Have you skated before Jon? No, I ice-skated once and I wasn’t very good at that either, um, but who knows? How hard can it be? [laughs] I can’t…I can’t get get up! So today we’re here at the skate park I’m preparing for the roller disco for ‘R is for roller disco’ on the ABC tour today I’m learning to roller skate here’s my new skates… Thank you. I’m not very good at roller skating I cannot roller skate but today it’s alright because I’ve got a coach. Let me introduce to you Auntie Rick. Hi. This is Aunty Rick champion roller skater, now Rick for what you going to teach me today? I’m gonna teach you some basics, I’m going teach you where your butt is I’m going to teach where your knees are yeah I can teach you where your moonwalk is hmmm and I’m gonna teach you how to rock the roller disco damn right he or she is [laughs] okay let’s get to it, lets boogie So we’ve come to the end of our training with
Aunty Rick how did I do Aunty Rick? You’re fast thank you stylish, you’re controlled you’re panacheful er, I think you’ve got everything… everything together thank you I’ll see you at the roller disco see you at the roller disco Aunty good luck thanks very much Aunty… help

ABC Tour: R is for Roller Disco (Training)
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