>>>Good morning, South Dakota,
and welcome to the Hobo Day Parade. Good morning all hobo dayHobo
Day fans joining us on the far-flung empire on the
streaming. My name is Doug Wermedal, I am VP of student
affairs here at South Dakota, proud alumni of 19 #85 and I am
joined by — >>Miranda Mack.
>>DOUG: And we call former pooh-bahs has-beens when I was
on the committee. Every parade starts with in this country Old
Glory so stand and recognize the flag of our United States. Followed immediately by former
president Peggy Gordon Miller, our parade marshal and Will in the
Bummobile. >>Coming up next, I see the
SDSU spirit squad doing their thing. They look great. Of
course, followed by we’ll have coming up the pride of the
Dakotas marchingMarching Band led by
Kevin Kessler. And our drum majors this year
for the pride are Sylvia Larson, Liz
Poli and Carter Hunter. >>DOUG: Awesome. The familiar
ring the bells. Echoing up the Medary Avenue
once again. Happy Hobo Day! Everybody’s a little bundled up
today, Miranda. >>I see that, Doug. It’s going
to be a breezy day, but the mist has kind of fallen off. That’s
great. >>DOUG: No parkas and the wind
isn’t too high just yet. >>The umbrellas don’t do much
for you when the mist is coming at you horizontally.
>>DOUG: Right. Another great student icon of
South Dakota State University is, of course, the pride along
with the Hobo Day Committee that puts on the parade and all the
week’s activities entirely student run.
>>Absolutely. It seems pretty appropriate. We always start
off with the pride of the Dakotas and we’ll wrap up at the
very end with the Hobo Day Committee. Just got a high five from Kevin
Kessler. What a guy. Mr — DOUG: You know, Miranda, I am
— I’m 35 years removed from my first Hobo Day, and that song,
By the Pride, hobo day morning, still
gives me goose bumps. It’s not the weather. It’s that song and
that band. — MIRANDA: I agree.
— DOUG: I also like the convenient see-through wrappers
the band came in this year. — MIRANDA: Yeah. That’s the
first season they’ve got some stylish raincoats. I’m happy
for them. I’ve spent many seasons in kind of a soing-wet so sopping-wet raincoat. Maybe
for the game they’ll get to ditch them. We’ll find out.
— DOUG: So there’s some of the pride support vehicles. You
just can’t carry those tubas in anything. — MIRANDA: Coming up in a
beautiful yellow convertible, we’ve got
our university President Barry Dunn and his wife, Jane Dunn.
Some really great people. They look great this morning. — DOUG: Just ahead of them,
happy Hobo Day, David Reynolds, leader of the school.
— MIRANDA: The school of performing arts, yeah.
— DOUG: Yeah. — MIRANDA: He gets to pull the
vintage trailer here for the pride.
— DOUG: You know, I don’t know if they’re being watched for
this, but I think Jane has a better throw than Barry does.
Jane’s got a better arm than you, Barry. Happy Hobo Day, President, First
Lady. — MIRANDA: The South Dakota
State University Academic Deans are coming through right now.
— DOUG: Wow, they’ve entrusted them with motorized vehicles. There’s Dean Killefer, Dean
Bruce Berdanier followed by Dean
Nicole lounz Lounsbery. Both hands on the wheel. 10 and 2,
young lady. The Dean of pharmacy. And chief of libraries, Kristi
Tornquist. Happy hobo day, guys. And our honors college Dean,
Becky bottBott. . — MIRANDA: We’ve got miss
Dakota high schoolMiss Dakota High School
Jamie. — DOUG: She’s being carried in
a vintage fire truck through the parade. That’s the biggest Dalmatian
I’ve ever seen. This next unit puts out very
small fires. Our fire department comes by.
Just want to give a shout-out to the many students that make Hobo
Day possible. This year we’re going to offer in between some
parade entries a look at some of those folks. Our first one is Miranda O’Brien
who is the rails coordinator. She’s from Martin, South Dakota,
a journalism and history major. She wants to give a shout-out to
her parents, Chris and Michaela her brothers, Cole and Camden.
Thank you for supporting me these past few years and always
attending the parade. I love you guys. That is from Miranda O’Brien of
Martin, South Dakota, hobo day committee member.
— MIRANDA: I’ve got a shout-out from Jackie Wallace, the
community entries coordinator from Dell Rapids, South Dakota.
She majors in communication studies. And she wants to give
a big hello to Anna and Jackson Sudbeck who met
in class. Especially hello to the future
jackrabbits. They are expecting two in February. Aww, cute.
Multiple jackrabbits due in February. That’s exciting.
— DOUG: We’ll save you a place in 18 years. So one of the
really special things about South Dakota State University is how many things are entirely
student run. We talked about the pride, the hobo day committee but of course
Capers and cavorts all fit in that realm as well.
— MIRANDA: Yeah, KSDJ radio station, student association, of
course, we’ll see a few of them later on. — DOUG: So all of those
activities entirely student run. And it is Hobo Day and we’ll be
giving more shout-outs as we go along to our committee members.
— MIRANDA: Our students are so capable. I’m surprised there’s
a job left for you to do. Dpg I do look out the window a lot at
the Campanile, spend a lot of time with that .
— DOUG: You know, I always wonder when I see this many fire units in
the parade, who’s watching this store.
— MIRANDA: I think that’s why they go first, Doug.
— DOUG: That could be. — MIRANDA: Then they’re back on
the job. — DOUG: They’re back on the
job. [ Sirens ] Some of our friends from the
Arlington Volunteer Fire Department. So they made the
trip today from Arlington. — MIRANDA: A few of the guys in
that truck looked a little young to be in the fire department.
— DOUG: Yeah, they did. — MIRANDA: Must be their
special job to throw the candy. — DOUG: These are the hobos
that save lives. Representatives of theThe
brookingsBrookings ambulance corps from brookingsBrookings
Health Systems. The South Dakota State
University EMS Club. Next we have a military
representative unit. I bet you that gun ends up at
Dike House later today. It’s going to go off a bunch of
times as the Jacks score a bunch of touchdowns on the Salukis.
— MIRANDA: Now, is that the same cannon that they fired a
few minutes to go to start the parade?
— DOUG: I think it might be. It’s got the Jacks on the side
there. — MIRANDA: Oh, that’s great. — DOUG: So if we ever decide to
invade Vermillion, we’re covered. Good morning, ROTC. Happy Hobo
Day. Those guys have been up since
4:00 already. A lot of PT. Right, guys?
— MIRANDA: Jackrabbit student athletes coming through now,
plenty of familiar faces I’m sure you’ll see in this crowd.
— DOUG: You know, I heard our athletic director earlier this
week talking about the jackrabbit student athletes.
And one of the top GPAs in the nation, that whole athletic
department, 3.23, I think, is the number that’s just been
shared. Really remarkable. — MIRANDA: So proud.
— DOUG: Yeah. Considering the time they have to devote to
their sports and practices. That’s an amazing figure.
— MIRANDA: Oh, they’re bringing me candy?
— DOUG: Happy Hobo Day, guys. — MIRANDA: Happy Hobo Day.
Have fun. Stay warm. — DOUG: Well, continuing our
new tradition of giving a shout-out to Hobo Day committee
members, I’d like to talk about Kendra Mack, no relation, I’m
guessing. — MIRANDA: It might be a
distant relation. I think we decided we might be, like,
fourth cousins or something. — DOUG: Okay. That’s possible
in South Dakota. Social media coordinator Kendra Mack from Castlewood, South Dakota, a
grad student in student affairs administration. She wants to
shout out to her nephew, Oscar, the cutest little hobo around.
Love you, Bubs. I recognize that guy.
— MIRANDA: Jack the jackrabbit working the crowd. — DOUG: High fives to some
2-year-olds, some 3-year-olds, some 4-year-olds. That’s what Hobo Day traditions
are starting here for those young ones. — MIRANDA: I’ve got another
shout-out here. This one’s from Andrew Schafer, the assistant poo-bah of the parade
the man behind the entire show this morning that you’re seeing. He is from Mennow, South Dakota,
majoring in agriculture business and he wants to give a shout-out
to his fiancee, Whitney, and her family. He is decided for
December to start their life together. That is beautiful.
Also a shout-out for his grandma and grandma Ourth. And a shout-out
to his mom, dad, sisters and brother-in-law. Thanks for all
the support. — DOUG: Coming up next, a local
band. Our brookings High School band. 119 strong, the marching
bobcatMarching Bobcats. — MIRANDA: They look great.
Look at those shiny red shields coming forward. We can look
down the street and know exactly who’s coming up. I didn’t even
have to crane my neck. We’re so excited to have
Brookings back in the parade this year. They’re, of course,
busy with their field marching season right now.
— DOUG: Right. It’s sometimes to difficult to get those
schedules to work out, but it’s excellent to have our friends
from Brookings back here at Hobo Day. Some fancy stepping here from
our Brookings Bobcats. Now, they have some rain attire,
too, but I believe that looks a little more impromptu than the Pride’s rain
slickers. — MIRANDA: That is a great roll
step, though. Got to give a quick shout-out to my student, hide Heidi, working a great face
there while she’s marching with the band.
— DOUG: What do they call those baby — or those big — is that a — [ Music playing ] Right after the Brookings band
is our Brookings City Council including
many SDSU alums. And Ameritas employees. Did hety Deputy mayor Patty
bacon, Dan Hanson, Leah Brink and Nick Wendell. Nisk is, of
course, besides being a city councilman, he is a proud former poo-bah, and here is former Hobo
Day Committee adviser, Dean Corbett giving me a green apple
Jolly Rancher. Thank you. My favorite flavor.
— MIRANDA: I see the Brookings Girl Scouts coming up next.
They are excited to wander on and see what adventures are in
store for them. They started their 107th year this past week
and could not be more excited about it. If you’re interested
in joining, they’ve got a registration event on the 8th.
Check out their website for more details. Got to love Girl
Scouts. When’s cookie season? Doug, I was, in fact, a Girl
Scout. In fact. — DOUG: Were you? I was, in fact, not a Girl
Scout, but I am the father of a Girl Scout.
— MIRANDA: Just as good. Hello. They’re such good
wavers. Always love some interaction from the ones riding
on the floats. — DOUG: Following our Girl
Scout entry is the alpha Zi delta and alpha
Sigma epsilon float. It’s And campfire sponsored by
Scooter’s Coffee. They are excited to bring you
Step Into Fall with our theme. They’re throwing a fall party on
their float complete with a giant campfire. — MIRANDA: SAE is one of eight
men’s campuses. Alpha Zi delta is one of four
women’s sororities. They all pair up and build a float
together. It’s a great opportunity for social time.
— DOUG: I read the sign wrong. These 56-year-old eyes don’t
always get the bifocal right. It’s actually the construction
management club. So this float was built by the construction
management architecture club. It’s named wandering on the
bridge to victory. This shows our journey over the team to a
wondrous football victory. Thank you, Construction
Management Club and architectural folks for your
entry in the parade. — MIRANDA: You know this
doesn’t surprise me. That is a very well constructed float.
— DOUG: It is. — MIRANDA: Impressive. We’ll
see the Greek floats later on. — DOUG: I’m betting it’s one of
the only floats that had blueprints. I think that’s sculpted
styrofoam. — MIRANDA: We’re getting a nod. It is, in fact, sculpted
styrofoam for that rabbit. — DOUG: I like their prediction
for the score. Jacks 49 and the away team, 0. Distinguished alumni late Jerry
from the class of ’81. Congratulations to Jerry’s
family. — MIRANDA: The office of
international affairOffice of International Affairs is coming
through now. It’s made up of English as a second language,
international students and scholars, and study abroad.
They currently serve 682 students from 83 countries
around the world. And help students explore other cultures
through study abroad, internships and service learning
in over 70 countries. Incredible.
— DOUG: I love seeing those flags.
— MIRANDA: Yeah, colorful flags. Beautiful. — DOUG: They are followed by
the Students Nurses Association. The students nurses are one of
our fantastic floats. So thank you, nurses. SDSU nurses graduates excel in
their future endeavors and have been well prepared by their
preparation at SDSU. — MIRANDA: They’ve definitely
got a track record for having amazing floats, this student
group. — DOUG: Happy Hobo Day. Could
I get a flu shot real quick? Is that possible? — MIRANDA: I think that we’ve
got State Senator Vijay Smith coming up here. Yeah, he’s a
1978 graduate of South Dakota State University. He spent the
decade of the 1980s working for the allied signal aerospace
companyAllied Signal Aerospace Company in Kansas City. He
returned in 1990 to serve as assistant athletic director, was
appointed executive director of the SDSU Alumni Association in
1996 till 2007 and is currently a state Senator representing
District 7. — DOUG: We’ve got a very
colorful rainbow-based float coming up here. Can’t quite see their sign, so
we’ll just have to admire those wonderful little kids and the
rainbow on the float. — MIRANDA: They’re going to be
followed by wildfair racing. This organization designs,
builds and competes against other college teams around the
globe with their formula race car and that they build from the
ground up every year. St. Thomas more Catholic school, I
think that’s who we missed. Adorable. Looks like Noah’s Arc, Ark.
— DOUG: You’ve got to know your Old Testament, right?
— MIRANDA: Here comes the Formula 1 car. — DOUG: I’m told that this
vehicle operates entirely on burritos.
We’re happy to hear that, guys. Happy Hobo Day. — MIRANDA: I see another
sparkly hat coming down the way. I think I know who’s in there. That is our Miss SDSU Miranda
O’Brien. — DOUG: That’s a nice first
name. I like that. — MIRANDA: I agree. Miranda competed for Miss South
Dakota this past year and she is planning to do so again. She’s
actually already won her next title, Miss Rolling Plains so
she’s wearing two crowns right now. For the day she’s going to
be Miss SDSU. She looks great. — DOUG: Happy Hobo Day. So I’m
enough of a farm boy to recognize a vintage Minneapolis
Moline coming down Medary Avenue right now with our Bobcat
wrestlers. You don’t see these tractors
anymore. Sometimes in the early ’70s, Minneapolis Moline got bought by
White and stopped manufacturing tractors. So this one’s pretty
rare. — MIRANDA: I’m very quite
excited to have the club come through here.
— DOUG: Yeah. With a wrestling mat in the ready position. The
kid with a stocking cap. They’re up. Ooh. Manager they’re doing push-up
— MIRANDA: They’re doing push-ups down on the street.
Self-discipline. — DOUG: Three, four. Oh, one
of them’s shirking just a little bit. Did you see that, Coach?
— MIRANDA: That’s more push-ups than I can do, Doug.
— DOUG: I probably would need help just getting up from that
position. — MIRANDA: They are followed by
SDSU’s History Club. — DOUG: Look what that gts
little guy just did. — MIRANDA: History club is a
fun place to meet new people and they participate in movie nights and game nights.
Seeing some costumes. — DOUG: Just ahead of that was
Barry Markel, distinguished alum from the class of ’68.
Congratulations. — MIRANDA: Learned yesterday
that he was a member of the concert choir when he was here.
That’s fine. That’s fun. un. Looks like some handPated
shieldpainted shields from the History Club. That’s pretty
awesome. — DOUG: So here we have the
slightly younger version of the Marching Bobcats, our Middle School Brookings
Band. Let’s give them a listen. This is our next unit is the
Brookings County Commissioners including
Mike Bartly, chairperson, Larry
Jensen, vice chairperson, Ryan Krogman and
Leeann Pierce. . Nice truck, Mike. Happy hobo day,
commissioners. — MIRANDA: Next up is Brookings
Broadway Dance. They offer excellent dance instruction —
have offered excellent dance instruction for 26 years now.
They are a noncompetition studio. They’re here for the dancers. Located in downtown Brookings
next to jackrabbit central. I imagine these are some of the
young dancers we’re seeing. There’s baton twirling.
— DOUG: So just enough time to give another Hobo Day shout-out for
one of our committee members. Committee member Kylie Donnelly
who is assistant poo-bah of events is from Elk Point, South Dakota, and is a
major of interdisciplinary studies. Kylie wants to say a
special hello to sisters Jenna and Taylor and Jill this
morning. Hello to Jill in Arizona, Taylor in Colorado,
Jenna in Utah. Thank you for supporting the Hobos today.
Happy Hobo Day to the Donnelly family from sister Kylie. Senator Thune usually is not in
the vehicle. He’s out shaking hands, but I do think I see him
in there. Oh, there he is. He is out. Okay. He’s on the
loose. — MIRANDA: So many hands to
shake. — DOUG: My son was excited a
couple years ago. He got to drive Senator Thune through the
parade. And it was his first real interaction with a big
political name. And Thune was not in the vehicle the whole
time. He walked the entire parade route, getting to know
South Dakotaens, so that’s pretty cool. Dr very personal guy. And he is
fit, running to catch up with his vehicle. We’ve got the SCAPP, fantastic
float. Collegiate Farm Bureau. — DOUG: Next we have a
community entry. The Madison Avenue Dance Studio. It is
starting their fifth season in Brookings. They offer ballet, tap, jazz,
pom, hip-hop and musical theater classes for ages 3 to 18 years.
They’d love to have you dance with them. And it’s not too
late to join. Just stop by their beautiful studios on
Airport Avenue right here in Brookings. The Madison avenue dance
studioAvenue Dance Studio. I believe we have another
dignitary coming up here, Miranda. And it is our distinguished alum Larry N
erchess from class of ’69. Congratulations to Larry and his
family. — MIRANDA: I think I may have
shouted out the wrong club name. We just had a float from college
of pharmacy that went by. That was a really nice float. Looks like a banner coming up
forgot your back,Forgot Your Back, Jack.
— DOUG: It’s one of the student-run safety organizations
on campus trying to remind students of safety throughout
their college years and give them some resources and support
as they become jackrabbit alum. I recognize one of those
drivers. That’s Chris Caperline. Another one is Craig
McEwen. Thank you for your support of students on campus.
Chris seems to have acquired a child along the parade route. I
hope it’s hers. — MIRANDA: I’ve got a quick
shout-out from committee member Esther
Swift. She is from Burk, South Dakota, majoring in nursing.
She wanted to give a shout-out to dad, David, and her mom.
Thanks so much for all your support in college and Hobo Day
and life. You’re the best. She also wanted to say hello to her
siblings, Michaela, bow as, patience, Malachi, Nathan, Mariah, Isaac
and shalom. She loves you. — DOUG: They’re siblings?
— MIRANDA: That’s what it says. — DOUG: That’s a busy family.
— MIRANDA: Most definitely. She says Happy Hobo Day to her
family. — DOUG: We’ve got another float
coming up here. I’ve got to get to the right page. So that’s
our black student alliance. BSA offers black students a form of
identity and a social life with diverse activities, having
direct emphasis on African-American culture. — MIRANDA: Then we have
Brookings Lodge number 24, free and accepted masons. They’re
the oldest fraternity in the world. They strive to make good
men better along with their associated associations,
Scottish rite and Shriners. They support clinics and
hospitals throughout the world. — DOUG: Happy to have another
statewide office holder, Kristi Feagin is here with us at the
parade. Kristi is doing her best John Thune impression by
running the parade route. So we’re glad to have you there,
Kristi. — MIRANDA: Here’s the Sioux
Valley High School marching band coming up. They’ve got 55
members. — DOUG: Volga, Bruce comprise
the Sioux valley Area School District. We’re thrilled to
have the marching CossackMarching Cossack Band
here with us today. [ MauskMusic playing ] So here’s President emeritus
David in a very nice little BMW convertible. I think he has Miss South Dakota
amberAmber Hulse with him and another unrecognizable little
jackrabbit. He’s got the candy duty. — MIRANDA: Your Miss South
Dakota amberAmber Hulse is the first crowned right here in
Brookings. This past summer we had the first Miss South Dakota
competition after it moved from Hot Springs, actually Amber’s
hometown to be right here. So she’ll be giving up her title
come June. Right here in town. — DOUG: We’ve got time for
another Hobo shout-out for a committee member who’s given
their time and service today. This is for Marie Robbins, our
transportation coordinator. Marie is from Elkton, South
Dakota, and she’s an ag biz and ag communications major. She’d
like to say hello to her grandparents watching the
livestream from Wyoming and Minnesota. Hi, Grandma and Grandmapa from
Marie Robbins. — MIRANDA: This says Brookings
Swim Club coming up here. They are committed to helping
children reach their potential both as athletes and
individuals. — DOUG: They are followed by
the Latin American Student Association, and they have a
fantastic float. The Latin American Student
Association wanders together past borders and through
different cultural backgrounds. There’s no limitation to where
we can wander on from here. Proud SDSU students and alums
from the Latin American Student Association. — MIRANDA: I see the
illustrious Dr. Flo up top. A very familiar face on campus. — DOUG: I saw him in Mamma Mia
this summer, and the man can dance with full swim fins on.
Scuba fins. It was impressive. Representative of our board of
regents. It provides leadership for all South Dakota public
universities. Thrilled to have Joan Wink at
the Hobo Day parade. See if I remember it. I pledge my head
to clear think — no, that’s 4H, Doug. I believe in the future
of farming with a faith borne not of words
but adeeds and past generations of agriculturalists even as the
promise of better days through better ways and so on. The FFA
creed. I’m thrilled to have members of the FFA local
Brookings chapter here. — MIRANDA: Here we’ve got our
first Greek float. Pi kappaKappa Alpha founded in
1868 with the intention of creating scholars, leaders,
athletes and gentlemen to further benefit the foundation
of universities all around the United States.
— DOUG: So I’m missing my wife today. She’s usually my
broadcast partner. And the license plate of this particular vehicle says O Donna.
So a shout-out to my wife, O Donna former poo-bah of 1984.
Thanks, Pikes. This is one of our distinguished
alum. Shirley Case Snead, class of
’78. — MIRANDA: Followed by Pack 4
Cub Scouts. They’d like to thank the
community for their support. Thank you for buying popcorn and
a great organization. Go big, go blue, go jacks. Hey there,
Cub Scouts. I see lots and lots of patches. — DOUG: Happy Hobo Days, Cubs.
There’s even a little pink one in there. She’s got ears.
— MIRANDA: SDSU graphic design is coming by with a beautiful,
colorful banner. — DOUG: We have community entry
from the Brookings Lions Club through the South Dakota Lions
Foundation, the cooperating Lions Club screened
over 34,500 kids between the ages of 1 and 18 of age. 3,734 kids were further referred
to the family optometrist for further evaluation. So we
certainly appreciate the important work of the Lions to
protect South Dakota vision in young people.
— MIRANDA: I’ve got a really quick shout-out from committee member
Michelle Patterson, one of the favorite events. She is from Rapid City and wants
to give a shout-out to her fiance, Daniel, for lending a
helping hand. He’s now being deemed an honorary member of the hoe doughDough Bay
Committee. Congrats, Daniel. — DOUG: There’s a lion loose on
the route. I’m guessing he’s with The Lions Club. Happy Hobo Day Lions
representative. Please don’t eat me.
— MIRANDA: This is an event that gives back to the Brookings
community. Bring 150 students and university leaders like
President Dunn, organize shelves, washed windows for
Brookings businesses, nonprofits and residents. It is just a big
day, one big event dedicated to helping out the community.
— DOUG: I love the connection between the big event and the
Brookings community. It’s always good when the town and
the gown can get along. So we’ve got time for another
shout-out. This one’s from Maddy Kerr who is the adviser to
the committee. She’s another hobo day committee has-been. I
don’t know how long ago her time on committee was. Maddy is from Highmore and she
wants to give a special shout out to her family, the Kerrs.
They took her to her first hobo day parade in 2004, and she
wouldn’t be in the position she’s in today which is advising
the committee and overseeing the program without them. And
another huge shoutout to the members of the 2013, 2014 and
2015, I’m guessing that’s when she was a committee member.
— MIRANDA: That is correct. — DOUG: For her position today.
Theta potato for life, whatever that may mean.
— MIRANDA: Someone knows. — DOUG: Hello, public utilities
commissioner Chris Nelson. Happy hoboHobo Day, sir. We’re
glad you’re here. — MIRANDA: Brookings area
transit authority, aka the beta bus. They collaborate to
provide the safe ride program. Don’t drink and drive. Take
safe ride. And I’ve just been asked to do a quick shoutout to
the Bakers in Colorado Springs. Hello, Bakers. Thanks for
watching the livestream. — DOUG: And to the Bakers and
everyone else we give shoutouts to, we appreciate donations to
the scholarship funds at South Dakota State University.
— MIRANDA: We certainly would. — DOUG: Distinguished alum
David Lane from the class of ’86, that is
one youthful-looking guy for class of ’86 because that’s my
year. So clearly we’re in the very bloom of youth, David.
— MIRANDA: Just a whippersnapper. I see another
marching band coming. I think they might be From Watertown.
How I love the marching bands. That was my job on the committee
for two years, Doug. Understand bas coordinator.
— DOUG: If you’re going to have a parade, you’ve got to have
bands. And so that’s awesome. We love to have these local
groups come. Who’s the furthest away this year, do you think?
— MIRANDA: That’s a great question. Maybe we’ll be able
to guess once we see them all. — DOUG: Watertown, at least,
has 50 miles. They’re the furthest so far.
— MIRANDA: There you go. Sometimes we have Warner. Maybe
not this year. Maybe Miller? How far is Miller?
— DOUG: Which one? — MIRANDA: Miller?
— DOUG: Oh, yeah, Miller. That’s more than 50 miles.
— MIRANDA: Yeah. Here comes the Arrow Band from Watertown,
South Dakota. — DOUG: Let’s give them a
listen. Nice purple colors. Although it hasn’t helped the
Vikings any this year. [ Music playing ] — MIRANDA: This band has 135
members. — DOUG: That is a big band. Here’s another one of our parade
dignitaries, Miranda. This is Adrian Jordan, a state
Senator. Glad to have you here. — MIRANDA: Yeah, hi. Followed
by Brookings tae kwon do. Mark and Kelly Anoski. They
offer a family-friendly training in the art of tae kwon do. New
students any age are welcome at any time. — DOUG: In one of their
previous lives, Mark and Kelly were both on UPD. So help keep
campus safe for us. We really appreciate their service then
and what they’re offering the community now with tae kwon do. — MIRANDA: Looks like the
naturalNatural Resource Management Department is coming
up. I see a butterfly, a Buffalo,
lots of wildlife represented on this float.
— DOUG: There’s some wildlife driving that car. It looks like
a little — what kind of dog is that, guys? A Yorkie? Oh,
there’s another one over there. A corgi and a Yorkie? Wow,
that’s very Dr. Seuss of you. And I don’t know if that’s a
hereford. Maybe that’s a —
— MIRANDA: A Leonberger. — DOUG: Leonberger? I had one
of those at Burger King the other day. They’re very good.
Here is Pam Roberts, distinguished alum, member of
the SDSU Board of Regents and a swell person to
get a building project done with. Thank you, Pam, for all
of your service. She could not have been in the
class of ’77. She must have been attended when she was 12.
— MIRANDA: I think I see the Brookings Ice Skating
Association. Today they’ve opted for rollerblades.
— DOUG: Yeah. Asphalt’s a little hard on the ice blades.
— MIRANDA: They are working to promote the sport of youth
hockey as a tool to develop the skills of hockey,
teamwork, accountability, and shortsmanship. They have programs for kids ages
4 through high school. I never could figure out how to
skate backwards. But I don’t fall down too much.
— DOUG: And I’m sure these two guys just skated backwards.
That’s awesome. — MIRANDA: And someone just
fell down. Are you okay? — DOUG: I think that’s going to
be a penalty for crosschecking there, young man. Yeah, it’s
always the other guy. Free hockey! Try hockey for
free, October 1th. the9th, so that’s coming up,
everybody. I think I’m going to try out for penalty box
supervisor. That looks like fun.
— MIRANDA: This is the prevet club coming by right now.
Students interested in veterinary medicine with
hands-on experiences outside the classroom. That’s what they’ve
got going on. I see a sheep in a sweatshirt,
maybe a couple. Love it. Oh, and there’s a little lamb.
— DOUG: This is SDSU vice president for finance and
administration and all-around swell guy in spite of him being from Michigan, Rob Corman.
Happy Hobo Day, Rob. Another community entry here for
us. — MIRANDA: Volga Christian
school, the oldest in the county, celebrating their 70th
anniversary this year. VCS is dedicated to faith,
learning and living through choois-centered quality
education. And they have built a little school on their
trailer. That’s amazing. — DOUG: Yeah, that’s a model of
their school over there in Volga. Happy Hobo Day to the Volga
Christian School students. Another community entry coming
up from the Brookzings
multiculturalMulticultural Center. I was told the blue pumpkins
mean something. I don’t remember. Happy Hobo Day.
>>What do the blue pumpkins mean?
— DOUG: Do the blue pumpkins stand for something? Oh. So
blue pumpkins stand for blue. Thanks, Marilyn. Happy hobo
day. — MIRANDA: I see the medical
laboratory science club coming up. That consists of students
in a professional program within the college of pharmacy and
allied health professions. — DOUG: They are brandishing
hypodermics. I’m not sure — is that a Petri
dish behind you there on the rack? Yeah, we’ve got a little
culture growing there. Happy Hobo Day, Cassie.
— MIRANDA: Oh, look at that microscope. That’s amazing. — DOUG: What are those other
things? — MIRANDA: Test tubes?
— DOUG: Test tubes, okay. We’ve got a little bit of a gap
here so we’ll remind you of another shoutout for committee member Mary who is
the Hobolympics coordinator. She’s an agriculture leadership
major. She wants to give her shoutout to Dylan West. She
wishes you could be in Brookings to celebrate the Hobo spirit but
I love you so much and can’t wait to see you soon. That
sounds like a boyfriend message. Not my boyfriend, again, it’s
Mary Dibdall’s. — MIRANDA: We’ve got Senator
Mike Rounds making the rounds. — DOUG: Senator Rounds is busy
showing that it’s not only Senator Thune that can walk the
parade route. — MIRANDA: The Flying Jacks
Club, a student organization that educates their members on
aviation not attainable in the classroom. They also support the fly-in and
pancake breakfast and volunteer in the community.
— DOUG: Ooh, I think Miller just got beat for band distance.
We’ve got — — MIRANDA: They’ve got, like,
some kind of teeter to thor airplane going on that is
fascinating me. Can I find you guys later? I kind of want to
try that. They’re saying yes. That looks fun.
— DOUG: So we’ve got yanktonYankton High coming, so
that’s got to be further than Miller. The Miller band may
have been dethroned with Yankton coming from all the way south.
— MIRANDA: I’m going to look it up. They do have Miller beat, Doug.
They’re about 132 miles away versus Miller about 119 miles
away. — DOUG: Okay. So that’s a long
ways. Thank you, Yankton, for coming. How big is this band,
Miranda, the Yankton group? — MIRANDA: Yankton has got 143
members. That’s pretty good size. [ Music playing ] I like that drum cadence. That
had us moving and grooving here in the booth. — DOUG: State’s Attorney
Dannelson. Happy Hobo Days.
— MIRANDA: Happy Hobo Day. I’ve got another shout-out here
from Hobo Day Committee member Cole MacDougal. He’s the public
relations coordinator. He’s from right here in Brookings so
you might know him. He majors in human biology, pre-optometry.
He is doing a shout-out here to his best friend. Thank you for
your flawless runway walk. Glitter, love and support. And
also a shout-out to Cole’s aunt and uncle. Trish and Pat
Hoagland all the way from brokenFrom Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma. Love you. Happy Hobo Day to Trish and Pat. — DOUG: We’ve got a bunch of
little dancers coming up, Miranda. Universal Cheer. Our
friends From Universal Cheer. That’s a whole lot of pink out
there. I think they’re going to do some stuff for us here real
quick. If not, they’re just going to
pass out some candy and have a good Hobo Day.
— MIRANDA: Oh, they are turning a few round-offs and cartwheels
despite the road being a little wet this morning. Some
stunting. — DOUG: Look at that. A little
pyramid. If there was a Cairo prakter
close by, I would attempt to cartwheel. Now we have our friends from
goadGoad Meldal Gymnastics right here from Brookings. — MIRANDA: Oh, I just saw three
cartwheels in a row. They are doing some good work. Oh, and
then all of a sudden, as soon as I said that, all the cartwheels.
Wow! — DOUG: Gold medal gymnastics
offers gymnastics and cheerleading for all children,
featuring a competition gymnastics and cheer team.
Parent involvement, classes start at age 18 months and
instructor-led classes begin at age 3.
— MIRANDA: Crowd, can we get a round of applause for these
talented gymnasts and cheerleaders? We are so enjoying all the
cartwheels, all the tricks. — DOUG: Yeah, I think I called
them universal cheer, but I think that’s just part of the
same outfit on Gold Medal. — MIRANDA: Yeah. They do cheer
and gymnastics. Very cool. Is that the one on Main Street?
— DOUG: Yep. — MIRANDA: Awesome. I’m seeing
walking handstands. Holy smokes. The crowd loves them. — DOUG: Next we have State
Senator Al Nostrup. One of our parade dignitaries. We’re glad
to have Al here today on Hobo Day. He’s waving out the other
side but still looks friendly, even so.
— MIRANDA: Followed by the Pius XII Newman Center Catholic
Jacks. Pius XII Newman center offers
the sacraments and lots of fun activities for all students on
campus. Go Jacks! Hey, Newman Center! — DOUG: I’ve always thought
Pius XII was way better than Pius XI.
Excellent, guys. I’m guessing College Republicans. Some
Rounds support, some Dusty support.
— MIRANDA: And everybody’s favorite, cardboard cutout of
Dusty Johnson. Ready for a high five. — DOUG: It is the College
Republicans with a flatbed as well. Senator Rounds supporters. They come in all sizes. — MIRANDA: Dusty left me
hanging. I held my hand out for a high five. Awesome. I did just get a high
five from the cardboard cutout. — DOUG: State Representative
John Mills. Thank you, John. Good to see you. In a gorgeous
F-100. State Senator jackJack Kolbeck.
Nice wheels, Jack. You can leave that in Volga. It might
get back to you. — MIRANDA: Coming up here is
midwest maidens roller derby. They are the local Brookings
roller derby league. They were established in 2013 and just
wrapped up their sixth season. They are a group of skaters and
volunteers who compete with other local roller derby teams
and contribute to local community charities and events.
Find more information about roller derby and midwest maidens
on their Facebook page. I love roller derby. Doug, have you
ever had a chance to watch this? — DOUG: Actually, I know one of
the midwest maidens. She is one of the fine stylist at Thomas &
Company. And it’s just a fun sport. They all seem to really,
really love it. — MIRANDA: It is a blast to
watch if you ever have a chance. Here we’ve got Collegiate Farm
Bureau coming up. Oh, the places you’ll go with
Collegiate Farm Bureau. I see some cornstalks. — DOUG: Another one of our SDSU
dignitaries, college of agriculture, food and
environmental sciences teacher of the year Brett Owens.
— MIRANDA: Congrats, Brett. — DOUG: Follows by Brookings
County 4H. I almost did the pledge. I’m going to give this one a
try. For my home, my community, my
club, my country and my world. I think I got it.
— MIRANDA: I believe you. — DOUG: I spent a lot of time
in 4H. It was awesome. — MIRANDA: The Baby Bell cow.
Looking good. — DOUG: I like that cow. I
wish maybe she was a little more blue and yellow.
— MIRANDA: Throwing out Some Baby Bell cheeses. Would you care for a cheese,
Doug? Dr I would. How can you not like bell brands
cheese on hobo day morning? It’s even cheese light. Thank
you very much. Nothing says Happy Hobo Day like
a big piece of cheese. I’m eating this. I’m having my
cheese. — MIRANDA: They threw us out
the — or they threw the light variety to me.
— DOUG: Yeah, they took a look at how much space I take up on
the stage and said, give that man the light cheese. — MIRANDA: I’ve got a little
shout-out from hobo day committee member
Tabby Townsend, our security coordinator. She’s from
Wisconsin and she majors in nursing here at SDSU. She’s
giving a shoutout to the Townsend family. Thank you for
all the love and support. I would not be where I am atoday
if it wasn’t for you guys, from Tabby
to her family. Beautiful. — DOUG: So I happen to know
that she is the only non-South Dakota Hobo Day Committee member
this year. And my brother lives in Wisconsin. So I’m just going
to do one tiny thing. It’s Wausau. Wausau.
— MIRANDA: Oh, Wausau. She’s told me how to say it before. I
was all proud and I did it wrong. — DOUG: It’s small type.
— MIRANDA: Where did I get that?
— DOUG: I don’t know. Maybe cheese is affecting your
ability. — MIRANDA: Could be. — DOUG: Hey, there’s Russ
Chavez. Veteran Affairs Coordinator in
his lovely vehicle, leading the Armed Forces Association,
important club on our campus. Director. Thank you, Russ. I
think he’s got some DNA on that float, too, if I remember. — MIRANDA: Now we’ve got the
Dolphin Marching Band. They’ve got 30 members. Not too long a
drive this morning. They still look pretty fresh. Didn’t have
to spend too much time on a bus, I would imagine. — DOUG: Toronto and White make
up the Duebrook Dolphins. [ Music playing ] Drumline, as always.
— MIRANDA: Now they’ve got the Dakota Drifters Snow meebl Club founded
in 1976. They maintain and grooms over 100 miles of
snowmobile trail in the Brookings area.
— DOUG: You know we just saw the Dolphin band go by. I have
to give a shoutout to all of the Dewbrook area alums. I’m
married to one of those folks. It’s been an awesome time
getting to know the folks from White and
Dewbrook area. — MIRANDA: Coming through with
this really neat orange fire truck.
— DOUG: You know, I’ve always wondered, in the parade or in
announcing, I’ve always wondered if the folks
that are throwing out candy, are they out by the time they get to
the corner of 6th street? On Medary, they’re pretty generous.
And then the families that are further down the parade route,
that’s got to be a little harder.
— MIRANDA: Yeah. Main Street’s pretty packed too. You really
have to set some aside if you want to give them their
proper due. We see some jackrabbit
stampedeJackrabbit Stampede Ambassadors coming through here.
Really neat blue cowgirl hat there. — DOUG: Jackrabbit stampede
ambassador Kaley Muller. Thank you, Calle. Thanks for the
pronunciation guide. We’re happy to have her here today. A
nice set of chaps there. — MIRANDA: Yeah, I was going to
say, about the coolest outfit I’ve ever seen. Fringe on
there. — DOUG: The mountain biking
associationMountain Biking Association here is showing off
some of their excellent biking skills. — MIRANDA: We’ve got a
fantastic float coming down the line here from SDSU Dairy Club.
That club is comprised of over 70 dairy enthusiasts from over
15 different majors on campus. This year their float is showing
that their theme of Wander On, our theme for the hole
celebration this year. They’ve got an open gate with cows outside of it, wandering on.
— DOUG: That was the most frightening phrase on my farm
growing up. I grew up in on a dairy frame,
and that phrase “the cows are out.” That changed your plans
for the day. — MIRANDA: The cows are out but
they’re handing out cheese. Did your cows hand out cheese when
they got out? — DOUG: My cows handed out the
product that eventually becomes cheese. These are good old
holsteins. You can tell that. That’s the spotted variety. This is our Jay lore college of
engineering teacher of the year Cory met her. Cory is an all-around swell
person. Helped provide leadership to
SDSU’s climbing club, outdoor enthusiast and guy that I know.
— MIRANDA: United Living Community’s coming through with
a float as well. Livin’ life to the fullest at the United Living
Community and park placePark Place Assisted Living. — DOUG: Ooh, we’ve got
high-wheeled bicycles coming through here. Some tandems.
That’s awesome, guys. Said Happy Hobo Day. That’s
more than I could do. — MIRANDA: Women’s ruby club
coming through. They are competitive full-contact sports
team. They’d love to see you at one of their practices if you’re
interested in playing or at one of their games if you want to be
a fan. And they do have a Facebook page.
— DOUG: The only rugby term I know is scrum. Isn’t that a
term? That’s when you’re all together? Yeah, okay. Another SDSU dignitary for our
parade here is Brad Bowser, he is our
EHS teacher of the year. Congratulations, Brad. Here’s Rowing Thunder, a
veterans club with a motorcycle kbaz, provides
a lot of support to SDSU military students. Very very
thankful for their support. Prisoner of War, over 84,000
heroes. They went, they served, they didn’t return. Important reminder to us. One of SDSU’s residence halls,
Thorn Hall, is named for an SDSU student who was in the Vietnam
War. Important remembrance of our soldiers’ service.
— MIRANDA: Seeing some beautiful costumes on the street
right now from the Korean Student Association. Now, there are around 50 South
Koreans in Brookings and they just started this association
this semester to promote and spread culture about Korea in
Brookings. That is awesome. Seeing some flags waving. Hey
there. Happy hobo day. — DOUG: He is not an amateur
host. He is a Provost. This is our Provost, Dennis
Hetch. Thank you, Dennis, for your many years of leadership. You know, after Dennis leaves
the provost position, he’ll be
post-vost. — MIRANDA: Terrible. Just
terrible. We’ve got the Arlington High
School Marching Band. They have 35 members. And some gorgeous black, red and
white uniforms. Look at those flags go.
— DOUG: A lot of bling out there. — MIRANDA: As we mentioned
before, SDSU is so proud of their Students Association, our
fabulous student government here on campus. Right now we have
our S.A. President, Allie Munson and the
vice president coming through. They are hill aureusarious in
their hobo gear. Could not have a funner pair in charge of our
S.A. this year. That’s awesome. — DOUG: Our big Sioux junior
Olympic archery development association is here promoting
the sport of archery. We have several animal targets on the
float there. I see some wild turkey, a deer.
Is that a badger? A Wolverine? What’s that thing on the far
side, guys? Badger. That’s a big badger. Got a raccoon on the back.
Hitting the bull’s-eye with the junior Olympic archery
development organization. — MIRANDA: I have up with more
shoutout from hobo day committee member Jonathan Linky. The
student entries coordinator. He’s from South Dakota. He
majors in agronomy and animal science. And he is giving a
shoutout to his fiancee, the grand poo-bah,
Jeanette Klein. She’s done an amazing job this year. Jonathan
is so proud of you. That is beautiful. Kind of fun they get
to serve on the committee together.
— DOUG: Another row bow romance.
— MIRANDA: You would know all about that wouldn’t you, Doug? Anyone who’s seen the front page
of The Collegiate this week knows all about it.
— DOUG: I found a bride on the hoe Powe day committee. I
highly recommend it to everyone. The agronomy club is made up of 60
students who share common interest in different
agricultural topics. They meet twice a month to discuss
agriculture and industry with professionals and connect with
fellow students. The club has become more involved in and out
of Brookings community as well as traveling for educational
opportunities. Thanks for being in the parade, agronomy and
conservation club. — MIRANDA: We’ve also got the
Brookings futbol club. Not football but futbol. They’re
providing year-round recreational and soccer
programming for kids 3 to 19. Their mission is to ensure that
the youth of Brookings area are provided opportunities to
develop and nurture soccer skills. Hey, everybody. Happy
Hobo Day! Throwing out little soccer
balls. Awesome. — DOUG: So I might know this
next float driver. This is my son in my car. So keep the
speed down, Junior. In his car, he has junior snow
Quinn Paige Frensco. The future snow queen. Did I get those
last names, guys? Close? Okay. — MIRANDA: Beautiful. I am
from up in the realm of snow queen. So I’m honored to be in
your presence. I grew up watching that. So that’s
awesome. — DOUG: If it’s gets any old,
we’re going to have some snow. — MIRANDA: There’s College
Democrats going by. — DOUG: That’s a brand-new
Forde Ford Ranger. Awesome. Thanks for coming.
— MIRANDA: This is a real hobo mobile coming by right now. That’s Sigma alpha, another
Greek float. This is a real hobo mobile. They’ve got
another platform stacked up on top of the vehicle. It is rockin’ and rollin’ down
the street. — DOUG: That’s a manual assist
on the windshield wiper there. — MIRANDA: The alumni love to
see that. It’s a little more rare to see that.
— DOUG: I love those. — MIRANDA: Ooh, now we have the
state snow queens, I think. Seeing those little white
parkas. You cannot mistake them. South Dakota Snow Queen 2019
Aaliyah Stegger and 2019 South Dakota Junior Snow Queen Macy Loose.
Gorgeous. — DOUG: Followed by our
Princess of Winter aleash and Princess of
Spring Anna. Oh, and sorry, Princess of
Autumn, Samantha Olsen. We’re missing a season. Maybe they’re
up there. Here’s another community entry. — MIRANDA: Sleep in heavenly
peace, an organization that provides free beds to kids who
are sleeping on the floor. Great organization. Sleep in
heavenly peace. Followed by SDSU Rodeo. Supported by Steer
For State. Oh, my goodness. Got a mechanical bull coming
right down the street here with somebody riding it. That’s
amazing. — DOUG: They are followed by
our Flyers Marching Band. Happy to have them here.
— MIRANDA: They have 46 members in their marching band. — DOUG: Drumline’s working it.
I love how they always wear shades, no matter how overcast
the day is. — MIRANDA: Yep.
— DOUG: So add to that coolness level of the percussion, folks.
— MIRANDA: It is pretty cool. Same goes for the pride, our
pride drumline, and they always have shades on. They look
pretty awesome. [ Music playing ] — DOUG: Got some dignitaries
coming up here, Miranda. Riding in the Big Red F-150, we
have Gabrielle, Junior Miss Rodeo of
Aberdeen. She is joined with Morgan Erickson as miss
rodeoMiss Rodeo Aberdeen. They’ve got some fancy chaps
there, too. Nice hats, ladies. They’re followed by the
Brookings Shrine Club. — MIRANDA: A member of the El
Ria Shrine temple and does
fund-raisers around the country. — DOUG: That car is driven by
Mark kratovilleKratoville who is the brother to our hobo spirit
winner. The first-ever female poo-bah.
— MIRANDA: We’ve got a float from SAE, one of our
fraternities. And alphaAlpha Zi Delta. Oh,
look at that bonfire. — DOUG: That is a nice bonfire. Here is Our Misstate Fair, Annie
wood manzWoodmanzi.
— MIRANDA: She was our first runner-up this past year, so she’s quite
the contestant. You know she’s going to do great.
— DOUG: This is Oasis College Ministry. Oasis is a Christian
ministry from grace point westland that involves college
students. They have their worship team playing live. They
have a Sunday night large group meeting that happens every week
at 8:00 P.M. along with small groups that meet Monday and
Thursday. — MIRANDA: Really great live
music to be heard there. That’s for sure. [ Music playing ] — DOUG: Look at that drum
player working it! — MIRANDA: This is the boys
andBoys and Girls Club of Brookings serving
789 youth per day. Their mission is to enable young
people especially those who need us most to realize their full productive
as caring and responsible citizens. We’ve got kids in
Boys and Girls Club shirts. Looking good. Happy Hobo Day!
Thank you. We love when they give us candy. Even though I’m
not coordinated enough to catch it.
— DOUG: You caught it! — MIRANDA: Hey, look at that! — DOUG: Boys And Girls Club is
followed by a gorgeous Galaxie 500 convertible carrying
miss United States Agriculture. Congratulation, Charlene.
— MIRANDA: Congrats. Happy Hobo Day.
— DOUG: Hey, Farmhouse. This is the most hobo float. It’s a big old truck. Established on our campus in
1966. Farmhouse from certainty. — MIRANDA: Not quite a
hobomobile but man, it is rockin’ and rollin’. They’ve
got a lot of guys packed in there. It looks pretty cool. — DOUG: This is the quarter
scale tractor club. The quarter scale tractor club competes
internationally design-based competition to build the best
tractor. They’re judged on the design and performance of the
tractor. They placed in the top two in each of the past four
years. Congratulations, quarter scale tractor. And the
jackrabbit Baja. Then another parade dignitary. The one-month
club and six-month club winners. They are being celebrated for
their ability to grow hair. Guys for their beards, women for
their legs. Show it off, guys. — MIRANDA: The final judging
went down last night at rally at the rails in downtown Brookings.
It was quite impressive. There were many really fabulous
participants. But these ones went above and beyond. They’re
pretty hairy. — DOUG: Here’s our Chester
Flyer Band from Chester, South Dakota.
— MIRANDA: There are 60 members in this marching band.
— DOUG: I’m noticing a lot of black and red.
— MIRANDA: Me too. — DOUG: A lot of school colors.
— MIRANDA: All this backwards walking from the drum majors. I
don’t think our Pride drum majors have to do that, so I’m
very impressed, seeing the high school drum majors doing that.
Great job. — DOUG: The flyers are followed
by Lutheran student fellowship. Serving the students of South
Dakota State, worship opportunities, fellowship
opportunities. — MIRANDA: Followed by members
of the SDSU Students association pirks. They’ve been the
official student government of SDSU since 1910. — DOUG: Senator Williams,
Senator Hattie. — MIRANDA: 28 total Senators
recognizings. Representing the student body. — DOUG: Followed by our talent
winner. — MIRANDA: I’m told he is a
magician. And that it was a really, really incredible win,
incredible show. — DOUG: Making the clouds
disappear. That’s awesome. — MIRANDA: Is magicianship a
word? Great magicianship. Coming up, one of my favorite
features of this homecoming week is the
bumBum Band. Some right remember it from way back when. ’50s to ’80s, maybe, and then it
disappeared for a little while but it came back in 2015, and
they are thriving. They look amazing.
. These students happen to also be members of the pride of the
Dakotas marching band. But in addition they’re members of the
bum band and play at all kinds of homecoming events and right
here in the parade. They’re a riot. [ Music playing ] — DOUG: They’re playing
“working In the Coal Mine,” right? — MIRANDA: Yeah, Bum Band!
— DOUG: The Bum Band is followed by the Nepalese
studentStudent Association. The naup Allies Student Association
is a group of students representing Nepal. It’s known
for Mt. Everest and ten of the world’s heritage sites listed by
UNESCO. One of them is Swamutthan known
as the monkey temple as Nepal celebrates tourism year 2020. They’re
celebrating here at SDSU in the Brookings community. Thank you,
Nepalese Student Association. — MIRANDA: A quick little tune
there from the Bum Band. They ran over and specially
played a note for us. — DOUG: This is another
Minneapolis Moline. This shade is called Prairie Gold, another
collectible tractor. And they are showing a float. I didn’t
catch their number, so I’m not sure who they are. This is the ABE AST and PRAG
club. It’s a fantastic float. It works to connect students
with industry by bringing in guest speakers, taking tours,
offering a yearly inspection trip. Through these
opportunities students are able to build their connection with
each other and wander on from South Dakota State University.
— MIRANDA: And it appears, based on their banner, that they
won best overall float this year with this really
radly decorated combine. — DOUG: A sprayer.
— MIRANDA: It’s a sprayer. — DOUG: City girl.
— MIRANDA: That’s impressive. Great use of materials.
— DOUG: Indeed. Very nice. — MIRANDA: I actually have one
other shoutout from Jonathan. I already mentioned him. He gave
a lovely shout-out to his future bride, our grand poo-bah,
but he’s got another shoutout for his parents for answering
his calls, always being there for him. He says I love you two
and appreciate everything you’ve done for me and taught me. Shoutout to the Lankys.
— DOUG: My next shoutout is for Georgia Lee, an apparel
merchandising and prep night coordinator. She is from
Brandt, South Dakota, and is interdisciplinary studies. She
says hello in capital letters to her roommate from abroad,
Florenceia. We both studied fashion during the spring 2019.
She’s finishing school in her home country of Mexico and
always loved hearing my Hobo stories.
So an international Hobo hello shoutout to Italy where they met
and Mexico where she’s studying. I hope she gets to see the
livestream. — MIRANDA: Here we’ve got the
elk point Jefferson high school marching band. They have 53
members. And Elk Point is actually the home school of two
our recent grand poo-bahs, Anna and Corey.
— DOUG: And former president David Chicwin who is also from
that area. — MIRANDA: Ooh, I’m hearing
some phantom of thePhantom of the Opera. This is exciting. — DOUG: I like how they kind of
snuck up on us. — MIRANDA: Yeah, like those
masks. [ Music playing ] — DOUG: We also have a student
marching with a boot on. That’s impressive. An ankle injury of
some type. She’s still out there marching. That’s amazing. — MIRANDA: Got to love phantom
Of the Opera. I hope they get an award today. I’d love to see
that. — DOUG: Here we have the SDSU
Shooting Club. Pull! — MIRANDA: Book Brookings club
is here. Happy Hobo Day. Welcome. Proud
supporters of area shooting sports. What you got, Doug? — DOUG: A Mary Ellen Kennedy a
shoutout who was the one month and six club coordinator. We
just saw those winners. She is from South Dakota and is a music
education major. Mary Ellen wants to say
greetings from Brookings to her sister, Erin,
and her family watching the parade livestreamed from
Chicago, Illinois. — MIRANDA: Hello, hello to
Chicago. Mary Ellen a’s family. Here’s another fantastic Fogt
from Kye omega and Lambda Chi Alpha.
Hey. Those are my people. — DOUG: It’s Not Hobo Day fill
you have a floaty llama go by on a float. — MIRANDA: Oh, it’s a ship. I
love that. Horse-drawn carriage.
— DOUG: Now, my day, the person who was the last person to join
committee got the post-horse duty. Duty being the operative term.
— MIRANDA: Right. I believe now they hire horse entries to
bring their own cleanup crew, which maybe is wise. But that
is a beautiful little carriage. — DOUG: It’s all natural. It’s
organic. Locally sourced. — MIRANDA: Yeah. Some western
wear. From SDSU Horse Club. — DOUG: Mothers of Preschoolers
is an organization that meets at Bethel Baptist and helps young mothers
get akwanlted to the notion of raising those little
jackrabbits. So a lot of support needed there. Takes a
village. And we’re glad that moms can join us for Hobo Day Parade.
— MIRANDA: Our next fantastic float has won the most creative
float for the 2019 Hobo Day Parade, and that float is coming from Sigma fi Phi epsilon
. — DOUG: They are followed by
the state-a-thon float which is a fantastic float. Adventure on
with state-a-thon. It’s a student-run organization on
campus that raises money and awareness for the Sanford
children’s hospital which is our local children’s miracle network
hospital. Get up and wander on with state-a-thon. Join the
movement and Happy Hobo Day. — MIRANDA: So much fun to be
had at state-a-thon. One of the most fun weekends in April.
— DOUG: That’s the second most tired I ever felt when I was an
undergraduate was after that dance. I did it twice.
— MIRANDA: It’s a blast. That is a big day but they’re
fund-raising all year long for children’s miracle network.
We’re proud to have so much money being raised here.
— DOUG: Here’s our friends from Miller.
— MIRANDA: Look at that. — DOUG: The marching rustlers,
come a long way down highway 14 to say howdy to us in Brookings.
— MIRANDA: Their band has 45 members. Thief got flags,
they’ve got poms. I love the outfits and sparkly
green. [ Music playing ] SDSU little international is
coming through with that iconic little
barn. — DOUG: Again, along with the
collegian hobo day Capers. Here’s a little international.
Chair Colin Vander Wal, congratulations, Colin. Former
chair or current chair? >>Current.
— DOUG: Current. So yes. When you want to show an animal in
March, this is the man to see. Congratulations, Colin Vander
Wal, on that leadership post. — MIRANDA: It’s the largest
two-day student-run livestock exposition in the nation. March
27th through 28th. — DOUG: Next is our student
media, the collegian, KSDJ. Student-run radio and newspaper
since 1885. One of the oldest campus organizations. Find the
collegian on newsstands weekly, new rock radio 90.7. SDSU student-run radio since
1993. It broadcasts 24/7 and hosts the
May day music festival every spring. Jim Shady, C-35, the Brookings
area Chamber of Commerce in his slightly modified tricyle.
— MIRANDA: Riding with Kelsey Doom. Hey there.
— DOUG: I want Kelsey to get a doctorate so she can be Dr.
Doom. I think that would be fun, for Spider-Man fans. — MIRANDA: Jacks for Life is
coming down the street, seeking to activate and inspire students
and community members. — DOUG: Jacks for Life is
followed by series women’s fraternity. Them and delta Chi put together
a float to represent both of their organizations in the theme
wander on. They wish you the best Hobo Day possible and say
go Jacks. Thank you, delta Chi. They were the best Greek float. — MIRANDA: Some Grecian
columns. — DOUG: It’s the Parthenon on
wheels. — MIRANDA: Yeah, very cool.
Best Greek float. Congratulations. — DOUG: Here is first female
poo-bah ever Ann. Actual Along with Sue, Linda,
Lisa and somebody in sunglasses that I can’t tell. Happy Hobo
Day, friends! Happy hobo day clirksHobo Day!
— MIRANDA: The spirit award awarded by the Hobo Day
Committee. Here comes some of our volunteers. I see some
alumnus members going by. — DOUG: I’ve got to get a quick
hobo day shoutout for our poo-bah,
Jeanette Klein, from White, South Dakota. Ag leadership. She says to all of my Klein
aunts and uncles that weren’t able to taenld the parade this
year, thanks for your love and support through the years and
carrying on the jackrabbit spirit throughout the families.
Congratulations to Jeanette Klein and the Hobo Day Committee
for another great Hobo Day Parade.
— MIRANDA: Well done. — DOUG: I want to get just a
couple more shoutouts. Two left to complete the set. Luke who’s
our bands coordinator from Sioux Falls in graphic design says
good job so far this semester to his little sister, Anna. You’re killing it, happy hoe
beebo day. And then Matthew, dignitary sies
coordinator, says shoutout to Merle Ahmet for being an avid
supporter of South Dakota State and Hobo Day. We got them all
in. — MIRANDA: We did.
— DOUG: Happy Hobo Day. — MIRANDA: Happy hoboHobo Day,
Doug. It was an honor to announce with you. I hope you
enjoyed the parade. — DOUG: Happy hobo day to my
wife, Donna who is getting our daughter settled in Sarasota,
Florida. Happy hobo day, everyone.
— MIRANDA: Happy hobo day, everyone. Go, Jacks!

2019 Hobo Day Parade | #SDSU Livestream
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