(scribbling) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! – This video is sponsored by Zuru. (ringing) – I think someone’s
calling us on our tablet. – But who in the world would be calling us this early on a weekend? – I don’t know, but we’d
better go answer it, Maya. (ringing) – Hello? – [Toy Master] Good
morning, Addy and Maya. – Not again. – Why don’t you leave
us alone, Toy Master? – [Toy Master] I wanted to make sure you girls were up and ready for your cotton candy party this morning. – Oh yeah, I forgot all about that, Addy. – [Toy Master] Luckily, I didn’t. Since I’m feeling extra generous, I decided to give away a big tub of these Cotton Candy Cuties for you to give away to
your party guests as favors. – I’ve always wanted Cotton Candy Cuties! – [Toy Master] They’re
just outside your door. – I’m gonna go get them. It’s locked, Addy. – [Toy Master] You didn’t think I would make it that
easy for you, did you? You’re gonna have to
earn these things first. – Uh, and what exactly do we have to do to earn them, Toy Master? – [Toy Master] Oh, this is the fun part. – Somehow, I doubt that. – [Toy Master] As you know, Cotton Candy Cuties come
in four different colors of fluffy, stretchy slime. Each with its own unique scent, and there’s a collectible
Slow Rise Cutie inside. Shall we see what’s inside? Aah, a unicorn. Super fun, isn’t it? – That looks amazing! – Tell me about it. – [Toy Master] Well, I’ve
carefully hidden seven boxes just like this one in your room. Four of these boxes contain
Cotton Candy Cuties. You’ll need to find these four boxes and correctly guess the scent of each. – Okay, this actually seems kind of fun. – But didn’t you say you hid seven boxes? Then what are in the three other boxes? – [Toy Master] This is
where it gets even more fun. – Oh boy, I don’t think we’re
gonna like this part, Addy. – [Toy Master] The other
three boxes contain obstacles which might make the rest of the challenge a little more interesting. – What kind of obstacles? – [Toy Master] Now if I told
you, that would spoil the fun. Good luck, girls. – Well, let’s start looking. – I bet there’s one hidden
somewhere around your desk, Maya. – Alright, let’s start looking. (shuffling) (upbeat music) – Look, here’s one. – Good work, let’s get it open, and hope it’s not an obstacle. – [Maya] Yes, a Cotton Candy Cuties! – Here, you open the big one, Maya, and I’ll open the smaller one. (wrapping crinkling) – [Addy] Whoa! – Wow, this is so squishy and stretchy, – [Both] and fluffy. – Check it out, Addy. – And let’s see what collectible
Slow Rise you got, Maya. (plastic wrapper crinkling) – [Maya] A cupcake. – So fun. – [Maya] Watch it squish, Addy. – Alright, let’s smell the slime now and figure out what scent it is. – [Maya] Okay. (sniffing) – [Both] Definitely lemon. – And that makes sense
’cause it is yellow. – True. Toy Master, the yellow Cotton Candy Cuties have a lemon scent. (bell rings) – It looks like we got that one right. Let’s put these away
and find the next box. (upbeat music) – Woo. (laughs) Do, do, do. (door slams) Alright, this one here, and this one here. There we go. Alright, everything’s just about set up for my cotton candy party, and I think I still need to
make the cotton candy now. (upbeat music) (cotton candy machine whirring) Woo, it’s getting good. Perfect! – Hey Maya, your dresser I
bet there’s a box in there. – Oh, I bet so, Addy. (upbeat music) (drawers shutting) (drawers slamming) (gasps)
– I found one! – Good job, Addy. Let’s get it open. – Uh oh. These aren’t Cotton Candy Cuties. – But they are super
cute sleep masks, Addy. – Oh there’s a note. Obstacle, good luck finding your next box with these sleep masks on. – What, we have to find our
next box with our eyes covered? – I guess so, let’s give it a try. (upbeat music) I don’t know where I’m going. – Me either. Where am I going? Ow, what did I run into? – I don’t know where I
am or where I’m going. – How are we ever gonna
find the boxes around here? – Ow, I don’t know, Maya. This isn’t gonna be easy. – [Both] Boxes, boxes where are you? (upbeat music) – Ooh cotton candy is coming along nicely. Let’s just get these all over to the table before the guests get here. Some pink and some purple, and blue right in the middle, here. Here we go. The cotton candy looks delicious, the guests will be here any minute. But where in the world are the girls? I better go holler for them. Addy, Maya. Girls. Your guests will be here
soon, please hurry down. – Did you hear that, Maya? Our guests are coming soon. – We gotta get moving, Addy. Let’s find the Cotton Candy Cuties. – Where are the boxes? (upbeat music) – Hey, that’s me. – And that’s me. – Sorry. This is getting ridiculous. – Tell me about it. (upbeat music) – [Maya] I think I found one. It’s a box. Come on, Addy. – Good work maya, I think we
could take our masks off now. – Oh, perfect. I hope it’s not an obstacle. It’s Cotton Candy Cuties! And they’re the purple ones this time. – Quick, let’s get them open so we can figure out what scent they are. (wrapping crinkling) – I love this one too! – Can’t wait to get mine open. I wonder what Slow Rise Cutie I got. (plastic paper crinkling) I think I got a kitty, Maya. – No way. – [Addy] How cute is it! – Super cute. Now let’s figure out what what
our scent is to our slime. – Smells so good. – [Both] Definitely, grape. (bell rings) (gasps)
– We got it! – Two down, two to go. – But I wanna play with
my fluffy, stretchy slime. – I know but we have to
find the next box, Maya. Let’s put these back in their containers. – Okay. Okay Addy, you go look
in my stuffed animals, I’ll go look behind my mirror. – Alright Okay, Rainbocorns. I found one! – Another box? – I sure did. Let’s get this baby open. – [Both] The teal ones. – How cool, I love teal. – You can open the big one this time, so you can get the Cutie. – [Maya] Okay, I’m really hoping that I get Strawberry this time. – The orange is cute too. – Alright, let’s get them open, Addy. (crinkling) Alright, let’s see what I got. – What is it, what is it? – Aw, it’s Pudding. Isn’t she adorable? – It sure is, but now we gotta
figure out the slime scent. – It smells delicious but I
don’t know, is it blueberry? – I think it might be bubblegum. Uh-oh this is the first
one we disagreed on. – Wait a second, Addy, I
think you might be right. I was thinking blueberry because it’s blue but now I definitely
think that’s bubblegum. – Okay, cross your fingers, Maya. Toy Master, it’s bubblegum scented. (bell rings) – [Both] Whoo hoo! – We did it, Addy. – Which means we have only one more box of Cotton Candy Cuties to find. – And hopefully we find
it, instead of an obstacle. – Time to pack these up. (upbeat music) – Yeah, we’re going to a party. (feet stomping on stairs) – I’m excited. – Oh, I think I hear the kids. Oh no, they’re gonna beat
the girls downstairs. Hey guys!
– Hello. Hi, Ethan, come on in. Sierra welcome. Hey, Emerson, Camden, Kendall. Caroline, Hensley, Naya. Have fun everybody, come on in. Okay guys, there’s a lot of
cotton candy for everybody. I’m gonna go figure out what’s
taking Addy and Maya so long. You guys help yourselves
to some cotton candy. Go ahead. – Yeah. It’s so good. – [Girl] Where are you, Maya? – Ooh, the blue is good, how’s the purple? – Pretty good, mine’s all gone. – Pink’s delicious too. – Mm-mm. (kids chattering) – Hey, we never looked
up in my bed yet, Addy. – Hey we haven’t, that’s a good idea. – There’s gotta be a box up here. (upbeat music) Here’s one Addy, here’s one. – Get it open, Maya, get it open. – Oh no, I think it’s a obstacle. – Bummer. – Super bummer. Obstacle, the floor is lava and you cannot touch it as
you search for your next box. – We can’t touch the floor? (knocking on door) – What was that? – Girls your guests are here,
are you coming down soon? – We’ll be down soon, Mom, the Toy Master’s having us
play another one of his games. – Not again. Are you two sure you’re okay? Can I help? – No, we got it, Mom, just
give us a few more minutes. – Okay then, good luck. Okay, I can’t let the
other kids know about this. I definitely don’t wanna scare all kids. But why does this Toy Master
have to ruin everything? – Okay Maya, let’s think. Where can another box be hidden? – Hmm, hmm. Maybe in my dirty clothes bin. Or behind my curtains. – Okay, those are two good ideas. Tell you what, I’m gonna
go throw these pillows on the floor. – Okay. (pillows plop on the floor) – And one more. (pillow plops on the floor) Alright, I’ll go down the ladder, hop on those two pillows
to get to your dresser, and then reach in your hamper. – Sounds like a plan. – You walk across that pillow, jump to the fuzzy chair, and
then look behind the curtains. – Perfect. – Remember the floor’s
lava, so you can’t touch it. – Careful, careful. – Must be careful, must be careful. (ruffling) There’s nothing in here, Maya, check behind the curtains now. – Okay, hopefully I can do this without falling on the floor. (gasps)
I found one. (gasps)
And here’s another one. There’s boxes behind
both sets of curtains. – Those must be the last two boxes, Maya. And now that you found them,
we can touch the floor again. – Okay, perfect. – So one of these contains
the last Cotton Candy Cuties. – And the other is an obstacle. – So which one should we open, Maya? – Addy, what do we do with our presents before every birthday
party, and every Christmas? – Shake them. – Exactly. (rumbling) Let’s switch. (rumbling) – It’s so hard to tell. – I agree, what do we do? – I think it’s gonna come down
to eeny, meeny, miny, moe. – Go for it. – Eeny, meeny, miny, moe catch a tiger by its toe, if he hollers let it go. My mommy picks the very
best one and you are it. – Here goes nothing. – Okay kids. Who’s ready for a hoop contest? – [Kids] Me! (kids screaming) – Alright, everybody’s gotta
spread really far apart and were gonna start in three, two, one. (kids chattering) (hoops falling on floor) – Hey, where’s Addy and Maya? – I don’t know, Hensley,
I hope they get down soon. – They’re missing out on all the fun. – Whoa look at you go, Emerson. Let’s all try that. – [Kid] Okay. – [Mom] Okay. – [Kids] It’s easy, easy. (kids chattering) – Look at that, I can do it on my arm. – [Both] Yeah! – Cotton Candy Cuties. – Alright, let’s get these open, so we can get our party
favors and join the party. (upbeat music) (plastic wrappers crinkling) – What did you get,
Addy, what did you get? – I don’t know, let’s see. I got a unicorn. Isn’t it adorable? – For Sure. That’s super cute but we need
to figure out the scent now. – [Both] Strawberry. (bell rings) – We did it. We did it. – Come on it’s time to
share Cotton Candy Cuties with all our friends now. Come on let’s go. – And the winner of our hoop contest is– – [Kids] Me, me, me. – It’s Emerson! – Yes, I won! – We’re here. – And we got Cotton Candy
Cuties for everyone. – [Kids] Yeah! – Wow, this is a fun
surprise for everyone. – I got a pink and yellow. – I got teal and pink. – Alright, let’s all go have a seat, and get them open. – Yeah!
– Over to the table. – You’re gonna love these Hensley. – I can’t wait. (plastic wrapper crinkling) – Look, I made a donut with my slime. – Look how far it stretches. – Mine can stretch even further, Kendall. – Look at the Squishies I got. – So cute. – Addy, mine separates apart. – Wow! – Look they even bounce. (slime banging on table) – Look at my unicorn, Maya. – Super cute Hensley. – Look, I have a beard everyone. (laughing) – Mine smells like bubble gum. – Mine smells like lemon. (kids chattering) – Stretch, stretch. Oh (laughs). Wow! (laughing) – Hey Maya, where did you get this stuff? – Uh, well– – At the store, of course. – I’m gonna go to the store
right after the party, then. (upbeat music) (chattering)

A Toy Spy Cotton Candy Cuties Party!
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