What is up guys? My name is Dru and I’m a product specialist with InlineSkates.com. Today I want to take a look at the K2 Sodo Urban Inlines Now diving right into this bad boy here, you’ll see that it’s got a lot of your very traditional aggressive or urban skate features, along with a larger wheel size. Perfect for getting you out if you want to hit some more speed oriented skating, or then switch your frame out and get to the park. UFS compatible, we’ll get into that in a little bit though. Let’s start up here. You’ll see we have a triple power strap set up. Again, very aggressive skate oriented but it’s going to get you really snugly dialed into that boot, keep your heel locked in that pocket so you’re super comfortable. Whether you’re out for a long stretch on a speed run, or hitting the park. Combined with a traditional lacing system so you have options as to how you want to get yourself dialed in there. Down below, we have a UFS compatible, as i said, aluminum frame. That is going to be combined with a 100mm 90A wheel super durable, so you can hit long stretches of concrete, asphalt, whatever kind of conditions you come across these wheels will be able to handle it. And all that with an ILQ 7 Barring. You get a very smooth ride very time you’re out and about. Again though, like i said earlier it’s going to be a UFS frame, so this can be swapped out with any other UFS compatible skate boot. Use this during your training season to make sure you get your speed runs in, then switch it out for an aggressive or park oriented frame that you can pop on in and go ahead do some grinding as well. This will have a rockered set up, incase you want to see your wheel set up have a little bit more mobility, a little bit more agility. It’s a very versatile skate it’s going to give you plenty of options. This is going to be for your more jack of all trades skater. Somebody who wants to be able to have the option do whatever they want without having to have separate sets of skates for every single category. Again K2 Sodo. Check it out on InlineSkates.com.

2018 K2 Sodo Inline Skate Overview by InlineSkatesDotCom
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