in the n-c-double-a 200 meters she won in Lausanne back on July the 1522 69 beating a very strong field in that diamond League meeting what some a three and a half weeks ago looked fabulous there well she was only seventh in Monaco in 22 nine a week later Gardner in one Thomas into Jefferson in three and Nellis goes in for Collins five Bryant six Stevens in seven a Kelly Mitchell nears the camera in the black in Lane eight well nobody really showing just yet apart from like six that bride was blasted defend smallest in the field the quickest over the first 100 and she doesn't look like she wants to give away too much ground to the rest of them moving brilliantly holding on where they're good speed coming through in length forwards and Ellis in the white and headband and I think Gabby Thomas might have taken third and Kara jets and forth over inland two and three they came late 22:49 there that took winning time in that second semi Brittney brown on the first time in twenty to sixty minus one point one to win there the wind was a little bit strong in the first one but she looks good too Wow she did look strong very similar to brown in the first heat just pushing that first hundred meters it almost seemed like nobody wanted to really push everybody was saving it everybody was saving it to the end but Desiree Bryant said you know I'm gonna get out and get a lead

2019 USATF Outdoor Championships Women’s 200m Semi-Finals Heat 2 of 2
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