– Hi, everyone, we are in New
York City now at Sweet Suite, which is a giant toy event. We’re gonna be walking
around and checking out all of the coolest toys. Some are in stores now, and some are not. You might get your first sneak peek of some really cool toys with us today. You guys pick, where should we start first?
– The baby dolls! – Baby dolls, wanna go see baby dolls? All right, let’s go look. You like that one? We’re checking out Madame Alexander dolls. My grandma used to collect this. I just wanna say they’ve
been around for 96 years, and now they make more baby dolls now, and they’re available in Targets. They look so lifelike, don’t they, girls? (upbeat music) Lucky Fortune, Wear Your Look. We’ll check these out later. They’re waiting in line now
to do a vending machine? – Yeah.
– A claw machine, that’s what they’re called,
claw machines for Squash Mouth. I never heard of it.
– We’re doing a claw machine. – What is it?
– We’re doing a claw machine. – Oh, you can never play
too many claw machines, can you, Maya?
– No. – These are hard though,
I never win claw machines. We’ll see if they can win. (bright music) Here, Addy, what do you
think he’s making you? – I have no idea. – You said you wanted
something kind of silly, right? – Yeah.
– They were brave, and you let him pick out
what he’s making you. – Did you see the one that I made that was walking around?
– Let’s go see what it is. And Addy, what’d you get? – Squidward.
– From SpongeBob I think, right? (gentle orchestral music) We’re checking out the
Spin Master booth now. We do a lot of videos with Spin Master. You probably know them for
Twisty Petz and Hatchimals. And the girls are getting
their nails done now by this new Go Glam toy. These are really fun because you can stamp all sorts of nail patterns and designs onto your fingernails. – [Woman] Do you feel the
little cushion inside? – Yeah.
– Yeah, okay. I’m gonna press down,
ready, one, two, three. There you go. – Addy’s getting stamped little flamingos and Maya chose a unicorn pattern. – I got unicorns.
– Unicorns, how cool! (upbeat music) – Yep, right, there you go.
– Oh, how cool. – So you open it just like this. And then you’re gonna open
up this one the same way, and inside of it you have
a rare collectible pearl. – Ooh.
– Yeah, so on the back you can see how many you
get to collect, you got 24. – We’re at Compound Kings now, and there’s lots of fluffy slimy stuff, which is right up the girls’ alley. I don’t think you could have enough slime. Like seriously we have so
much slime at our house. We have a problem. Oh, wow, that feels really cool. – Smell it.
– That’s good, that’s one Fluffy Clouds. – So this is Fluffy Clouds. Come smell it.
– Yep, those are all scented, so that one’s melon. – Melon. – This one we have peach.
– Oh, peach, too. And this one is called
Iceberg and it’s cold. Is it cold, Addy, feel it. – Yeah, it’s cold.
– It is cold. It has ice crystals in it. (playful music) We just made a new friend. This is Josie the Unicorn. She has a light-up horn, and she likes to be fed
cupcakes apparently. Ooh, look at her little eyes move, and her ears move, too, oh. I think she likes you, Maya. (upbeat music) Who does it look like? – Midnight.
– It looks like Midnight, the horse you ride. Addy loves to ride horses
herself, and we found this toy with all these horses
and like a horse stable, and it’s really darling. – I think for my birthday
I’m gonna ask for this. – [Lucy] You want this for your birthday? – Yeah.
(Lucy laughs) – Let me see who you
got, oh, they’re so cute. – [Woman] Extremely
realistic, as you know. They’re so realistic-looking
and like really durable too. – I put her feet in the stirrups, and her hands are holding on to the reins. So now she’s all ready to go. – [Lucy] What did you girls just get? – A golden unicorn.
– A golden unicorn. And how many are there in the whole world? – 20.
– 20? And you girls own one now?
– Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. Now we’re at the Cry Babies booth. We had a Cry Babies play date at our house with some friends a couple
weeks ago, and they have to be my favorite toys that
are out there right now. The dolls are just so cute. (Lucy laughs) Cute! Look at the bigger ones, girls. Which one’s your favorite? – The horse.
– The horse? – The unicorn.
– Yeah, the unicorn. – [Lucy] Oh, I haven’t seen this one. So this is Dreamy it says. And then who is this one, Jenna. Jenna is so cute, too! – [Woman] Where Lady’s little belly lands. – [Lucy] Oh, let’s see what you get, Addy. – Oh, it’s a bottle house!
– It’s a bottle house. Ah, thank you. Now we’re at Tamagotchis. If you don’t know what Tamagotchis were, I had one of these when I was a kid. Like little virtual pets
that you take care of and you have to feed them,
you have to make sure they go to the bathroom and
give them water and bathe them. And I loved these as a kid. They’re virtual pets. – [Woman] Should we do
the store or the park? – Park!
– Park, oh. (upbeat music) – So these are the new Tamagotchis
that they just relaunched and the girls actually each got one, and they don’t hit stores until Sunday. So they get to have kind of a sneak peek and check them out early. (upbeat music) Now we’re checking out
Y’ART, which is like a whole new really cool way to color. Addy, show them what you’re
doing, how do you do this? – Take a piece of yarn. – [Lucy] You take a piece of yarn, okay. – Put it through here. You put it down. – I’m doing it!
– And this board, like the yarn sticks to it. – Yeah.
– Addy, I’m done. – [Addy] Whoa. I’m filling mine in. – Here’s a cool creation. They have a unicorn, they have puppies. And it’s kind of like color-by-number, but it’s with yarn and
actually sticks to it, and it comes with a frame
on the back of the box, you can display your art. And so there’s the back of the
box, it’s the frame for it. That’s so cool, would you girls like one? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Oh my goodness, that is so cool. – Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – We have a long plane
ride home, so I think this will be the perfect thing to keep you guys busy on the plane. – Yeah.
– Think so? It’s so fun. And I just found another
thing from my childhood that I loved, and they are Pound Puppies. I used to have these, girls. – You did?
– I did when I was a kid. There was a TV show I watched. And they are so cuddly cute! All right, the girls are gonna
climb in and pet the puppies. This kind of reminds me of the situation when we picked up Sandy. She was in a little pet
thing out in front of a store with a rescue, and it’s like
we’re picking up Sandy again. But maybe we’re gonna get
a new Pound Puppy today. Girls, which one would you adopt? Which one would you pick out? – This one.
– That one, let me see it. – Actually, this one.
– You’d pick up that one? – Mm-hmm, I want him.
– Do they have names, do you know?
– You name them. – Oh, you name them.
– So once you adopt them, you name them. – So what would you name,
who would you pick out? – This one.
– What would you name it? – Charlie.
– Charlie. What about yours, Maya? – It’s Sandy.
– Sandy! (upbeat music) What Mash’Ems did you get, Maya? – I got My Little Pony, I
was gonna get the Barbie, but then I got My Little Pony.
– My Little Pony. What’d you get, Addy? – I got, Colin got a Toy Story one, and then I put mine back for
Colin, another Toy Story one. – Aw, Colin will be so thankful
that you thinked of him. His is obsessed with Toy
Story, he’ll love the Mash’Ems. These are neat slippers, look at those. Would you wear those, Maya? – Yes.
– Me, too. – Roar!
– Roar, what’s on the other side, oh, they light up, too? Oh, wow, those are neat, too. This is the Rainbow
Butterfly Unicorn Kitty. It’s a Nickelodeon toy I
believe, or Nick Jr. maybe. But really cute, bright, colorful toys. How does that work? Show me, how does that work? – [Addy] You push the
horn and this happens. – Okay, and it goes back together? – Yeah.
– How cool. Whoops, stretch it out. (laughs) That’s neat. (upbeat music) What are you making, Addy? – Cheesecake.
– A cheesecake? Maya, what are you making? – I’m making waffles.
– Waffles, yum. – [Woman] Oh, this is the best way. It’s so soft.
– Oh, my gosh. – So then you wanna layer it.
– Feel it. – [Lucy] Oh, that’s fun. Oh, did you make this, Maya? – Yeah.
– Let me see. That is a yummy-looking waffle. – The real fun part.
– Oh, what’s this? – And then you can go like this. Let’s do a trick, so
we’re gonna stretch this over top of your cheesecake. – [Lucy] Yum. – [Addy] There. – [Woman] One, two, three. – [Lucy] Squish, oh, so fun. – [Addy] That was so fun. – Slimi Cafe Sqweezz,
that looks delicious. Deliciously fun, I should say. (gentle music) Not only are there cool
toys at Sweet Suite, but there is really good food, and now we just found the dessert section, so we’re gonna spend some time over here. (gentle guitar music) All right, Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama is probably one of the cutest things and funniest things I’ve seen here. You like ’em, Maya?
– Three, two, one. – There’s my boyfriend!
– I want this one! (bright music) – We’re checking out
Pop Pops Snotz right now and they’re ooey and gooey
and gross, but really cool. Oh my goodness, look at that. Maya’s popping them with her hammer. – [Girl] Do one again. – So now the girls are trying
the Pop Pops Snotz hammer, and you hammer all these
little Pops, slimy goo. Kinda satisfying, I have to admit. Oh, wow, you got it, girl. (gentle guitar music) The girls are trying
some Be-You-Tology now where you get to make your own lip gloss, and they have little, make
like eyeshadow and blush and highlighter things,
little bit of chemistry, a little bit of art, and
it’s really kinda cute, kinda fun activity. Let me see.
– No, I’m a truly queen. – You’re truly a queen now? Let me see, Addy. Aw, lovely. (upbeat music) There’s a big pinata up here. And I have a feeling all
this pinata craziness has to do with this new Pinata Fiesta toy. Yeah, looks like you pull the strings to reveal prizes inside, and there’s a few different pinatas you can collect. (upbeat music) Maya’s playing with the
latest FurReal named Cubby. We are big fans of FurReal in our house. We have the tigers, the
white one and the orange one, and the girls have little doggie. And those are so cute and really lifelike with their movements and
little sounds they make. – Where are you, peek-a-boo. (Lucy laughs) – Where are you?
– Peek-a-boo! – Peek-a-boo, softy. Oh, you’re so soft! – Well, Sweet Suite is officially over. We are wiped, it’s nine o’clock now, and we’re gonna go home and go to bed. Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next time on
Tic Tac Toy Family, XOXO. (bright music)

A YouTuber’s Tour of Sweet Suite 2019
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