I just came up to the Hardy Creek
Trailhead to ride my mare, Bo, with my dogs, Wilson and Maddie. As soon as I got
on the trail I passed several people and they informed me of the little girl’s
name and, I just kind of followed instinct and really felt, where would
this person be? It’s pretty heavily traveled over where the north
and south trails come together, so I just headed in that direction, and after about
20 minutes I heard crying. So I said to Wilson, ‘Go get her, show me the way,’
and he did. Wilson’s the red one. These are miniature Australian
Shepherds. I made it to the bridge right at the North trail, and could hear Iris.
I couldn’t see her. And Wilson was climbing for her, so I tied Bo up and
then climbed really steep, super steep, about 70 feet, and there she was and she
was pretty upset, but then within about 10 minutes we found Dave, who’s a
logger who was trying to help find her. And he helped me get her down. It was a
really good story, I was so thankful. We are located right here. This is the
trailhead where our cars are at, and the little girl was located down in this
area, so about a half a mile from the Hardy Creek trail. Is grandma okay? Yeah, grandma’s okay, grandma’s super happy to have her back. You’re very welcome. I was really glad to
help, thank you.

A woman, her dogs and her horse find missing toddler in the woods
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