the Blackhawks convention is underway at the Downtown Hilton the headliners like the captain and Kane are there but it's a different feel this year with so many new faces one offseason edition who needs no introduction is Andrew Shaw that now 28 year old Shaw says he matured doing his 3 years up in Montreal so is he still the same pesky player who helped the Hawks win a couple of cups I said matured I didn't say I changed I think I'm still gonna have a lot of fun I think I'll still annoyed guys from time to time but it's all it's all fun and games and I have grown up in order to come back to a city that has given me so much love and help me grow to Who I am it's nothing but smiles kills me throw compliments for Shazi right away but you have to do I mean we all know what he meant to our team when we knew that he was he was not coming back a few years ago we knew right away that the void so great to have Shaw's he back maybe he can help the Hawks get back to the playoffs yeah that'd be nice

A Fan Favorite Makes His Return To Blackhawks

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