(upbeat music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Minus two. – Minus two, but (shushes), ’cause today we’re spending
24 hours in Jordan’s room. – So Jordan and Audrey
went to town to go shopping with one of their friends,
and so they’re gone. They have no idea that we are sneaking into Jordan’s room to spend 24 hours. They will be surprised later. So, if you wanna see us sneak
into Audrey’s room sometime, let us know and we’ll send her to a friend’s house or somethin’, and then we’ll sneak into her room. – [Dad] So we went and
grabbed all of our stuff. Let’s show you what we’ve brought. I brought Logan as my first thing, ’cause he would be sad
being outside by himself. Look at his tail. Aw, happy Logan. – I brought a pillow and
blanket because that’s comfort, and then some mail and that’s it. That’s all I brought, I’m going
to snoop in Jordan’s room. – [Dad] All right, Ty, what did you bring? – A pillow, blanket, my
phone, and Jolly Ranchers. – [Dad] Okay, show me. – No, not just Jolly Ranchers. Look what he brought. A huge bag of Jolly Ranchers, five pounds. Really, in 24 hours? – He brought enough Jolly
Ranchers for all of us, meaning you guys too. There’s plenty.
– Wow. – [Dad] How many’s in there? – 360. – [Dad] Holy cow. ‘Kay, Jake, what did you bring? – I brought some chips,
my drink, and my phone. – [Dad] And your phone? And I’m tired of starving
every time we play this game, so I brought the fridge. Some leftovers, we got
hamburgers and hot dogs. We’ve got watermelon,
we’ve got chocolate milk. – [Mom] You are going to be in such trouble when Jordan finds out. – I got all the fixin’s for
hamburgers and hot dogs, chips. So I’m set when it comes to food. – [Mom] I’m glad you brought the food, but I think Jordan will be upset ’cause she doesn’t have food in her room. And she’s a germophobe, and
if we’re in here in her room, she’s probably not gonna
be too happy about it. Let alone eating a full-on meal. – Well you know what? She’s not here, and
we’re spending 24 hours and I wanna be comfortable. – [Mom] Well, that should do. – I’m gonna take a hot dog. – [Mom] I’m actually hungry
’cause it is dinnertime. – Yeah, it is, so should we eat? Okay, so I’m gonna fix
dinner on Jordan’s desk. I don’t know, she does
homework and makeup here. I got a piece of cheese. (all laughing) So one of us gonna have a cheeseburger, the other ones are gonna
have a regular burger. – Well, since you brought it. Okay, so Dad is still making the dinner, but I went and grabbed my hot dog before he can finish,
’cause I’m so hungry. I skipped lunch today,
and now I’m starving. This was not a good way to start 24 hours. (laughs) – [Dad] Good thing I brought food. – [Mom] It is a good
thing you brought food. Logan’s hoping for a handout. He can go out though, and
run upstairs and get food. – Logan, you want ketchup? – [Mom] Well, Jordan,
I hope you don’t mind that we’re eating in your room. – Jordan’s gonna see this
when you guys see this, ’cause she has no idea we’re doing this. – [Mom] Nope. – ‘Kay, so here’s a trivia question. When you eat your hamburgers, do you eat them right side up, or when you pick them up, do you pick ’em up and
eat them upside down? I know a lot of people
that eat them upside down. – [Mom] I eat it right side up. – Other people eat ’em right side up. I, if it’s a big one, I’ll pick it up and eat it upside down. – [Mom] That’s weird to me. – Comment down below if you eat it right side up or upside down. Do you guys want a drink? – What did you bring?
– Chocolate milk. – [Mom] Chocolate milk? – [Child] Milk to go with the hamburgers? – First thing I saw in the
fridge and I grabbed it. – [Mom] If you don’t drink it gone, it’s going to stink down here. – Then we gotta drink chocolate milk. – [Mom] All right, let’s enjoy
our dinner and be right back. – [Dad] ‘Kay, so we’re all done eating. Everyone’s kinda hitting
that between dinner and bedtime kinda slump. It stays light here until, like what, 9:30 now it seems like? But it is getting a little darker. About nine? – I don’t know how late, but
it is starting to get darker. And I’m cold, I’m always cold so I always have a space heater on, but the boys are getting hot. I win, Mom always wins, sorry. (dad laughs) – [Dad] It’s so hot in here. All right boys, let’s do a activity. Let’s paint Mom’s fingernails, because Jordan has a couple
of different options. Look at her collection
of fingernail polish. So, each of you grab one color. – Wait, how about the same color, guys? What’s happening here? – [Dad] What, you don’t
want two different colors? – That depends on how
you paint ’em I guess. (all laughing) Oh, clear. Neon yellow, really? That would match Ty. – [Dad] Yeah, that’s
gonna match Ty’s shirt. What’d you get, Ty? – Right before I came
downstairs, I took clippers and literally just barely
clipped all my nails short. And I never paint my nails, I just don’t. – [Child] This hand. – [Dad] There you go,
make mom do the pretzel – [Mom] I know, instead of taking the hand that is closest to ’em. – [Dad] What inspired
you to pick that color? – Girdy. – [Dad] Girdy, oh there we go. Jake what inspired you?
– Robots. – [Dad] Robots. Is robots got neon yellow in it? – Yeah, for one character, and I’m drawing that character onto Mom. – [Dad] You got some on the floor. – [Ty] I didn’t! – [Mom] Oh, Ty. – [Dad] Look, you got it all over Mom. – [Ty] It was Mom, she did that. – Real pretty, Ty. – [Dad] You need to stop moving, Mom. Logan, what do you think about this? Wag your tail if you think it’s cool. – [Mom] Part of the problem
is Ty picked a bottle that doesn’t come out very well. – [Dad] Well, you can tell my boys have never really painted
fingernails before. – [Mom] Oh, my goodness. – [Dad] That’s a lot of nail polish. – [Mom] I was gonna say,
great gobs of nail polish. (Dad laughs) – [Child] This is my hand. – [Mom] Good grief. – [Dad] Okay, Ty’s going in for the thumb. – [Mom] Ah, nice brown color. – [Ty] And then when it hardens, I’m gonna pick another color. – [Dad] There we go, nice. – [Mom] Are you boys
trying your best, really? – [Child] Yes. – Wow. – [Dad] How do you feel you did? – Good, but I’m not finished. As soon as they dry, I’m gonna
put on a different color. – [Dad] How do you think they did? – No. (dad laughs) I don’t think we have nail
polish remover in here. I don’t even know if we
have any in the house. – [Dad] Uh-oh, well I guess
you get to go look pretty. – It’s in Audrey’s room. – Oh, that’s gonna do
good for the next 24. – It’s only 30 feet that way. Behind that closed door. Too bad we can’t go over there. ‘Kay, but we’re gonna let the nail polish dry and air out the room. All right, so I’m a little bored because I’m in a girl’s room and there’s not a lot of stuff for guys to do in a girl’s room. Jordan just has girl stuff, which I guess is understandable. I think it’s kinda funny. She still has her little
Christmas tree over here. She never puts it away. It’s up all year long. Let’s see what the boys are up to. Ty, what are you doing? – Watching. – [Dad] Watching what? – Teen Titans. – [Dad] Teen Titan? ‘Kay, looks like you’re snuggy. Logan, he’s bored. Oh, Logan, he just can’t
figure out what to do either. Jake, what are you doing? (mom yells) (toy meowing) What are you doing? – Nothing. – [Dad] Are you snooping? – Maybe. (dad gasps) – [Dad] Mom’s snooping in Jordan’s stuff. – Look at this cute kitty key chain. – [Dad] A kitty? – But look at it, it’s psycho. – [Dad] It’s kind of like a demon kitty. (dad laughs) Logan, did you see the kitty? – [Mom] I’m trying to see if
I can find something to do. – [Dad] You trying to
find something to do? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Jake, what are you doing? – Watching YouTube. – Watching YouTube. I don’t really wanna play on my phone, ’cause I end up doing work stuff on there, and I don’t really
wanna do work right now. Jake doesn’t wanna watch
the shows I wanna watch. Ty’s watching a show I don’t wanna watch, so Mama’s getting into mischief. Let’s see what she’s up to now. – Actually, let’s play squishy keep-away. Monkey in the middle. – [Dad] Monkey in the middle with Logan? Logan likes to play that game. – [Mom] Who wants to play
monkey in the middle, guys? – [Ty] Fine, I will. – [Dad] ‘Kay, Ty’s gonna play. – I’m not the middle. – [Mom] Ty, you’re in the middle. Right now you are. – No, Logan is. – One, two, three. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Come on, Ty, you can get it. Get it, Ty! Oh, Mom’s in the middle
’cause she touched it. All right, can you guys get it around Mom? (dad yells) Jake’s in the middle,
’cause he threw it wrong. ‘Kay, how’s Mom gonna do this strategy? ‘Cause Jake’s pretty tall. (mom and dad yelling) – You’re too tall. (laughing) – [Dad] Oh, he got it! (laughing and yelling) – Rough-housing in Jojo’s room. – [Dad] Yeah, Jordan’s gonna, she’s gonna be like, “What are
you guys doing in my room?” (laughing and panting) – [Dad] Okay, who do you
think the winner was? – I think I’m the winner. – [Dad] And Jake, how’d you do? – I was the winner. I wasn’t in the middle long. I catched it first try. – [Dad] Vote down below if
you think it was Mom or Jacob. – Or Ty. (mom laughs) – [Dad] If you vote for Ty, it’s… – (mumbles). (dad laughs) – [Dad] All right, what else
should we do in Jordan’s room? Mom, you were snoopin’. What else did you find? – Table Topics. You wanna play this for a little while? – [Dad] Yep, let’s play Table Topics. All right, let’s play. – Okay, so my card says who would you trade
places with for one month? – Logan. – Maybe Logan, ’cause I
could just nap all day. – [Dad] Logan, she wants to be your buddy. – I get treats for going to the bathroom. I’d go out for walks. Hi Logan, right? – [Dad] That means we get to hang out with a human-type Logan for a month. – What are the best toppings on pizza? Pepperoni. – [Dad] Pepperoni? – If you could only go on three website for the next month, which
one would you choose? – [Mom] That’s so easy for Ty. – It’s so easy. – [Dad] Which one? – [Mom] What’s the third? – [Dad] Crazy Games. – Because Crazy Games has
all sorts of games on it. If you could own any car,
what would you choose? – [Dad] Oooh, any car. – Ferrari. (mom gasps and cheers) – [Dad] What would you have, Jake? – Oh, a limo. – [Dad] A limo. – [Mom] Oh wow! – That has WiFi in it. (mom and dad laughing) – Gotta have the WiFi. – Oh, that’s funny. I think I would just get a nice truck so that we can go places. We wanna go traveling,
maybe get a little trailer. Or maybe even just go up in
the hills and go camping. I think that’d be fun. – I don’t wanna be in a Ferrari now. – What? – I changed my mind. – Dude, what a tank? – A monster truck. – [Dad] A monster truck. – I can see him in a
monster truck, actually. – I’m a limo that has a
driver, WiFi, and everything. – And I could see you in a limo. – [Dad] Oh, you have a driver? (dad laughs) – Oh, you’d have a driver, I see. I thought you were the driver. (dad gasps) – [Dad] Oh, no! – You can join us on our 24 hours. – I spend 24 hours in here, too. I can tell you all of her secrets. – Good, ’cause we’ve been
snoopin’ a little bit, but don’t tell her I snooped. – [Dad] Is Jordan here? – She’s here. – Is she upstairs?
– Should we hide? – Yeah, she’s upstairs. – [Dad] Why is Logan over at the door? Let’s hide. (all whispering) – [Mom] I’m just gonna
go to bed right here. – [Dad] Here she comes. – [Mom] Just get in bed. – So Jordan’s here, but she’s upstairs. She doesn’t know we’re down here hiding, so we’re hiding in her room. I have a feeling she’s
gonna come down here and kick us out. We’ll see. Do you think Jordan’s gonna kick us out, or do you think she’ll let
us stay in here overnight? – [Mom] Jordan will kick us out. She doesn’t like people being in her room. So she probably will
not be happy about this, let alone that we brought a bunch of stuff and we ate in here. She won’t like that, and even doing our nails in here she probably won’t like. – [Child] She doesn’t like
anyone mess up her room. – [Mom] Yeah. And that we were going through
her stuff and snooping. – [Dad] You were. – [Mom] We, we were a team. We were all bored. – [Ty] No, it was only Mom. – [Dad] So, Audrey’s on the bed. Where’s Jake and Ty, are
they under the covers? – [Ty] I’m under the covers,
Jake’s under the bed. – [Dad] ‘Kay, so Ty’s underneath the covers, Audrey’s on top. Jake’s under the bed. Mom’s sleepin’ over here on the floor. – [Mom] I am tired actually. – Logan decided to join me up here. (laughs) I could never sleep like this. He is too heavy. (dad gasps and yells) – What are you doing? My room! – [Dad] What about your room? – What did you do? Logan, what’d they do? – [Dad] We had dinner in here. We played games. – That’s why it smells. (laughs) – [Dad] We played games, Mom took a nap. (dad laughs) – [Mom] We’re spending 24
hours in your room, okay? – Ty, Ty! – [Mom] You don’t mind, do ya? If we spend 24 hours in your room? – No, go out. – [Dad] Are you kicking us out? – Out of my room. My bed is so messy now, my room is messy. – [Dad] Awww. – Out! – [Dad] All right, well let us at least say goodbye to all of our fans. – [Mom] I’m staying! – [Jordan] Mom! – You’ll have to drive me. – [Dad] Mom’s too tired to leave. – [Mom] I’m stayin’ in. – Okay, this is fun and all, but I want my room back
so you guys gotta leave. – Okay, so this first
letter comes from Illinois, and they made us some coloring pages that we could use for a
three-marker challenge, which is super cool, and they also drew this cute picture. It has Audrey and Jordan on it. And, gave us some loom bands. Thank you so much! – [Dad] Thank you. – This next package is
from Yasmin in Canada, and she drew our family. Super cute. And she also gave us two
slimes that she made. The blue slime is diamond, and the pink slime is
strawberry shortcake. Thanks, Yasmin! – Thank you! – All right, this last letter
comes from Eden in Maine, and she likes to wake
up and watch our videos, and she’s able to watch
them at night time too, because if you guys didn’t know, we post two videos a day amongst our family across four channels. So we have That YouTub3 Family, All Around Audrey,
JustJordan33, and Jake and Ty. So you can see a lot of our videos if you haven’t had a chance
to check them out, go do now. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up, subscribe and, – Hit the bell! – We’ll see you all next time, bye! Okay, now everybody get out (upbeat music)

24 Hours In Jordan’s Room / That YouTub3 Family

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