Ola YouTube my name is ricardo lino and a wheel
addict we are at adapt brand headquarters in hOland really close to Amsterdam I
don’t really know the name of this place but if it’s the hague it’s close to
rotterdam actually it’s and today we are going to talk about the latest
aggressive skating product delivery skate yeah lady phone rang okay our
newest pro skater actually lady has been skating for us for quite a while ever
since he was like I think 13 or 14 years and yeah he’s been growing within the
brand and he lives very close to us so we he was always our test mule he would
test every skate that we made and yeah so basically I think it was time for him
to get his own Pro skate that’s cool he’s 17 now I think it’s 19 already yeah
yeah and he just finished up with a double section and a depth movie so yeah
I think it was the right time to produce a pro skate for him okay so let’s talk
about the product specifically what’s special about this product first like by
the looks it looks like an adaptive skate with which is already different
from the rest of the states in the mark yeah but what in general what does adapt
as different from the other state and what does these have different from the
previous versions yeah so basically the adapt what it make what makes it
different than any other skate on the market is the way that cuffs works
inside so basically it has this is the the shell used in the skate so it’s
basically a one-piece construction which we went with we developed this like
seven eight years ago basically but it’s not all the same material that’s some
that I found interesting right yeah it is a mixture
of different materials so over the years we listen to the skaters we listen to
our customers what did they want what did lady for example one so
basically the lady skate has more flex to it than the other skates so basically
as I can show here this is crazy it is just kind of like it looks like carbon
does this do land do linear which I yeah the Olin is a military-grade fiber so
it’s eight times stronger than Kevlar and yeah it’s almost indestructible
basically under pressure even so in short carbon is really stiff so if you
use it in the right places it works perfect
but the Olin can withstand every pressure from every side you try to have
the skate supportive where it needs so supportive and it’s effective yeah and
then when you want some flex you put that material – yeah almond and E and
the butters wait what is this yeah so yeah basically what what a lot of people
don’t know basically when we created the six mount which is as you can see on the
inside it has six bolts we actually made the system so that you can adjust the
soleplate to the food so basically if your foot goes a bit more to the inside
you can actually adjust it and make it the right position for you so it’s like
this then you bolt it down and it’s it’s perfect so it doesn’t shift anymore it
also goes for the back yeah that’s front and back is to optimize the perfect
space actually for the frame so the other thing it does for example if you
want to do more top sides you can actually put it more your boot no way
you got the shooting you can shift the boots too and the
other side get shit yeah yeah but in the end we always set them up when you buy
them you set them up standard we bolt them down and it’s an easy thing you can
do at home you can just release the bolts and then push them a bit anyway
you want to decide also go to the negative side again you can also put it
to the negative side here it’s really easy because it’s a sample on the real
skate there is actually a layer of sort of glue that when you heat it up you can
shift it and there’s going to be leather in between play and there’s no leather
that’s like an actual sort of foam that absorbs in pandas makes the skate also
more like and yes this and the cork inside of the shell are you have quoting
yeah there is a metal piece inside okay so here there’s yeah you can see it but
there is a metal piece inside to optimize the the holes of the frame so
they’re always exactly the same and then around the metal piece there is cork and
that is between it’s like a sandwich between the carbon the duolan there is
this cork and it absorbs every Shopp basically it’s a natural shock of soil
yeah yeah and it also D stresses like everything
from the carbon and the resin so it doesn’t that they didn’t understand or
in case I didn’t say before this babies and made by me that’s why it goes so
much about this yeah so every single skate that comes out of a depth goes to
your ends it goes through us we do have a couple of people that work with us
because a company got bigger we don’t want to go too big so I think this is
our limit and from here we have I think we have four people working together
with us on making and producing the boots because otherwise we do me and
I’ll go do everything on ourselves so we do social media we do shipments probably
the customers that bought that they know I sometimes
the personal inscription or something – shame on you sometimes every time you
buy one you actually get a card which is hand signed by myself and older but
sometimes are writing something up a bit extra it’s fun
the other thing about the latest skate is the new skin material basically it is
a vegan material and we always set the vegan skate from the beginning we did
have I I wasn’t really 100% happy with the material because when you fall on it
it was strong but the look of it the first layer would degrade faster than I
wanted to be so this material is actually closer to the new book like the
leather version we have it’s about 70 percent of the strength of the new book
but the new book is like top of this strongest leather in the world and these
leaves still live sorry about just going cut of it do you still have the the full
leather skate is that always yeah the new focus is from the stuff that it does
tell this it’s all leather and yeah and it’s specially made for us this letter
also in Holland so yeah nobody else’s has this letter basically this letter
fake leather comes from Italy well yeah and so this comes from Italy and it’s
really durable so lady had a pair he tested for one year and I don’t know if
you have seen ladies skate but e skates everything every condition he lives by
the ocean goes swimming with this thing so basically it’s been tested so
year-round the next guy is gonna be in Thor so it’s a really strong skin
material so I think people that love the look
the vegan model they will be really pleased with it also it has a different
feel to it because of the do man shell and the material is a bit more softer so
if you’re not that hardcore into how you want your skate to set up like this one
is the one for okay so please let me ask you something if someone wants to get
the stuffed skate but a little bit softer can they have a custom mayor of
the of the heavy shell you need the full leather yeah yeah we do could we
actually when we go through the process if you ordered direct which is necessary
material gross okay we go through a process of probably 10 to 15 emails back
and forth just to make sure when you have the skate
it’s a skate that is right for you that’s also sometimes people would ask
me what do you think what we need and then we give some advice on this show
would be better for you and yeah this skin would be suitable for you and just
stop like what’s this yeah sofa is her own material I’ve been trying to get the
material but it’s a super-high secret it’s also produced in Holland so yeah we
have been working with this material or types of versions of this material
because we always try to up it a bit so this year we got last year we got this
material and it’s really fast it doesn’t stretch as much as normal nylons do or
hmw or whatever so yeah it’s a it’s a our own mixture basically and it’s all
CNC machined that’s why some people ask me why is the price the price it is what
the present is so plates or 60 years to be honest if we
wouldn’t have made them in-house there should be a 100 to 200 years so it’s a
60 and the front the frame is 80 euros yeah okay so it’s 140 to make your
summer that’s cool yeah I put in the codes we love Salomon and you get 10% on
the new Salomon seems that they come on yeah
yeah but it’s that’s something I think it’s really important that people should
know is all the parts are really expensive to produce I got lucky because
I work for a manufacturer that makes really high-end skates ice skates they
have access to all those do we actually got a machine from them because I work
there to produce all our stuff if you would produce this it’s not possible for
this price it can ask you just for a frame just for a frame from one of those
friends yeah so these frames are old machined from on one lock yeah one block
of these yeah yeah and the frame actually that’s new on the Navy as well
so it can fit up to 65 millimeter but we didn’t change any dimensions so it’s
still the 60 frame everybody loved we didn’t change dimensions we only went
more inwards to boot so the 65 almost feels like rolling with the 60s only you
get more speed with it and what will you have 65 it’s a symmetric suil sauron
sister company from a deck so basically so metrics is all the hardware so
metrics is a no-bullshit we don’t do over branding nothing we like even on
the sole plates and frames there is no brand on it but that’s a metrics it’s
just like more in racecar industries we just like it clean it has to perform
that’s it so that’s the idea behind the metrics same but if I really want you
can still write your name because these channels are inside so whatever you
write here it’s not gonna grind it so you can you can like create good with a
blade guard you can do whatever you want you everywhere buried on this provide
the bearings or the standard symmetric so it’s a back seven but it’s German
quality made and what price are we talking and the complete boot I think
it’s complete beautiful it’s gay also the boot is three seven no no no that’s
the stuff that’s the most expensive one as aggressive this one is three hundred
forty euros as the boot which maybe gets a part of that’s always going to say
it’s cool cuz when you buy a scale like these you’re supporting a pro skater
yeah indeed so they get trips from us and like they can go lady went for this
we went to the states the first time he ever went to the states always I need
content for all of us yeah so yeah pretty cool okay you like to skate yes
but I like the Thunderer old yeah and he has the one over here like a small
Thunderbolt here as well square like the the little detail here where the lace is
going between there and that’s it we know the price of that and well if it’s
a complete with it what would be the price of this I think it’s four hundred yeah I have no idea you get it if you
get a complete you get a bit discount on the ports but you think we can go
through the website which yet a depth so – friend gotta call it that brand or
depth slash Minar knots like just at that brand
okay and that’s it viewed it from adapt man itself yeah me self and that’s it if
you like the video do not forget to give us some thumbs up thumbs down if you
didn’t like it let us know what you didn’t like in case you did it and if
you want to give Peter any feedback about this cake drop a comment I’m sure
it’s gonna be reading the comments and maybe he’s going to reply to you you
never know if you don’t know don’t forget what we all start as Kitty
because it’s fun Cheers alright



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