my name's Chris Devlin young and I'm here at the 2015 national disabled veterans winter sports clinic and let's go skiing here in Snowmass Colorado in 1982 was the crash and for the first couple of years like most of the guys you might meet here at the winter sports clinic they were pretty angry but it was the insistence of a recreational therapist at the Palo Alto VA hospital that said hey let's go skiing and I told him no for about a week until he finally badgered me enough to go out and go skiing and I swear it was one right turn and one left turn and I had my life back for us adaptive skiing is the perfect sport that chairlift takes it at the top of the mountain gravity brings you down we've got all this fantastic equipment that allows us to be able to do this and a life doesn't have to end because there were changes here it really is a miracle it was for me the miracle on a mountainside to be able to get out here and do what I do and it really was it was adaptive ski in this mono skiing that literally saved my life

29th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic – Miracles on a Mountainside

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