(lighthearted music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today, we’re going to spend (laughs) you ready?
– 24 hours in a tree. – 24 hours in this monster tree. – Huge tree. – Ginormous. – I think all of us can
get in at the same time. – [Katie] Oh, my goodness. So Steel Kids spent 24 hours in a tree. They inspired us to come
find a big tree ourselves, and spend 24 hours in it as well. – Yup.
– Yeah. We got some fun activities planned if we can get in the tree. – [Katie] Yeah, so luckily, there is a table here and Ty
is trying to get in the tree. – I don’t know how. – [Katie] I think we might use this table to boost ourselves in. We all brought items. – [Jordan] I wasn’t very prepared,
but I brought some items. – Jordan didn’t bring anything. – I brought a battery
charger for my phone, a water bottle, and a
hair tie, and that was it. – I brought you a spare blanket. – Yay! – Yay! Hopefully we can all
fit and be comfortable, and even though we brought
junk food, and snacks, and water, and things like that, I think we might try getting
dinner from the tree. – (gasps) Like ordering pizza
and having it delivered? – Like ordering dinner. – Have it delivered to the tree? – We’ll see, maybe. – That would be so cool. – Do you think that the pizza person will deliver our pizza
to a tree in a park? – That’d be so cool. Just find the big tree, you know, with the family sitting on top of it.
– The big tree. – It’s like our own personal tree house, we didn’t even have to build it, it’s just a big tree for us. Let’s see what it looks like. – [Katie] Okay, so we got
two kids in the big tree and the third is going in. And, look at all the room! That is a spacious tree. – Spacious. – [Katie] Spacious. That’s amazing. – I feel like a cheerleader,
I’m a flyer, ready? – [Katie] Go on, set, go. Wow, that’s awesome. – It’s ginormous up here, you guys. There is so much space. Well, we’re going to be fine. – [Katie] Okay. – [David] Alright, here’s Katie trying to get up in the tree. Can she do it? – Oh, yeah, I got this. – [David] Yeah? – I’m a tree climber. – [David] I hope she can. – Mom’s a professional tree climber. – [David] All right. – Boom, done. – [David] You made it. Good job. – [Katie] Here comes David. – What happens if we all get up here? How are we gonna get down? – [Katie] That’s gonna be fun. We’ll figure it out in 24 hours. – I’m thinking (laughs) okay. – [Katie] Come on up. – [Jake] Silly string attack! – [Katie] Welcome to our cozy tree. – [Jordan] Yay! – [Katie] This is our tree house. – Silly string attack – [Katie] We’re all very cramped. Okay, and somebody brought silly string, so this is gonna be fun. – Oh boy.
– (laughs) Yeah. – [David] All right. – [Katie] So where are we gonna sit? ‘Cause there is another roomy
tree over there somewhere that two of us could leave to it. – I don’t want to leave. – [David] I think this is our place, so. – [Katie] Aw, man. – Jake brought a shelf.
– Yeah. – [David] Yeah, Jake made a shelf already. – [Katie] Jake setting
up his little (laughs) shop, awesome. Wow, okay. – [Audrey] So now what? (David laughs) – [Katie] So now what should
we do with this tree, guys? – [Jordan] Pizza! – Let it begin. It is dinner time. – I say we order pizza right now, that way, it can come later in time. – Should we try ordering pizzas, and see if they would deliver to a tree? – [Katie] Yes, go ahead. – Okay, we’re calling for pizza. – Okay. I’ll put it on speaker phone. – [Female over phone]
All calls are recorded for quality assurance. (speaking foreign language) We are hiring, come and join us. – (gasps) They’re hiring. – Ooh, I want to work at Pizza Hut. I actually really like Pizza Hut. It’s really tasty. – [Female over phone]
Or, ask the store manager for more details. – [Jordan] I want some details. – Wonder if there’s gonna
be bugs that come out. – [Katie] Oh, trees. – And, mosquitos. Did we bring bug spray?
– Look what I brought. (Katie and Jordan squeals) – I brought a bug zapper! – Whoo, go David.
– So smart. ‘Cause bugs do come out of trees. I didn’t think about that. – I just saw a mosquito fly by, like, right before dad saw it. – [Katie] I didn’t even think
about mosquito repellent. – [Pizza Hut Employee] Hello,
and welcome to Pizza Hut. Is this going to be for
deliver or carry-out today? – Delivery, please. – [Pizza Hut Employee] Alrighty. Can I get a phone number
starting with the area code? – It’s David. – [Pizza Hut Employee] Alrighty. Now what’s your address? – Well, we’re down here
at Merlin Olsen Park and I was wondering if you guy
could deliver it here to us. – [Pizza Hut Employee] Um, yeah, I just need a physical
address to that location. Large peperoni stuffed-crust,
anything else for ya? – ‘Kay, I just ordered pizza and drinks. – Yes!
– To our tree! – And I didn’t tell him we were in a tree. – He said we were by a huge tree. – [Katie] By a huge tree. – By it, but not in it. – [Katie] We’ll surprise
them, we’re in the tree. – Yeah, so the driver gets here, we’re gonna surprise him. So good thing I brought
some bandage treasure cash and I’ll just throw it
down at the pizza driver. – [Katie] You’re like, “Here, take it!” – If the pizza driver will
throw up the pizza to us, so this should be fun, this’ll be cool. – [Katie] Yeah, this is a party! So fun. That’s funny. Should we play I Spy while we wait? – Yeah.
– Okay, I’ll go first. – [Jordan] I already
got bit by a mosquito. – I spy something… purple. – [Audrey] Silly string. – Yep. – [All] Oh! – I spy something blue. – Um, silly string. – No. – That zapper?
– No. – This?
– No. – [Katie] My backpack? – No. – [Katie] The sky? – That little, um, arcade. – [David] Ty’s eyes. – Yeah! – [David] Oh, really? – [Katie] Ty’s eyes? – Okay. I spy, and it’s not in the tree, something black. – [Jake] A bug. – [David] No, it’s not in the tree. – [Jordan] Trash can! – [Katie] A fence! – [Jordan] Trash can! – Jordan said trash can,
yes, it’s a trash can. – I spy also something black. – [Katie] A fence. – Nope. – [Ty] That backpack, that bag. – It’s in the tree. – [Katie] In the tree? – [Jordan] Yeah. – This!
– Nope. – This.
– Nope. – Nope. – The camera.
– Nope. – [Ty] Mom’s jacket! – No. – [Ty] This, this. – Nope. – [Katie] It’s not even funny. – This!
– Nope. – [Audrey] My shoelaces, your hairband. – Yeah! – Wait, was it. – [Katie] It was Audrey,
she was pointing at it and then I was like, “Ahh!” Alright, we’ll be back, we’re gonna keep playing this
game ’til our pizza comes. – Mmm.
– Oh yeah. Oh, we were breaking into this, nice. – [Katie] Ooh. – [Jordan] Audrey, what did you just spot? – I spot a Pizza Hut truck over there. – [Audrey] Well I can’t see
it, he hid behind the tree. – [Jordan] Oh, man. – [Audrey] Oh, he’s driving around. – [Katie] He’s probably trying to find us. – [Jordan] There he is. – [Katie] Come here, pizza man. – [David] Is he going on
the wrong side of the park? – [Audrey] He went that way. He was over there, but I
guess he’s going that way. – [Audrey] Well. – Peace out, pizza dude. – [Ty] Pizza? (phone ringing) – It’s not working. – [Audrey] Answer the phone. – Hello? – [Cody] Hi, this is Cody with Pizza Hut, I’m sitting in the northwest
corner of Merlin Olson park. – Do you guys see him? Hold on. You’re, I’m trying to see
where you might be at. So do you see the river? We’re on the northern side of the river. There’s a tunnel that
heads underneath the. We’re in the very western
north, wait, let’s see. Yeah, north, western corner. Really big tree back here. We’re kinda sitting in
the base of the tree. – [Katie] Okay, so the
pizza guy has been spotted. Here he comes, he’s behind that tree. There he is. – [Audrey] Yay. – [Katie] Yay, the pizza. Pizza is coming to the tree. – [David] Yay. (family clapping) – [Katie] Pizza in a tree. – Yes. – Yeah, I gotta say,
this is the first time I’ve delivered to somebody in a tree. That’s for sure. – We’re playing a game
where we’re spending 24 hours in a tree. – Nice, nice. Well I don’t want you to
have to get out there. Want me to hand it up? – Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thank you. Dinner! – [Katie] Dinner, yay. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. – [Katie] Pizza in a
tree and no place to sit. – Yeah, my favorite. – You have to give props
to Pizza Hut for delivering to somebody who’s in a tree. – Yeah, Pizza Hut’s awesome. – [Katie] Our family is having
dinner in a tree tonight. And we’re sleeping in this cozy tree. – So nobody drop any pizza bits otherwise squirrels will come in the
middle of the night and eat ’em. So don’t drop the pizza bits. – I don’t know if I’m
worried about squirrels. It’s the other animals, the raccoons. – Yeah, ’cause they can climb. – [Katie] Thank you. – Just sayin’. – Bears? – Alrighty.
– Who’s ready for some pizza? Whoa. – [Katie] Yum. – It’s stuffed crust, too. – Okay, dig in. Okay, comment down below if you have ever had pizza delivered to you
in a place that’s not normal, like a tree or a car or
a tree or a airplane. – [Jake] Or a bus. – Or a bus. – [Katie] Pizza delivered in an airplane? – Wal Mart.
– Or a Wal Mart. – [Katie] Yeah, they jet
pack up to the airplane, here’s your pizza sir. – In the future, that’s
what’s gonna happen. – [Katie] That’s true. – There you go. – [Katie] This is so cool, guys. How cool is this? Who likes spending 24 hours in
our own built in tree house? Yeah. – I kinda like it, it’s pretty cool. – [Katie] This is awesome. – It’s kinda growing on me. – [Katie] I just hope the night goes good and that it’s comfortable enough. – If I fall out, I’m just
gonna lay on that bench there. Katie, turn it off and come eat. See you guys in a minute. – [Katie] Okay, so, it
is getting late now. – I have my legs stretched out. – [Katie] We are all going
to try to find a comfortable spot in this tree and get ready for bed. Okay, let’s all try to, Ty,
why don’t you sit by Jordan and sleep since you’re
sharing that pillow? And I’m gonna sit where you were. You guys need blankets? – [Jordan] Please, can I have the red one? – [Katie] We have the bug
zapper, who wants the bug zapper? – Dad will be in charge of the bug zapper ’cause he’s got good swatting skills. – I brought a pillow and
jammies for the night ’cause I knew it was gonna get cold so I brought warm clothes. Yeah buddy. – [Jordan] Ty, are you ready for bed? – Yep. – [Katie] He looks so comfy. – [Jordan] Audrey, you ready for bed? – [David] Please, nobody push me. – [Jordan] I can’t see Jake. Jake, are you ready for bed? – Yep. – Yeah buddy. – [Jordan] Are you gonna
stay up all night long and swat bugs? – No, I’m gonna turn
this off in three, two– – Get the mosquito. – [David] One. – [Katie] Good night guys. – Good night. – Okay, so it’s morning time and last night was kinda
rough but everybody else is just waking up. Let me show you our sleeping arrangements. So David, luckily, has not
fallen out of the tree. Morning. There’s Jake, Jake and I slept right here. We were scrunched. – [Audrey] My back is sore. – [Katie] Shhh, you’re going
to wake everybody else. – (laughs) Wake up. – I forgot we’re in a tree. – How did you forget? That was so uncomfortable. – I fell asleep so fast. Actually not so fast. – [Katie] Oh my gosh, that scared me. I heard bugs move and I
thought it was like a bat or something coming in. – I need to stretch my legs. – I heard something last night. – [Katie] Oh my gosh,
I heard screaming too. – [Jordan] I’m stretching my legs. – The squirrels up in that
tree, they’re dropping stuff. – [Katie] I heard things too. It was scary. – [Jordan] Ugh, my legs felt so cramped. – [Audrey] Ty, wake up. Wake up, Ty. – [Katie] He’s got the most
comfy ’cause he’s little and he’s sleeping right here
in the nest of the tree. – I was warm because I brought my jammies and put them over my pants and
then I also have my sweater and then this travel pillow
kept my neck nice and warm. – I was warm because I was squished, okay? – [Katie] I stayed warm too
but I think it’s the body heat and that we all just had these blankets and I had a sweatshirt. – I had shorts. But it was still really
warm because I was squished between two people, actually
three, four, five, six people. – So from last night, I saved my Pepsi so I can drink it in the morning. – Me too, with mine. I only took a tiny sip. – [Katie] Well, what are
we gonna do today, guys? What do you wanna do today Audrey? Wake up? – Yeah. – [Katie] Yeah. – Well, what other games do we have? – I have a card game up in my backpack. It’s up there, though. – Guys, I have to use the bathroom. – Audrey. – [Katie] Well, there is a
minute rule that you have to find the restroom and
run as fast as you can– – In one minute to go to the bathroom. – [Katie] We probably all need to so maybe we can make a dash
and get back to our tree before anybody gets here. – Yeah. – [Katie] Okay, we are going
to make a dash to the restroom and get back, we have one minute. One minute each, so
that’s six minutes total. – Okay, that’s good because we have six– – [Katie] Six minutes to get there and get back to this tree. Let’s go. – [Jordan] Alright,
everybody’s getting down. We actually get to stretch. Gotta make sure we don’t lose
the components in the pockets. Okay, everybody’s getting down. Audrey’s the last one to come down and then as soon as she’s
down, we have six minutes to find the bathroom. Okay guys, we gotta go now. Where’s the bathroom? Everybody run. – [Audrey] Set a timer for six minutes. – [Jordan] Audrey’s setting the timer. Did you set the timer? Go! They’re going, go, go, go. We gotta run. Get to the bathroom. Run guys. Come on, let’s go. It’s like early in the morning. The street lights are
still on, it’s so early. Run guys. Go, go, go. To the restroom. – [Audrey] We have five
and a half minutes. – [Jordan] Five and a half minutes, guys. – Guys, look at the pheasant. – Pheasant. Okay, we’re here. We’re gonna use the restroom. We still have some time. We’re gonna use the restroom. Woo, we made it. – [Katie] We have one minute left. – Okay, we got about a minute left, guys. Everybody ran in. Come on guys. – 57, 56. – Oh no. Whoa, what was that? Hurry. Wrong tree. There’s a lot of trees here that are big. We’re the only ones who
stayed the night though. We didn’t have any neighbors at all. – [Jordan] I don’t want to be
cramped up in a tree anymore. – [David] Back up in the tree, hurry. – [Katie] We’re losing our time. (Jordan screaming) – [David] Okay Auds, you can do it. You need help? – [Katie] She got this. Okay, gotta hurry. – We have 10 seconds left. – [David] Mom was climbing champion. – Dad, hurry. – [Katie] Dad’s gotta hurry and get in. – Hey, just let me go. I’ll see you guys later, bye. – [Katie] No, come on. We got this. We survived the night, let’s finish. – It’s like you gotta surf
on this thing to get up here. – [Ty] Two. – [Katie] Time out, breath. Okay. – [Ty] We had one second to spare. – Okay, I am back. To change out of these hot clothes. Oh, we left the pizza box up here. – [Katie] Let’s get rid of that. – [David] Alright, we’ll
get it when we get back down but for now, watch how far
of a drop that is, guys. – [Katie] Whoa. – [Ty] Ow. – [Katie] Hey, there you go. – Yep. – [Katie] Nice landing. Okay. – [Audrey] Now what? – [Katie] Now, I say we chill and play maybe some more I Spy. Dad has a card game. Let’s get out the card game
and play until lunch time. What do you guys say? – And we’ll snack on some
snacks for breakfast here. – [Katie] Yeah. – Okay, ’cause I’m kinda hungry. That pizza didn’t really last too long. – [Katie] Alrighty. – Okay, so we’re gonna
play Pass the Ugly Sweater. It’s like Old Maid. There’s cards that have all
these different things on it that, for example, there’s no homework, there’s a pirates chest,
there’s an enchanted castle, but you don’t want to get
stuck with the ugly sweater. – [Audrey] Oh, I want the ugly sweater. – So if you make a pair
of things, then you can, that’s how you win is the
person with the most pairs of items, okay? Okay, so if you got pairs,
take them out of your hand and then we’re just gonna
start passing to the left. – [Jordan] Jake’s picking a card from Dad. – [Jake] If I get a pair, I
have to face it down, right? – You don’t have any pairs? – No. – [Ty] I got none. – Did you pick two or one? One. Ha ha, I got another pair. – No. – I’ve got three pairs,
I think I’m gonna win. – [Jake] I got a pair. – Okay, pull from Audrey. Pull from Ty. You can go quick. Pass the ugly sweater. – Um, I got two. – Just grab one. – [Ty] Okay, so what? – Take from Jake. If you get a pair, take
it out of your hand. – [Audrey] Who has the ugly sweater? It’s the Old Maid. – [Katie] Just grab one. – [Audrey] Your cards are falling. – [Jake] I think I need this. Dad’s gonna win. – Yes, I got another pair. I’ve only got one card left. – [Jake] What? That means if I draw– – Yeah, you draw from me, I won. And Jake take a card from me. And game’s over. – [Katie] David won. – Let’s see, I got one,
two, three, four pairs. – I say we keep playing
without him because– – [Jake] I got one pair. – Because there’s still an ugly sweater that we haven’t even passed around yet. – Do you have the ugly sweater? – [Katie] Let’s finish up this game, eat our breakfast, David
can now get breakfast out while we finish and then we’ll
be back a little bit later. – Man. – [Jake] Dad gets the breakfast. – Yay, you’re on breakfast duty. You won. Alrighty, so it’s lunch time. And I actually brought this fun game. I don’t know where it went. – I’ve got a few games. – Oh, it’s right here. – Whatchamadrawit. – Whatchamadrawit, where
one person starts drawing, I believe, and then everybody
else has to try to guess so I think were gonna do this. – [David] So it’s kinda like Pictionary? – So I’m going to draw, we’re
not going to use the timer or anything, we’re gonna draw a card and then we have to
draw what’s on the card and everybody else is
going to try to guess. – We only have a few more hours to go and then we can leave. – I know, that’s my thought,
that we would play and snack on our lunch items so you
guys can help yourself to that and then we can go. Okay, so I’m going to
look at the first card. You guys don’t get to peek. – [David] Okay, so it says that, okay. Round one. – [Jordan] Tree. Teepee. V. – [David] The letter V. – [Jake] A tree. – It’s a bird. – [Katie] You’re thinking good. You’re thinking good. – [Jake] Mountain. Hill. – [Audrey] It’s pink? – [Jake] Pizza. – [Audrey] Ice cream. It’s ice cream. – [Ty] Ice cream. It’s ice cream. – [Jordan] It’s ice cream,
strawberry ice cream cone. – [Ty] Ice cream cone. Ice cream. – [Jordan] Did I get it? – [Ty] Yeah, it’s definitely ice cream. – Not quite. – Ice cream with a cherry on top. – Ice cream sundae. – What? Ice cream garbage can? – [Audrey] Ice cream house. Ice cream tree house. – [Katie] It is, it’s an ice cream house. Yeah. I don’t know, that’s my card. That’s funny. Alright, should we keep
playing this until times up? – [Jordan] Yes. – We’re getting pretty close. We’ll eat our snacks. – [David] Our snacks
’cause I guess it’s getting kind of later so. – [Jordan] Doritos. Oh wait, yeah. – I have chips, I have candy bars. I have edamame. – [David] Milky Way. Wait a minute, I don’t like Milky Ways. I don’t want a Milky Way. – What? They’re good. I have licorice. – [David] I’ll take the licorice. – [Jordan] What is that? – [Katie] It’s chips. – Oh, it’s chips. Oh, it’s not Doritos. I want potato chips. – [David] Okay, we’ll be back. – [Katie] Okay guys, so it’s after lunch and a storm just came in. It’s starting to get,
like it’s sprinkling. And so we got it, our 24 hours is up. We can go. We gotta get outta here
before we get dumped on. – Yeah. – It’s gonna start
raining so we gotta hurry out of this tree fast. – And it’s cold. And it’s gonna be wet,
so I say we book it. Let’s go. – The leaves go up, hold up long. – [Katie] Oh yeah, leaves
won’t, it’s just gonna start dripping on us. Right now it’s not bad, but it’s going to. So let’s get out of here. – Bring it to me, hurry,
it’s getting dark. It’s raining. – [Jordan] The rain cloud is coming. – That’s a dark rain cloud. – [Katie] Get all the stuff out. – Come hither. – [Jordan] Come hither. – [Katie] Take my stuff so we can go. – [Jordan] The rain cloud is coming. – [Ty] I’m gonna jump. I’m coming. – Foot. – [Katie] Okay, I think we got
everything out of the tree. – [Jordan] Got Jake’s shelf? – [Katie] The clouds are dark. It’s a little stormy. – [Audrey] Yeah guys, the
rain is definitely coming in. It’s starting to sprinkle. – [Jordan] Audrey felt a drop, guys. Let’s go. – 24 hours is up. Thank you guys for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and– – Hit the bell. – And– – [Both] Make today an adventure. – We’ll see you all next time. Bye. – [David] Run, it’s raining. – [Katie] Let me get my stuff. – [David] It’s raining. Run. (lighthearted music)

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