– Hi, guys. Welcome to Tic Tac Toy Family and today we are doing the
Bean Boozled challenge. And here we got a spinner and some yucky and yummy jelly beans. You don’t know which one you’re
gonna get until you eat it. We’re gonna do rock paper
scissors to see who spins first. Rock paper scissors shoot. Oh, yeah. (clicking) Coconuts or spoiled milk. Here’s the coconut or
spoiled milk jelly beans. – Hopefully it’s coconut. – Which one tells.. Okay, I thing this one
tells me I have to have it. All right. – Smell it first. No, cause that’s cheating. I don’t want to do it. Don’t want it. (buzzer) – I don’t know. – Spoiled milk. (clicking) – We either get strawberry
banana smoothie or dead fish. – Oh, this smells bad. Oh, I can’t tell. (buzzer) – That’s definitely dead fish. (buzzer) (clicking) – Landing on – Chocolate pudding – [Both] Or canned dog food. – It’s smelling good so far but it really like tricks me on
the smell so I don’t know. (buzzer) – Again dog food. – I don’t want to eat this. – Canned dog food is so bad. Get ready to spit it out. (buzzer) (laughing) – It tasted good for a second. (clicking) – What is it? – Birthday cake or dirty dish water. Mmmm. (buzzer) Winner! – You got the birthday cake? Oh, my God. – Berry blue or toothpaste. We’ll never know. I don’t like this challenge. – Oh, gosh this is toothpaste. (buzzer) I need more water. I’m gonna go. – It smells like barf. So here’s some more of the ones so they have to be berry blue. – Yeah, hopefully one of them has to be. – That smells like barf. – Smells better to me. – You eat it first. – Oh, my gosh. This is the good one! (ding) This is berry blue. I’m eating this. – It’s toothpaste. (buzzer) – Berry blue. – Buttered popcorn or rotten egg. Oh, no. – What did you get us into, Maya? – It’s yellow. – Okay so there’s only one more. Oh, here it is. Okay let’s try it. – Either buttered popcorn or rotten egg. – Oh, gosh. I don’t like rotten eggs. – Mmm, yum. – Oh, this tastes like. – I’m not hungry now. I really wanna quit this challenge. – All right, well we can’t. (clicking) – Where are all the good ones? Wait, they’re on the bottom. – Oh, gosh. It’s fruity tooty or stinky socks. This is really stinky socks. It’s fruity tooty. Oh, yeah. (ding) – I’m gonna try this one. – I got fruity tooty. I got fruity tooty. (buzzer) – What was that? Stinky socks. – So so far I’ve only got two good ones. How many good ones have you got? – None. – Either toasted
marshmallows or stick bug. We have stink bugs here so I already smell stick bugs. I don’t like it. I don’t wanna taste a stink bug. – But there’s a thing. I’m glad there’s no stink bug in it. If there was I would be – Ugh! (buzzer) (buzzer) This one doesn’t actually smell too bad. (buzzer) – Stink bug. – I am done with this challenge. How about you? – I am too. – We failed. We’re done. I don’t like this at all. I’m closing it. I’m closing it. – Close it. – Goodbye. – Goodbye. – Goodbye for good. Goodbye. Leave you there. (upbeat music)

A BeanBoozled® Challenge
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