What’s going on guys? My name is Dru and I’m a product specialist with InlineSkates.com. Today I want to take a look at the Rollerblade Twister Edge men and women’s skates. Now, for those of you who have been following Rollerblade for a few years these are going to be the successor model to the Twister 80’s. Diving right in you’ll see we have a molded, hard shell boot that is going to keep you very snug. Up top we have a dual ratchet strap system with micro-adjustments that is going to make sure you get a perfect fit every time you’re dialed into these boots. Combined with a traditional lacing system. Sliding down below you’ll see we have an extruded aluminum frame, combined with an 80mm AD5A wheel, and an ILQ 7 Twin Cam barring. Now you’ll see there is no brake on the back of this model, but it does come with one in the box so you can install it if you so choose. And here we have the womens model. Which will have the exact same specs again, just a slight color variaiton for you. Again we’re looking at a twin ratchet strap system with micro-adjustments, and a traditional lacing. We have a molded, hard shell boot. Down below an extruded aluminum frame. 80mm, AD5A wheels, and an ILQ 7 Twin Cam barring. These are going to be perfect for somebody who wants to start out with an aggressive skate, or maybe you haven’t skated in a long time and you remember back when skate boots were all hard shell, they were really that hard plastic kind of feel. This is going to give you that exact same fit, super durable but yet breathable at the same time. It’s going to keep you secure every time you get into these skates. Again that’s the Rollerblade Twister Edge men and womens, check them out on InlineSkates.com.

2018 Rollerblade Twister Edge Mens and Womens Urban Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkatesDotCom

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