Ready to go Stumbled by a stone at the beginning… restart Here we go! Nice day I’ll take you around Qiantan park fast forward the boring part The road looks good but there’re screes This is a open square I practice tricks here sometime But you have to be careful don’t let your skates fall into the river Here comes the first uphill The pavement becomes rough suddenly The destination of this part is the South Wall We’re heading to it We won’t get off the deck until destination It’s about 5km 5km is not a problem Smooth downhill Put the weight on the front foot to rest Then switch it to back foot to rest Here’re some sand pits for children From now on there will be a long rough pavement The pavement bumpy. Even stand position is changed. Adjust Here’s children’s entertainment area This is a wonderful place for practicing tricks This like a stage Wow this pavement feels great My arm starts ache Have you found put the weight on the front foot may feel dangerous but it feels a little easier than put the weight on the back foot a long way uphill cross a bridge ah~have some rest weight on the back foot here I need to slow down Ok no obstacle. Full speed ahead! mind the piles and screes The stone brick road actually feels better than the track You can always find stops for rest along the way. Abandoned factory ‘The drone’ hits the tree This must be a wharf once Here must slow down Here’s a ferry for pedestrian, bicycles, motorcycles and electric bicycles. Uphill again Stand position changed, adjust Ah~ much easier on the stone block road There is still a distance to the destination Uphill again. Cross a bridge Have some rest weight on the front foot slow down We gonna roll the whole way down bumpy road made the position changed again Wow almost fell We’re under the Xupu bridge South wall

9/20/2019前滩刷漂移板刷到南墙 Freeline fitness skating at Qiantan to the south wall
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