yellow angles in the old black strip goes up pretty hard so does yours in the yellow that to the right of the group and where is central it's right in the middle of the pack he hasn't held back isn't done for example what one or two athletes have done at the championships the favorites which is go straight to the back let the early laps unfold but it has slowed down now in it sir I always get nervous but look out what is this slow in the early stages and there's a it's wet as well so easy to carry who in your opinion is the athlete who hasn't got the kick but it's got great strength here I mean I'm thinking Brent Blankenship anybody else yeah I mean I think Henry Winn is somebody that we have to talk about he's been doing very well this year he's running 351 indoors he's run 335 he'd spent 1332 for a 5000 meters which he doesn't run very often and he's not right in the picture right now but he's right off of the back oh here here he comes up on the outside right when I said it he came around but he is a guy to kind of watch I think there's he said he doesn't feel the pressure but he knows he's the fastest guy coming in and the 1500 meters right now and he knows there's people watching him and sometimes when you have that extra pressure you rise of the occasion and you race against guys that maybe you gnar used to like a Craig Ingalls and a Matt's entrance and you run them toe-to-toe basically I think I would just basically take take out early because then you basically you're not leaving anything to chance swinging wide there on this homestretch here but Craig angle I always kind of up in the front isn't he I mean he likes to lead he's not afraid to set a hard and here he's matching every move right now well it was desperately slower the first 400 meters sixty four point seven one angles clearly thinking well I might as well be in the front of it's gonna be this slow there's not much breeze across the arena it is wet it's horrible you're gonna get a lot of spray in her eyes as they come through eight hundred meters in what 209 sixty-four that lap even slower as they head down the back straightaway you know one thing that was interesting Centro it said that he wanted to run a couple of these races earlier in the season and put himself in situations where he was in last or way in the middle of the pack so he could learn how to get around nine the people at the finishing right for his finishing kick and there he is now getting into good position he's a very good tactician who knows how to run races correct that is a great acting way there to just come out a little bit rather than being but being safe because that is where the tentacles coming towards the bell than this time five abreast down the home straight edge whitter in the regular picture hit alongside angles moves to the 463 it's very slow at the Bell Centre it's now can control this they know it shades of Rio 2016 here as he's on the shoulder of Ingles the mullet man out in front also looking strong is Isaac York's in third place and down the outsiders Henry win blankenship in the headband in the green has got some work to do at the moment as they get to 200 meters to go and still looking super relaxed is Matthew centroids the 27 year old from Portland Oregon has he got the speed it's anybody's race it's a lottery in these sort of circumstances angles hits the floor goes down they're really hard and it's got the legs away [Applause] [Applause] fifty two point three three forty four point nine three he came down yet again to the biggest gun at the end of the race Gregg angles very very quick indeed and took the initiative and II have to say Bernard there's one old adage which is if you go into the last 150 with the putter one meter lead if he come out of it with the one bit of a 150 if you come out of it with the one meter lead the other guys have misjudged him you know in a taxable race in a hard sprint over the last 200 a meter is a lot it's a lot and you have to calculate every single part of it and so that's why I thought some method Matthew did a great job actually by hauling off not to go to but do you know where he won this race it was on that fight on the first turn on the last 400 meters he held his position Matt centroids tried to come in a little bit he held that rail he held him off which a lot of times uses that extra energy in kind of wears you out he had that entire last 400 meters Josh Thompson to take third place after the Bama track Levin don't run it by hundreds of a second there it is angles from central it's hardly the thickness of a vest between the Josh Thompson third place and Ben Blankenship in fourth as the world championship standard so we'll go cuz Josh Thompson doesn't have the standard that is cruel for Thompson brilliant run from him just like the bronze medal of his championship but Ben Blankenship in fourth coming late 344

2019 USATF Outdoor Championships Men’s 1500m Final!
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