well sure to be a big weekend over at the American Bank Center as they continue their coastal Christmas event that’s a family-friendly event and sunrise reporter Chelsea Torres is there now Chelsea tell us what we can expect to find hey Mike well it’s a huge winter wonderland happening right here in Corpus Christi and I’m here with Tim Clark part of stellar solutions solar energy solutions and I know you guys wanted to partner up with American Bank Center to have this why was this event so important for you guys well the concept of the community bringing some of the community that was going to be free they could bring everybody out so you didn’t have to necessarily come pay was a big concept for me we wanted to be able to come out here provide something to where people could come out and have a different variation of Christmas from the toboggan tunnel the Christmas tree Santa Claus reindeers so we really wanted to encompass everything and provide something for the community that was free to them to enjoy and bring in the Christmas spirit so you say it’s free what different things I know the ice skating there’s ice skates that people have to pay for is there anything else that people really need to worry about with paying for anything when they come out here I know so there there is a fee for the ice skating the ice skating you do have to do skate rental but everything else is free to the public so you can go on this big snow globe here what you’ve seen there’s a big snowman food-and-beverage off he obviously would be you know you’re gonna pay for that but everything else is free for the community it’s really awesome that you guys are having in us and it’s going on until January 1st what other things can people expect that they haven’t seen maybe so far this week well actually this weekend is the kickoff for tonight’s the kickoff for the reindeer we’re gonna have some fire pits outside for some s’mores everybody loves s’mores right hot cocoa there’ll be a trackless train outside as well so and there are some secrets and some other things that you have to come out and check it out to really find out there may be some some characters out here so if you guys come out and check it out you’ll be able to see the full experience of coastal Christmas and sim it all starts tonight for at 5 o’clock is that correct how long does it go and so I believe it goes till 10 o’clock okay all right so again you can bring out your family free for the whole family bring them out you’ll have a lot of fun you saw all of that video some face painting Santa of course big Christmas trees take pictures in front of and then again a snow globe plenty of activities and of course later on you’ll see what else we’ll be doing with all of this coastal Christmas happening here at the American Bank Center

A Coastal Christmas features ice skating, s’mores on the bay
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