so the women's 4 by 400 meter relay final Hungary motto impressed in the 400 hurdles on the outside Switzerland will go in Lane seven and the Belarusian is a great championships it's been for them and a chance potentially of one more medal the Germans will go in Lane five the rain what started to come down here in burrows as we look at the Polish quartet let off light for man up Great Britain and Northern Ireland's individual medalist amber Anning and they brought in the 800 meter winner Isabel Buffy and then Ireland will do Bishop Anderson on the second leg just missing out in the format birds and then Ukraine right on the inside so from the inside Ukraine Island Great Britain and Northern Ireland Poland Germany Belarus Switzerland and Hungary the penultimate race of these European Athletics under-20 championship here in Sweden so who will get on the podium in these 4×4 relays Great Britain starting well already well up on Poland on their outside their leadoff runner Natasha Harrison just as it was in the heater Leah Germany making up ground on Belarus and lanes five and six as well so of course the stagger and winding on the second leg will really get a chance to see who's in contention for those medal positions [Applause] Switzerland on the outside Belarus want to save something for the end of this first leg let's play a bailar Allisyn hands over to drop anchor Great Britain they were leading at the European under-23 with Hannah Williams on the last leg and then Poland came through with Casimir ik the individual 400 meter champion there to take a last ditch victory Poland and Great Britain at the front once again here at the European under-21 justed at the front but around a meter between each of them Poland now leading Great Britain in second Germany Switzerland also battling Isabelle barfi puffing her cheeks down the home straight showing good speed just as she did to win 800 gold she'll hand over to Louise Evans Poland still chasing but with a bigger margin divisio Patterson has the baton but Ireland will also go in the men's 4×4 a long way back from the medals at the moment Germany looking to progress down the backstraight so Louise Evans leading the way there was just a bit of shoulder barging just out of shot between Germany and Poland [Applause] [Applause] so how much has Evan saved for the home straight shall hand over to Amber Anning the silver medalist in the women's 400 meters Patterson trying to wriggle her way through just a move now to the outside and over to McCann so amber Adam has the patents out front for Great Britain in Northern Ireland Germany dropping back little bit they have Shepard on this leg Amba Anning now with a sizable margin but once again it's Great Britain against Poland the Irish women doing really well thanks to a great lake from Paterson McCann bringing them home just as she did this morning [Applause] anning looking very relaxed determined the battle really on for silver and bronze look at Belarus trying to squeeze through on the inside but ambling takes coal for Great Britain Northern Ireland and look at this finish my goodness big fella risk for Poland it look like on the inside another fabulous finish to a women's 4×4 but this time Great Britain did hold on Natasha Harrison Isabel Bobby Louise Evans and amber adding take that title but it was all about behind them how close was it Hungary just outside of the medals Germany a couple of tents back and we have three National Junior Records well away from the second changeover baffi handing over to Evans and at that point Louise did a fantastic job of just running away from the rest and gave amber Anning a chance to just relax and read her own race but he was a real does look for the other medals behind their best two runners to the last legs rather than spreading them around to their advantage and they profited from that and the Belarusians came through very very strongly there they are very very happy Bella Russians in a national under-20 record and we're running well she didn't really need to push too hard and she did as she rightly said not very relaxed I have a feeling that if she'd have needed to she could have run a couple of seconds quicker even but behind them water dust-up and what a great finale by look shava on the final leg just finding that space on the inside I have to say the polls well Michelle why and earth did she just leave that gap on her inside she must have known that there were people around there I was just a little bit of inexperience maybe just tiredness anyway the Belarusians fine performance from them but there was no stopping the British that's that final changeover amber Anning just looking so relaxed and a second go at Sammy hums well she's taking away two gold medals so too is Isabel coffee gold in the 800 meters there's Bobby and now gold as the coming in wearing the number 12 shirts if you like to use a football phrase very very good substitute into this team helping them out with running a very good second leg than taking a real a gold yesterday quite rightly said had it been close you know felt she would've been able to respond Great Britain Northern Ireland three minutes 3303 that national junior record for Belarus squeezing through on the inside ahead of Poland who in the women's 4×4 as I said came through right at the end to take gold this time and a finale of the race they're beaten to bronze but yes amber Anning recently improving a lifetime best once again at this competition

4X400m Relay Women Final • Boras 2019 European U20 Athletics

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