And a good Thursday morning to you all,…
as we kick things off with a major figure skating event set to take place in Seoul,…
as the Four Continents Figure Skating Championship kicks off at the Mokdong Ice Rink.
Now with all the non-European figure skaters competing starting today until Sunday… some
of the biggest names in the sport will come together. This includes names like Gracie
Gold of the United States,… and Rika Hongo of Japan,… while Korea will be represented
by names like Park So-youn and Kim Hae-jin in the ladies′ single,… and Kim Jin-seo
over in the men′s single. The event has so far been dominated by the U.S., Canada,
China and Japan,… with those four countries winning 190 medals out of 192… with Korea
and Uzbekistan winning the other two.

4 Continents Figure Skating Championship kicks off in Seoul 4대륙 피겨 대회 오늘 서울에서
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