[Applause] first class style and first in-class innovation are just two ways the rzx three sets the bar the rzx three goes big not just in size but in performance versatility luxury storage pain free board simply put the rzx three is the best of the best in every aspect imaginable the rzx three is loaded standard with most innovative technologies to ever hit the water including the taiga clear user experience alpha e to power tower taps three surf system surf and wake XL ballast smart wheel fresh air exhaust in the clothes cooled raptor series engine the 10.6 inch taiga clear user experience is the next generation of onboard technology and is sure to elevate everything about your boating experience using commands and gestures similar to today's smartphones and tablets you can easily navigate through your day on the water within a low profile – civility design – taiga smart wheels fully functional controls seamlessly connect with the taiga clear user experience among the smart wheels features are audio volume 0 off cruise control taps 3 and more boasting the legendary convex V hull in the taps 3 surf system the RZ x3 is a natural performer taps 3 will generate the quickest cleanest most powerful transfer and a surf wave that is second to none the center plate gives you precise control over the running attitude planning and maneuverability as well as weight shape control for wakeboarding in water speed every element of the rzx has been precisely placed the easily collapsible transform seating is your front row to all the action behind the boat while the unprecedented surf Locker safely stores up to two of your wake surfers or wake boards without having to move around passengers all of this is backed by five years of worryfree ownership thanks to the taiga five warranty the most transparent comprehensive warranty in the import segment that provides owners with maximum coverage and minimal limitations get behind the wheel of the taiga our ZX 3 to understand Tyga's ongoing pursuit for next-generation technology and versatility see one today at your local taiga dealer

2018 Tige RZX3 Walkthrough – Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding Boat
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