Hey guys it’s Karina it’s Ronald and we are from,Sis VS. Bro! Today we’re back with another 24-hour challenge!!! This time we’re doing it in our Kitchen! intro So we’re gonna be doing it in the kitchen. It’s not that bad.We have food, we have water, and we even got a TV So it’s not gonna be that be isn’t it? Ronald:Ya! We got loads of supplies here, we have a blanket, we got a pillow/s, Ronald:Our phones, mm-hmm of course school uniform and Toothbrushes okay, it’s raining outside. Actually. It’s raining today, so we can’t go outside. Can we well? You can’t see the rain. Can you but it still raining. Yeah, I wanna go outside though. Karina and Ronald start to fake cry But we have like loads of candy in the kitchen. I know what a candy drawer is, but we have some cakes and cookies up here and our candy drawers over here So we’re just gonna start looking through the candy drawer Well, we have candy and chocolates and chips in here, but also other things We got loads of chips here! Apple chips are my favorite We got these chips these are not chips Woah!I’m making a mess here. oh Yeah My favorites are these ones these ones they’re taste a coffee you wanna try one. Yeah, I’ll try a coffee all right I’m gonna take all three because like they’re so good. We’re making a mess of my Sierra. Yeah a dark chocolate dark chocolate I don’t like dark chocolate so you can keep that. I don’t like either hmmm, so tasting coffee We also have some more candy up here Well like sprinkles not even there. Oh wait. I think it was yeah. Oh, that’s cool. I Think you’re like we got sprinkles, and yeah, that’s all they can’t even hear can’t really eat sprinkles Shelves look around I think that people used to be doing is look looking in the fridge Yes Hmm Chocolates chocolate pudding from yesterday’s dinner we can have a strawberry strawberry That can be our dinner What they were pasta what’s in the freezers? Pineapple pineapple mayonnaise Okay, we got ice cream Okay, we have some icing for desserts. We also had these um cakes and cookies. Yes. These are really good I tried That one and now I didn’t try these ones let’s keep on looking around under the sink All right, we looked through all the drawers, but actually half can’t and I’m food in them Bester’s have like stuff like yeah yeah, boring stuff alright, so I’m not sure what food you right now, but you look pretty much everything Cool cool cool, I run good nap teenie teenies eating the orange stuff. No TV you think he was gonna eat us What plan is that I came here? It’s 9 Agreement dust cap weird stuff You know I’m going to movies because we have a team up here yeah, I’m just gonna sound the phone when watching YouTube Yeah, I’m gonna watch some me as well. Hey guys now. We’re gonna watch to meet you Yeah, YouTube So guys now it is 12:00 and we’re watching boss baby back and visiting We’re watching it on necklace, and they got a new series whoo alright. I made some sandwiches for Ronald He’s almost done all of them. I got some apples chips, and we all got some chips as well, but got some chocolate and chibi Yeah, yeah, she’s licking her butt awesome, so we’re just gonna watch some boss baby back business What Okay, so we finished watching. Yeah, it was funny how You get some water Cake no I unload this we actually had two bags. I finished a chocolate. ILO’s Okay alright so right now. There’s nothing much to do we look for everything watch some movies bit sweet Okay, guys, so we’re just gonna watch YouTube now well under what you do now while Ronald is gonna be paired dinner for us Yeah, right, maybe she began Yeah, he made me dinner And I think she doesn’t really want to make it you’re gonna have to make it Ronald Ron just cook up some pasta in the microwave Okay, so you go do that and I know what you do, maybe we can play with chibi come on TV TV Can we go get some of your toys well yeah, she’s allowed out Go get some choice for a steep TV beautiful Drinking your water TV naughty naughty naughty TV so guys now. We’re getting sort of hungry now, so I’m gonna get it cuz wrong Didn’t quite make it yet Right now it’s four So we’re gonna have some pasta Nice pasta so little what else do you want round Jevon more rice? That’s not right that’s solid no No, I just pop that in the microwave All right You saw how long minutes really that’s so long, but in the meantime we’re gonna find something else Got some bread here mate for me out of this not really put it into microwave and see what happens It’s gonna run all are you looking for the camera you not do this like? All right Trying to prepare a dinner I Am right do we could pop this on the table well, that’s for desserts well. We could pop it down the table not yeah Okay dinner’s almost ready Chinese we need to Karen You look nice perfect timing I May not be referred for something else. I’ve already got dinner on us. It’s not the amount of passion in the world Be great before we have our best dinner ever made money. Well, I really did I got engineer me all my compute aren’t finished yet. Hey that thing in your fridge. Just gonna be all mine Oh, yeah, you can have it
Thank You Ronald Hassen Susur So guys what time is it 7:00? We have like nothing to do? This is getting really boring But we can continue watching boss baby back in business Always say in that kind of way back in business So I think that’s what we’re gonna do We have pretty much you know my candy left and those kicks by don’t really want cake eggman mercies and the mercies I rather eat chips But we don’t have any more cuz I might have ate them all a [email protected]#$%^&* for me at the house, and then we’re gonna Probably set up our bed, so yeah, we’ll see you in a bit Sit down will ya Ronald yes Boss baby So guys we have watch necklace we watched YouTube and we’re bored pretty much all day right now it is 10 o’clock 10 boring o’clock And I think we’re gonna start setting for bed, so we’re gonna get actual pajamas or teef set up for bed And we’re gonna see you guys in a minute right now it is Dark outside so dark you can’t even see the camera I’m sorry there So now we’re gonna change into pajamas. We have brats right here We’re gonna brush your teeth and set up our bed. We’re gonna be sleeping on the table right here, so Yeah, totally excited yeah, alright, so we’ll see you guys when you’re gonna be making a bed so guys now We’re in our awesome pajama yeah Alright, we’re gonna grab our two pushing toothpaste And we’re gonna brush our teeth cease Okay, guys brush your teeth sees in stop kissing Alright guys. We’ve done that now it’s time to make our bed all right, so this is never gonna do it Basically, this is our bed It’s a bit softer for our butt in our back Something Get on home, so we’re just gonna drop lights first turnin There we go It’s all dark We could watch some movies in bed here before we got asleep But I think I’m just gonna go to sleep Adios amigos see you in the morning so guys. We just woke up ah What’s the worst night? I’ve ever slept so uncomfortable my back is hurting my butt is hurting my head is hurting, but not as much because I have a pillow but Yeah, it hurts mm-hmm. I’m not driver actual bed and Monday to top it all off It’s a Monday Monday my box It’s sunny outside Finally it’s sunny outside 748 748 it’s almost time for school, so we’re gonna ask our dad make some pancakes Pancakes and we’re gonna get ready school I’m excited for pinkies because I want back egg. I don’t even know how he survived that night it was the bed it was like not even by the tables so uncomfortable I Don’t even know how I survived, but I’m happy, but I did Yeah, yeah all right pancakes, please Okay, so you have to make me Freddie Mmm. Delicious okay, that was delicious now a few so guys let’s brush your teeth a kitchen sink Okay guys now. It’s time to dress up and we’re gonna. See you. What are you ready for school? So you guys know? We’re in our school uniforms, and now it’s time to go to school of course But first we got an exit in this kitchen larry’s yeah, three two one So dramatic Now we have finally exited the king gym. You are in that kitchen for 24 hours It wasn’t very nice somehow. We survived. I’m glad that we did, but like I don’t know how we did I am NOT going to go to that kitchen for a very long time now Hi guys, now. It’s time to go to school Hope you liked the captions!Subscribe to my channel:MissyClariz!

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