Twirl the end you got it look at it’s a new trio here at San Diego State the singing tubes my name is Joseph waters I also
have another name in my band it’s Josepheus rantus and I’m a professor
here I teach music composition and electronic music my creative research is
to write music and I love writing both for acoustic instruments
traditional musical instruments of all types and also electronic instruments my
favorite thing about performing is the ability to reach out and touch other
people and create a flow to create the sense of community the sense of sharing
some kind of experience with people in the world my first night of composing music I was
six years old so ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out how do you get
out of your head out into the world you know there’s no method it’s
continuously a life of trying to reach into something that’s intuitive
and pull something out of the future that doesn’t yet exist and you don’t
really know what it is and and see what it is once it comes out into the world
it’s something that I find endlessly fascinating

60 Seconds in the Red Chair, Joseph Waters
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