hey what I want another people the money no it's the number Slevin princess toy review it says treasure map and then as I start here and then I don't know what's going on and that swirls around and there's a burger oh I'm hungry some eyeballs and hey do you see the bottom it says x o x o toy hacker to find something it has to be lots of stuff from this toy wrecker lately oh hell I know what this is what is that it's on our playground it's where we climb on the rocks to get it onto the plane come on see the rocks yeah you climb up oh yeah let's go I think that's what it's telling us to do okay let's try it no it's the number seven Oh hmm I better keep this what else do you think what if I'm up think that's it okay so it looks like we start here we went up these rocks and I think we're supposed to follow this Don like old to this Oh yellow squiggly thing and there's somebody on there that's happy yes she has a tiara it must be one of us I know what makes me happy hmm I'm happy whenever I go down the slide oh hey that's our giant slide down the giant fly okay I'll see you whoa wow that was a lot of fun but I think it's to South Coast and then a baby sign yeah it's a number eight well 78 maybe but I think we should keep looking because according to our map let me I started here I went down the slide hmm and I'm supposed to get to something that has a burger on some line things I think you're supposed to feet granny yeah but I think we need a finite treasure first maybe there's a burger at the end of it oh yeah but what do you think this is it's a burgers of Mines yeah – what could that be maybe maybe some barbecue oh we do have one on the play let me see what's here's my grill dad but my burger should be oh no burger but she relishes ringing a friend another paper oh and it has the letter B no granny I think that's the number nine Oh 789 oh wait okay let's see so we started here cut down the slide then we found the burger with the has entire day we found the number nine in the grill and the seagulls do you – what is this there's like three lines I guess huh wait a minute I know through these three lines look at these three lines right over here let's see them one two three one two three yes okay so it says what is this on top on the side let me see oh maybe there's nothing right here granny's love what is it it's number number three see do do 2 2 2 2 what what is this what's oh that's granny's beautiful I agree needs me to find something yeah ok that's great why so we don't need to look at what is this um all the bears up there how am I gonna look in there granny granny go look at the top of me okay okay okay you catch me football yeah okay I have to go cross this bridge okay I'll cross the bridge I go I'm almost there don't you worry I don't see nothing yet oh there's to telescope whoa I see this guy I see the grass for something that doesn't belong well oh there is something that is really big and purple I don't know it has numbers in a steering wheel when you go this way whoa didn't even need my help what the there's no number what else do we have seven and I have eight wait a minute okay so this start here what never do we find here at the rocks number seven okay and then what number do we find here we found number eight okay I remember greenie found nine and a be 99 and I found the number three so we have seven eight nine three let's try it wait let granny put her ear on there okay okay seven yeah that's great yep nine and three oh wow okay I spy the L little surprise under wraps there's also the new in a size medium sized wow this mystery three accessories oh oh there's like a pen inside says fuzzy fan Wow sixty plus sounds I respond to motion sound and touch wow this looks really cool oh why there's so many toys inside which one should we open first rainy it says it's from the South series and is to pygmy pop surprise it's sweet scented plush inside look this looks like a little bear and there's a mousy and a birdie I will it says put here whoa look at this and I can already smell it it's a little tag it says Gogi the gorilla okey come here look I think there's something on the back oh there is don't worry b.a.p I'm so a PA look you're right it is great you were right too monkey we need to look I spy him too look right here whoa cheetah gorilla and he is common okay the video let us know who the toy hackers and Granny says follow us on instagram at princes toys review live even like more betta safe give this video a thumbs up and subscribe

Abandoned safe found in Outdoor Playground from Toy Hacker | Princess ToysReview

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