkins accessories,
an exclusive Gemma Stone Lil’ Shoppie, and a ball gown. You guys want to get the
castle open right now? – Yeah! – All right, let’s do it. (cheerful music) Our Royal Trends Castle
is all put together and let’s show our viewers
the Petkins accessories that came with this,
and we’re gonna use them to decorate our castle.
What’s the first one, Addy? – The Throne. – The throne, let’s see the throne. Oh, this is one cute Petkins. Rylan, put it right in there. There we go! She looks cute there. And then what else? We have a chandelier
here, and this chandelier actually hangs and spins. – Where does it hang? – I think we’re right in here.
Wanna see if you can get it, Maya-bug? There you go girl. Here, spin it right here,
Maya, right there. – Oh. – And did you notice when
you spun the chandelier, it also spun this wardrobe
where we can collect all of our pretty princess
gowns for our Lil’ Shoppies. And then Rylan, we have one
more Petkins accessessory. What is it? – It looks
like a tea party table. – I think so, and I think
let’s put it right here so our princesses can have a tea party. She’s got her tea cup on there and a little snack, it looks like. And if you put Princess
Gemma Stone up there, they can actually have
a spinning tea party. Should we try it? One special thing about this
Royal Trends line is that all the Lil’ Shoppies come
with easy pop accessories, so you can easily change
them from everyday dress to a glitter princess.
So let’s take Gemma Stone and change her into
her royal ballgown now. So let’s get her dress off
of this spinning wardrobe and we’re gonna snap her other dress off. – Ooh, her dress is pretty. – Ooh, she looks magical. And I bet she wants to check
herself out in the mirror, so let’s put her in front of the mirror. – [Child] Whoa, I look beautiful. – And once she’s all dressed,
we can just lay her up here on this gem podium, her little
foot goes right inside there. And then you can spin her. Wooo! Cute, she looks gorgeous. And
there’s one more cool thing about the mirror, it’s
gonna flip down to create a really cool party atmosphere. Flip that down, Addy, see what happens. – [Children] Ooh. – Whoa, that’s so cool. – [Lucy] Isn’t that cool looking? – [Children] Yeah. – It’s the perfect setting for a cool princess gown, I think. And I think we should
open the convertible now. – Yeah. – Let’s see what
this all comes with, girlies. Wow, this one comes with
a convertible playset, a doll Tiara Sparkes, a doll
skirt and nine Picnic Petkins. Rylan, let’s check out
Princess Tiara Sparkles. Oh, she has a pretty pink
dress on, doesn’t she? And she can snap out of this, too. Because she’s in her
royal attire right now, so you can put her in more casual clothes. Want to do it, Rylan? We can
pop off that bottom skirt, and there! She’s in a cute
little dress right now. And then when she gets
to the gala, she can put her royal ball gown on. – Let’s put the spare tire in there. – So the spare tire went
here, and what are you putting in the back, guys? – The credit card, the keys,
chocolates, and the water. – Wait, she didn’t come with her. – Yeah. – So you have it all tucked inside a little picnic basket, it looks like. – [Child] She can come in. – It’s cute. Would you
open the chocolates? Because there’s actually a tiny little Petkins chocolate inside. – Let’s go have a royal tea party. Because the ball didn’t
start until one hour. – Now it’s a spinning tea party. – There are a lot of Happy
Places Royal Trend accessories that you can collect, and
the more you add to it, the more story you have to tell. So I’m gonna go add on two
more sets for the girls that I think they’re gonna like. Here I have this fabulous
Fox Vanity, and it comes with all sorts of fun things.
There’s Princess Glossy here, a doll skirt, and there’s
six Petkin accessories. And this one comes with
Princess Moon Bunny, a skirt, and then again, six different
Petkins accessories. So between these two sets,
we’re gonna get to add looks like a bed, another
chair, a nightstand maybe, some vanities, mirrors,
and lots of fun accessories that are gonna help fill up our castle. Girlies, I have some more fun accessories, and two more princesses
that we’re gonna add to our play set. I’m gonna
go work on another surprise. (cheerful music) – So pretty! – Since our Lil’ Shoppies are
going from their casual dress into royal princess dress, I
thought it would be really fun if the girls got to as
well, so let’s have some fun and get the girls all dressed up. Look what I have! – What? – Since our Lil’ Shoppies are
getting ready for the ball, I thought you guys could get
ready for the ball or the gala as well, what do you think? – Yeah! – And now that you girls are
in your princess outfits, I want to see what you’ve
done with the Royal Castle, how you’ve set it up
with the new accessories and Petkins, and new princesses. – So here we have a vanity in that bedroom and then here we have all
their outfits on a display. – [Mom] Ooh, I love that
all their dresses are there, so you can choose what they want to wear. – Princess Tiara Sparkles is
having tea on the balcony, and Princess Glossy’s
up on the gem podium. – Ooh, let’s spin her. Ooh. You girls did a great job setting this up, it makes me want to play,
and I feel kinda left out that I’m not in a princess outfit, Maybe I should’ve bought
myself a princess gown. – Um, I don’t know. – So Royal Trends is a land
where princesses, princes, and even unicorns live,
so what do you girls think about adding some more Lil’
Shoppies to our play set? – Yeah! – There are actually eight
Lil’ Shoppies doll packs you can collect, and each
comes with a Lil’ Shoppie doll, an accessory, and a collector’s guide. I have six bags behind me,
and each one these has one of the Lil’ Shoppies doll packs inside them. I’m gonna have them pick
them at random, so that way it’s completely fair, and
we’ll see who they each get. There’s actually some
surprises. We actually have our first boy Lil’ Shoppie,
he’s a prince, actually. And there’s even a
unicorn in one of these. Rylan, you’re our guest, so pick a number between one and six. – Uh, five. – [Lucy] Five. Let’s see
who Rylan gets in this bag. – Who did you get? Who did
you get? Who did you get? – [Lucy] Ooh, you got Princess
Beryl, like a berry, kind of. She looks like a berry. – Can I open it? – [Lucy] Sure, go ahead.
And let’s see who Addy gets. – I got the unicorn! – [Mom] Oh, lucky Addy!
Oh, this is Gemicorn. Even the unicorn comes
with an easy pop accessory. – Ooh. – Who do I get? – [Lucy] Let’s see. – I got this one. – [Lucy] Queen Beehave. Wow! (cheerful music) – Check out how cute she is. – [Lucy] Oh, she is, Addy, let me see. (cheerful music continues) – [Child] Ooh, I look so pretty. – Let’s add some more
princesses and princes, who is it gonna be? – Ooh, it’s a girl! – [Lucy]
Ooh, princess Gracie Feathers. Oh my goodness, she has
feathers, how cute is that? – You are so lucky. – [Lucy] Who did you get?
We still have the prince for someone to get.
Did you get the prince? – I got this one! – [Lucy] Ooh, ow wow. Cupcake Queenie, that means, Maya, you probably have the
prince in here. Let’s see. I wanna see our first prince,
our first boy Shoppies. Wow, Prince Rowen Ruby, how royal, Maya. – I just put her skirt
on, she looks so pretty. – [Mom] Ooh, she is pretty,
let me see yours, Rylan. Ooh, she is gorgeous, too. – You got Prince Rowen Ruby, and I got Princess Gracie Feathers. – And the prince can be
weighed in there, except- – He could be riding in the convertible. – Let’s get all the princesses dressed up for the royal ball. – Let’s go! (music building) – [Child] Oh, I look
beautiful in the mirror. – Okay, Princess Moon Dream
is ready for the gala. – Princess Gracie Feather
is almost ready, too. – Ooh, she looks gorgeous. – [Lucy] Ooh, she sure does, Rylan. And now that they’re all
dressed, should we set the castle up for the gala? And flip the mirror? – Yeah! Ooh, so pretty! – Who wants to join me in a
tea party on the roof top? – I do! – Isn’t this just the best view ever? – While the princesses are
busy playing, I’m going to get a little snack set up for them
because I think princesses love to have cake at their tea parties. Princesses, it’s snack time! – Yay, snack time! (upbeat music) – So it seems like these
Happy Places Royal Trends are quite a hit, and we still
have more to open, girls. We have all of these little
surprise packs to open. These surprise packs are so
adorable, and they come with a surprise pet inside, this crown vessel and a collector’s guide. Then there are 33 different ones to collect. Purple for Rylan, and then a pink for Maya and a light blue for Addy. Ooh, let’s see how it works.
Okay, so there’s your crown, that’s cute, a little like,
almost bed for them, I bet. – Let’s see the little pet I got. – [Lucy] Who did you get? – It looks so cute! – It’s a little kitty with
a crown. Let’s check the collector’s guide and see who that is. Ooh, it looks like you
got Glossie. She’s cute! – I got Precious Sweets! – [Lucy] Oh, wow, she’s like
a little sheep with a tiara. – I’m gonna put her in her bed. – Who did Maya get? Oh, who is it? – Oh my gosh. – Oh, wow, she’s like a
little chick. Petit la Chick. We have some more, so I
think you can each have two more each. – Yay! – And there’s one left
over, so to be fair, I think I get one. A cute little tiara that I’m gonna use for my
little pet bed, I think, and let’s see what’s
inside. Oh, I think I got- This is the same one that you got, Rylan? She’s so cute! I actually don’t, I think this one is different.
Let’s see who this is. Ooh, it’s Wrapple. It is different. – I got a little lamb! – [Lucy] Maya got Princess Whiskers, and Rylan got Royal Cakes.
Who did you get, Addy? – Crescent Crayon – Crescent Crayon, and who else? – And Lippie. – And Lippie? – Yeah. – Oh, they’re darling,
Addy. So now you can add your little surprise pets to
your whole royal castle set. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (upbeat music) – I think our princesses
and our pets are having an awesome time at the gala. – For sure! – When it’s all over,
then we have to change into our normal clothes. – Oh yes, we don’t want to
get our ball gowns dirty. – And back to the wardrobe. (upbeat music) – The ball gowns are just
ready for our next gala. – Well I think the Happy
Places Royal Trends are a real hit with Addy, Maya, and Rylan. The girls seem to love that
Lil’ Shoppies can turn into glam princesses in this royal
kingdom where glamor rules. Thanks so much for joining us,
and we’ll see you next time on Tic Tac Toy Family. – XOXO! (upbeat music)

Addy and Maya Have a Happy Places Royal Trends Play Date !!!
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