my name is Tia and Coco commitment I pulled up on climates on another organism financial totally own questions but is not so much as getting a okay I'm ready hey cool out reef and meeting like a hit man but a nigga trying to hit a lid man to the Batman level and shaking like the crib dance me – but don't get ice cream and in a minute or no shit man maybe I'll write this out I would say you need for this shit sounds like way to like cliche I would say like what word to describe my style is a refreshing because it's like nothing then nobody else is in truth I feel like if it's not nothing that nobody else did is a mixture everything that's like like old school who are just in a way to imagination Kelly sure such a good question oh well yo Q a lot I would be stuck on the island including once abbis no cow and that's not even like my favorite artist with that passionately hilarious and I know I would die laughing – yeah – no sense how long do you make it so I think my best partner other people may like this part is like a trabecular sir can I show me the fresh oxygen from their first segment from in and more interesting people so papers you know with their critical hit a miracle when did not it was in here for you to be completely honest before I started doing music classes fuck it's a lot of practice initiated that I got this kid okay um at least two years ago where we started like a just move a lot of weed with my wife ribbon and Pacific force me freestyle and the time that literally our topic I was asking okay I love Sun Chips I'm not gonna lie my son chose with goodness fuck Fritos if I have to go Fritos I go change jeans Doritos have to get a purple bag only we go to Maybin a picture yeah yeah let's not go being handsome never perfect soon okay this is their district it doesn't have enough for me thank you and XX is this yeah there's like the three pistols it'd just be a six six very very recent very easily oh so was that your company honest I don't know I don't know he was from it not gonna apply so go say his name to him anything but I think I got jumped by himself I don't know what else you want so yeah but until shit on revenge revenge is the best of prevention I used to like living the her leadership usually like I deal with people you don't like you fight them and I can't do this anymore like a career so now I gotta fight people in my mind and this shit difficult for this I'm very good at it you have to even thinking every day what was oh well my box to everything also oh I love Alfredo to shrimp Alfredo this alone other than that like yeah that's it make sure called fiddle where Oscar like big as me going to see we everything will get favorite customers so y'all have to be some difficult question no I go by I'm gonna bring without that nobody would really bring out there's a song this is one kind of visual time he got a limit she's 11 and he's so funny just where to go come on every side so Justin lemon head nigga thank you I shall know about that would you think I know why so I took a flight to go cex it slut it for me and they was not fucking because my ID is broken in half and I got tape on it so he was not allowed on your slide usually JK was reflected but it doing it sort of angry I literally stayed in the hotel all day like I'm you see know what on this angle oh yeah I just know it's crazy I literally just the end of yesterday oh my mistake not exactly I feel about them but you need to stop playing don't tell me that Lori for which you stood on our function so hit me up oh my dear but still it is a degree she where the snakes snakes everywhere hey Missy boy boy boy i'm drinking white liquor boy my stomach is in my back foot where I'm not okay hey I never had it but that's our growth that is not wise looking around me is the girl I saw like magic voila magic 2002 I have so many I have like wonder Milan last time okay yeah last sentence in the most that people is interested in seven seven seven though sometimes diamond is like it depends on what you believe in but your Christian era music we've got a ninja was watching but you know it means a Christian like Christianity is like means that you you're your own god oh fuck not on all of us are not new but well or butter on metal man of all go away also you're gonna continue okay there's no way a possible because you're doing enough oh oh damn I love to see you know each other start to go Travis Scott like Jelena like I want to fill each other cardiovascular okay whatever you do we doing with it's nothing that how many of them Allah no I'm saying okay oh no here's a doctor Scotty yeah Oh well oh oh no I used to like rushing like a lot of routine : like he sells like a lot of old missing led to put with you every year in there yo literally yes you got that she got here always giving it to go definitely has again all a degrees now Janet only took me there once I'm about stature he's wrong this I promise you can be guys finally gave me the talk to them so we can screenshot it post it for like girls just dead eyes descending music right now you'll see me like channel like and get at you niggas like stop playing and they keep doing it so beyond that censorship it's going to do the tubers freckles off freckles natural things so like oh the bug goes like run again no matter how long your areas where where the mission objective I whether you are a shit then uh so take care equally on all of us try goes back to my treasured freckles natural hair and something like a girl that knows how to turn on those clothes I love you know the dressing you did you hear it ski mask is me which is Stokley us one of them are really two totally different complete persons like crazy sound like when I go on that stage you see me now like what I want to say you really can come up to me for my cool house you like further from home how do I separate it energy like ski mask is not something that's planned when everything that comes out which is on the track performances some things all for the college even still asking then fucking on restart it for me I feel like I get it a great video when I go on a stage i black out I don't even try to always remember what I do ever make tell myself a nice to this just happy it's my body – I don't know how to explain it Toby isn't severe enough I should the funny sarcastic about everything that way there's a minute I hate the music industry but I hate things you and I love music but the industry go the psalmist like your soul but it is over media do you think you all like the debtors the only actually explain it if the industry is fucked up right now I and it's not about very like nurses and the music is not about just not lyricism because even back in the day I think it was not that varies like lyrical they would say I'll hippie hippie to the Hitler thought like so merely so it's about energy every fun we make you like when it's like an ass my maybe he could flow to it in listen to his inventory but it's music well I think in issues fuck different even unexplainable tell me I'm not even one that how I even did my least expected to like to 1990 tunes or something like that I know a lot about a mission I did enough research hello today what service station but it's all against you you guys belong I thought is completely honest actually made me way more happier from the fucking freestyle edges day you know I did wave it in a lot of people and I do my best so now Hey pull out we stand there like a man but a nigga trying to hit a dead man

21 Questions – Ski Mask The Slump God 'I don't know what Rob Stone wants'
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