so I know a the woman's a race which the zeros are Cartwright's the England champs now your pacemakers Jennifer oh Sh so she's been asked to run around 15 classy place give you a quick look really updates to the grace and mercy of God is he okay [Laughter] that looks like Jennifer I was decided to go in a place a certificate for the front of the mag bird with Jennifer des bender showed us Jessica shut up there earlier on the couch fancy fan for the other place you gave a about 20 minutes as our number just kidding there's if they might genican Nesbitt moves ahead apparent 16.7 selection because she's capable most of our time let's say it goes beyond seasoning why secretin athletes who still wants to get ninety moment Oh Crockett are the cards almost ready to start although okay that's fine to go right well the tall that's good to go okay wanna go because running essentialist is Lucy policy Thank You Nick I must be stretching out yeah KO's close enough good so they approached to came up since 1896 it's a 50-50 place again over 310 about 312 still des bear the front looks like a athletes are beginning to open up a little bit go to Rebecca Marek huh this is it just sit down and call us for a takeover back to get off the back room what I say on Daisy today's I I office just for it to away from the rest of the field now got them about ten meters to get into open up that stone today's better farmer don't any much trouble enchanted it seems like these outfits boy it said just coming out here yeah 75354 5550 don't eat all this is good are you running the car hey girl Rebecca stay there new college gray yeah you can get back on this brute who else we got in that group we got there is small we thought Claire dark saying us we just hated for others just got just beyond Riley brothers oh that's and I said Louis me was making a move around the outside just everybody it's a selfie place into the shower Jennifer esbit yeah it's pretty or now so he very caring for all this is great don't go Rebecca makes Ezekiel Lucy no 106 these phantoms ideal for every race today seven athletes we're working hard now ladies thought it's a fun chop now absolutely common same there this is fine into the lead second place on Lucy that's good losing were losing lettuce Emily just say the money is net he is their public spaces just cut to hit the that she's not going to but she's first last week I straight out you just move it to the front down [Applause] take it over this the cup record is it the cow got loose is 69 so father bear change another Friday so a snow Haley Carruthers from jest job from the cold Taylor from Jennifer Nesbitt [Applause] that's going to come garnet all this is great on your car Oh Carlito looks like somebody's size can change because of but halfway through just a silly focus at the power cord so I just ended up Cellino Jessica judge looks like she's down here [Applause] absolutely [Applause] it's hard to call [Applause] but I've just come to in the pleasure please hold on what they say pretty good got your last picture there got from Pisces my work

5000m women England Athletics Championship, Milton Keynes, 27072019

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