Alright, we’re at the Designer Outlet now. To ice-skate. “Should have gone to the gym instead” My local newspaper gave me a shoutout this week. (Wasn’t able to link it) This is gonna be bad. I don’t remember how to ice-skate. We need to take a picture in front of the tree. You see? It’s difficult!! Do you want my scarf? You’re cold I’m not. Was fun! They are taking way too long to order.. Me and my aunt (mom) have been test driving. Now it’s not even 2 weeks ’till you come home. We’re looking forward to it. Thanks for last time. As Agnethe said, we’re really looking forward to you coming home. Now it’s about a week until I’m leaving I’m wrapping up gifts. Pretty pleased with number one. Really looking forward to going home. Everyone is. Not really used to wrapping presents. They may look nice on the top, but are really ugly on the bottom.

A YEAR IN YORK | VLOG 15 – Ice Skating
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