According to the May 2016 Occupational Employment Statistics, there are 140, 400, 040 jobs in the United States. But, What if… There were only 100 jobs in the United States? If there were only 100 jobs… What jobs would people have? Let’s look at occupational groups from largest to smallest. If there were only 100 jobs… 16 jobs would be in office and administrative support occupations, including general office clerks, customer service representatives, and receptionists, among many others. 10 jobs would be in sales and related occupations. 3 would be retail salespersons, the largest occupation in the United States. 9 jobs would be in food preparation and serving related occupations, including cooks, waiters and waitresses, and bartenders. There would be 9 healthcare-related jobs, including practitioners and technical workers and healthcare support workers. 2 would be registered nurses. 7 jobs would be in transportation and material moving, such as truck drivers, forklift operators, and cargo or freight handlers. 6 jobs would be production occupations with a wide range of duties, from team assemblers to machinists and many other occupations. 6 jobs would be education, training, and library occupations, including teachers and librarians. If there were only 100 jobs… Many occupation groups would be pretty small, including… Business and financial Management Construction and extraction Installation, maintenance, and repair Personal care and service Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance Computer and mathematical Protective service Architecture and engineering Community and social service Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media Life, physical, and social science and Legal If there were only 100 jobs… What job would you have? You can find more information on occupational employment and wages at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics program at

A Look at Occupational Employment in the United States
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