[ Anthony Narrating ]
Every day, when I wake up… I still can’t believe I’m at Harvard. Like every freshman,
I get to live in Harvard Yard… and I get to eat breakfast
in Annenberg Hall. – What’s up, you guys?
– Hey. I really enjoy my freshman seminar,
“The Evolution of Aging.” It’s just me, 15 other students
and a faculty member. And I get to work directly with my professor
on research projects. I’m able to visit any of the other
great Harvard schools… like the School of Engineering… or the Kennedy School,
where I’ve heard world leaders speak… or the medical school,
which is pretty cool… because I’m also training to become an E.M.T.–
I want to become a doctor. Every day, I get to hang out with my friends
and try something new. [ All Shout ] Harvard is one university
with a million things to explore… and I’m glad I’ve got the next three years
to try them all. My name is Anthony,
and I’m from Tucker, Georgia.

A Day in the Life of a First-Year Student

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