hi my name is Josiah i'm with hyper lightweight boards I met marine products today to talk to about the new vagabond wakeboard by Trevor Mauer Trevor Bauer is one of our premier wakeboarders that rides for us the guy is so much fun the guy has a great attitude and he's made a great shape this is he partnered with Greg Nelson one of our shapers to to shape this board it's got a lot of great features and benefits the first thing I'd like to point out is this is this carbon net weave to it this is not just a graphic this is actually a special carbonate weave the entire length of the board the benefit to that is the board flexes it rebounds it gives you more snap more liveliness it's a lot faster from edge to edge it hits the wake and gives you more of a springboard off the top of the wake so carbon nets are real key one of the other things when you turn this board over you'll notice it's got fins on the outside anytime you put fins on the outside like this it makes it very quick toe to heel so it's really fast reacting from edge to edge just remember that because it's a great concept this also has got a lot more grooves towards the bat the tip in the tail this tracks water right out the back of the board so this gives it more grip at a directional stability and more speed into the wake you'll also notice that this edge right here is not straight this edge contours the outside of the board so the nice thing about this if it was if this edge was straight that make this board track straight but this board curved this line curves like the outside rail so when this board is on edge and it's turning that rail helps the board come around and turn better the other thing this board has which is a great feature is a two degree bevel right here so anytime you have a two degree down bevel it makes the board real forgiving so if you do a big trick and land maybe a little toe heavy you won't dig in this toe side edge or heel side edge so this 2 degree bevel is a key key feature you'll also notice this board is really thin tip and tail so swing weight on this board is really really low so anytime you're do in a spinning trick or an invert this board is going to come around a lot faster because it has very little swing weight to tip and tail the last thing I'd like to point out about this board is the step-down rail this point right here on the edge you put this board on edge and has a lot of speed coming into the wake it's got a full step-down rail the entire length of the board no matter whether you're talking about carbonate step-down rail thin tip and tail carved edge fins on the outside this board does it all it's got it all you can find the vagabond by Hyperlight at marine – products calm

2019 Hyperlite Vagabond Wakeboard Review

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